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My Top 3 Songs 2007

I was originally going to do another feature on Mario Galaxy, but I think we can all agree it was a near perfect game and worthy of GOTY 2007 awards.

Ok, now that's out of the way. Happy (Late) New Year! Chuck out the Christmas tree, and bring on the 'Back to School' specials............or maybe not. Here's my top 3 favorite songs of 2007 that were MADE in 2007:

1. Elton John - Tinderbox
2. John Butler Trio - Better Than
3. Silverchair - Straight Line
Honorable mention: Sneaky Sound Syatem - UFO

I'll be back with another 'best of 2007'. Cheers, and happy gaming.

5 reasons why you shouldn't fret about the Brawl delay (Europe)

Europe (and Australia) have been shunned. It's amazing how many sunken hearts can come from one sentence - "We are not currently planning to release Brawl in Q1 or Q2 of 2008." - random Nintendo rep.

However, there is still hope that the delay won't be that long. Here are 5 reasons to give all PAL regions hope or solutions that they will experience Brawl sooner rather than later.

1. Nintendo said 'currently'. Brawl could still make it for Q2 if this link is anything to go by: http://www.aussie-nintendo.com/?v=news&p=19915
Chance of occuring: 70%

2. Freeloaders. Datel has been working on Wii Freeloader for quite some time now, but the only problem is Wii's firmware updates. However as long as Datel gets the OK from Nintendo or can get the legal OK to distribute them, we can all experience Brawl. The only problem is how it'd work online.....
Chance of occuring: 50%

3. Australia. All Australia needs is a PAL conversion of the U.S port and Aussies are set. We don't need 5 different languages. It happened with Animal Crossing (Australia got it 6+ months before the U.K), and U.K could very well import from Australia when we get the game.
Chance of occuring: 20%

4. Mod chips. Yes, this is touchy subject, but is the best way to give Nintendo the finger. You are THEIR customer, and if you feel you're getting subpar service, don't buy their delayed version of the game.

5. Buy a U.S Wii. This is probably a last-minute desperation effort due to U.S Wii shortages and the extra cash to buy another console, but if you'd be playing one of the best multiplayer experiences months before your local mates.

Feature - Mario Galaxy vs Mario 64

Part 1 - Feature of an opinion

Hello, and it's been a while. I have checked many of you blogs and would have either read them or dare I say comment on them. Anywhoo, I have just recently beat Mario Galaxy - the best Mario game since Mario 64. Having said that, Galaxy isn't perfect. Why? Because I'm a stupid fusspot who likes the nickpick. But that's for part 2 of this feature....

So what did Mario Galaxy do better over Mario 64? Well let's see...
- Apart from the obvious graphical leap, Mario Galaxy offers a far richer and diversecolour pallete
- Stars are generally less frustrating and checkpoints are more forgiving
- Controlling with the wiimote and nunchuck is more comfortable than the N64 controller (look at that pin-prick joystick!)
- Battles feel more epic and were in greater number,even though it's just another 'Mario' title. More cutscenes in Galaxy help this.
- Luigi actually makes an appearance and an unlockable in Galaxy!
-References in Galaxyactually span2D titles more, bringing back memories and subtle nostalgia.
- Overall better power-ups
- Improved jumping system and accomodating level design for different jumps and timing of jumps.

So what does Mario 64 still claim to the throne......
- Arguably better sound tracks and more memorable themes, being 64 was based in the Mushroom Kingdom and offered soothing tracks incontrast to whimsical tracks and edgy ones too.
- Unlike Super Mario Galaxy, 1UP mushrooms felt rewarding and weren't as obvious as a checkout chick in a supermarket.
- Final boss battle was far more rewarding (not taking away from Galaxy's awesome final battle) in SM64.
- Where's Yoshi?
- Because SM64 features less powerups, they didn't feel 'underused'.
- Credits in SM64 was far more enjoyable when Lakitu took us on a montage of each stage with that awesomely catchy music.
- Galaxy just doesn't have the impact that Mario 64 did with its control and camera system. SM64 is STILL nearly flawless in that respect.
- Worlds in SM64 were bigger, and feltlike it had'go anywhere, do anything' nature where many of the stars could be done in any order.

So where do they equal...
- One can't outdo the other on level design
- Both have that Mario charm and Nintendo polish
- Both are immensely and equally replayable.
- Both have their frustrating moments, and occasionally frustrating swim mechanics.
- Both are awesome and will be remembered as the best of its generation.....and far superior to Sunshine!

That should do for a few days, but check back where I talk a look-back at Galaxy, and what it did right and wrong in its own respect. Thankyou, and happy gaming.

Check out my new podcast...........and buy Geometry Wars!

Well it's not 'mine' but I'm part of it. It's a Nintendo podcast with added references to the videogame medium. It's been going for a few months, and it's NOW that I'm feeling that our voicessound morenatural and the humour rolls off our tongues better. This is one of the best editions yet. http://www.zshare.net/audio/31012461a9496c/

I'm Kabal Scorpion (the guy with the lower voice - I don't really sound like that, but the mic gives me balls) on the podcast. We used Skype (a msn chatprogram but with microphones) and if you live in Australia and have any knowledge of Nintendo products, feel free to jointhe funon Skype for the podcast!

I'm also nagging on about Geometry Wars too. Buy it, when it comes out!!!!............or wait for the reviews (including mine) and THEN buy it - it's one of those games that'll be hella fun, but might not be recognised. Also, buy Bioshock (see previous blog). Get Bioshock!!!! That's a no-brainer. Even if you have minimum PC requirements like me, get it. It'll be worth every penny. I'm picking mine up JB Hi-Fi for $89 AU dollars ($99 for the special edition, but I dunno if my store will get it).

The podcast is only 13 minutes long(if that) so even you find it a complete waste of your time, we've only wasted 13 minutes of your time that you could've been playing games, browsing forums or pre-ordering Bioshock/Geometry Wars.

Cheers, and happy gaming! I probably won't be blogging for a bit after this!!

Bioshock - the death of Irrational games?

There's always a sinking feeling in my heart when I come across articles like this. A passionate and talented independent developer, Irrational Games, have made numerous quality titles without the sales to back it up. And these guysdon't want toproduce the same yearly generic genres that plague the market today.System Shock 2 was recieved very well by the press, but no one bothered to pick it.It's amazing that a publisher even bothered to support the spiritual sequel.However Bioshock is starting to swoop hardcore gamers, as a game they should not miss. 2K and Irr have pitched media and hype about it quite nicely, but this game actually screams 'creativity', 'originality' in a FPS GAME. You don't get that anymore. Say what you want about KillZone 2 and Halo 3 but none of those games offers something I've never experienced before in a FPS.

Hyper magazine got an interview with Joe McDonagh (senior producer on Bioshock), and this is what he has to say in part of the interview: "We've been very focuses since the start of this game that we're all going to have to consider giving up making games if we make another game that the press loves but doesn't sell.....What we need to do with Bioshock is create a game that is both a huge critical success and sells a number of units so we can continue doing something we are really passionate about. This stakes get higher as more money is involved. If this isn''t a success I don't know what we can do. I can't think of how to make a better game."

Innovation is needed in the gaming industry for it to live. We CANNOT afford to lose innovation. Not only that, but Irrational is an Australian company which gives even more reason they shouldn't be booted. Support Aussies!!! I'll post this on the boards, but this is serious - I'm supporting Bioshock...........are you?

Australia gets Wii online before USA.........(and holiday predictions).....

Well seems like sourves have stated that Mario Strikers Charged (of stupidly called 'Mario Strikers Charged Football', even though Aussies call it soccer...) will be hitting Australia before U.S (and Europe?) with a street date of June 7 - with online play. Yes, I will be picking this up,  yes I will review it and yes I will love it to bits while screaming at my T.V in frustration of its harder difficulties, and unbalanced weapons. I'm hoping the later will be fixed for Charged.

Compare this to June 25 where U.S gets its first online title of Pokemon BR. This isn't the first time Australia gets stuff before U.S - the DS web browser came out in Aus before U.S and some of the more quirky Japanese Wii titles came out down under before the land of Bush. Is this a trend? Are Australian gamers getting a better treatment? I think so.....and for the better.

Anyway, here in Victoria, we are relaxing (or studying because I think that's what I should be doing instead) on the 2 week break of school holidays. Here's my predictions in gaming for the next few weeks:

- Super Paper Mario will score a AAA score all-round on gaming websites and magazines, except for GS where the game will score a high AA. 
- Wii's demand slowly decreases throughout April - less shortages. 
- PS3's demand decreases considerably in the UK, although sales of the console are relatively stable.
- Xbox 360 Elite will hit shelves with a collective responce of 'who cares?' from the public. 360 sales still relatively strong.
- Wishful thinking: New Super Smash Bros trailer, new Tekken 6 footage and new Banjo Tooie footage. 
- Even more wishful thinking: Mario Galaxy and Brawl confirmed to arrive in Australia before the U.S

Merry happy gaming to you all. Sorry if I don't reply to all your blogs - I'm a busy d00d. Cyas! 



GlitchSpot strikes again - GS do something!

First they screw around with my signature, then they glitch up my level making me level 1, then they start having trouble loading up my 'posting history' page and now my reviews contain giant wall of texts. My Wii Play, LoZ and Mario 64 reviews are meant to be way more broken up than that, and even after editing, it still clumps paragraphs and structures together.

This is not a rant, this is a call to GS. There's something seriously wrong if after more than a year of site renevation, there are still very noticable and disruptive glitches and errors.

On a positive note, I'm thinking about doing more blogs that contain some of the more 'lesser' known info about Nintendo. If any of you look forward to that let me know.

Otherwise, Happy Gaming!

Happy Merry Fun Christmas - celebrating 10 years of gaming.

It was 10 years ago on this day (well, tommorrow) that I got a SNES - one of the best days of my life. It came with Mario All-Stars and 2 controllers. Now, I'm getting a Wii - and although I'm not as near as excited - it's good to have the Wii to make Mii's, play Wii Sports and such. Yes I get the Wii tonight on Christmas Eve, with the rest of the goodies tommorrow morning.

But enough about me. Merry Christmas! Post what you got or are going to get for Chrissy and post what's your most anticipated 2007 titles - any console. It's Christmas damnit, enjoy gaming altogether!

I'm getting a Wii this year.

My mum, in a world first, wants to get the whole family a Wii for Christmas. Why? Because my sister really wants one this year. However this won't change my gaming plans. I'll play a bit of Wii Sports, but right now I won't touch that thing Januray-Feburary when both WarioWare and Excite Truck hit stores.

In other news, I rule. Why? Because I've finished Year 10 in school.

No More Heroes is now my #3 hyped title and most hyped 3rd party title. You can do this Suda 51!!!!!! New scans and info have been leaked so check out gonintendo for them. It's going to ROCK.

Merry Early Christmas, Happy Early New Year, and Happy Current Gaming - from your pal in CyberSpace - Optusnet.