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If you like table top games you may like this

Ok so I know of a few people that don't really like Felicia Day. Thats ok, I think she's a good actress and very nice, she may be a little bias for games that she is in or enjoys, but who isn't/wouldn't be. But this is not about her. This is about a web show hosted by Wil Wheaton, called Table Top.

In the show, he is joined by 3 friends or people he knows in some fashion. They sit at a table and play a game. At the beginning Wil states the game that will be played, and the rules for the game. Then it is on, like Donkey Kong(just wanted to use that). So far there have been 3 episodes, with a forth coming soon.

In epi. 1 the game was SmallWorld. The only guest I knew of was Grant Imahara from Mythbusters. The game was fun to watch, and looked like a fun time. So the video was maybe 20 mins. it would have been longer, but thanks to editing for making it shorter. So the humor is what is said during the game as each player takes their turn. There are some short insights from each player as they say what their strategy. Then the winner is figured out if there is a tally needed, after wich the losers move to a couch and talk about losing the game and the winner, then Wil heads downstairs to talk to the winner and give them a trophy. The trophy is a cheerleaders trophy and the winner's name is writen in marker on yellow tape but Wil. Then with a low budget the trophy stays with Wil and the tape goes with the winner.

The next epi. was the game Settler of Catan. Jane Espenson was the only guest that I knew of this time around. The game was interesting, but not one that I was excited about after the show. The lates epi. was of 3 small games which were Tsuno, Zombie Dice, and Get Bit!. Rod Roddenberry was the only guest this time that I knew of name wise. Each game took less then 10 mins. and all the games were won by the same player, who at to beat Wil at teh end of each game.

If you like table top games, you may like this show. If you liek Wil Wheaton and his humor, or if you know who the other guest are you may like to see them try out the game.

The guest so far on the show were Jane Espenson, Rod Roddenberry, Freddie Wong, Ryan Higa, Neil Grayston, James Kyson, Grant Imahara, Sean Plott, and Jenna Busch. The next game is going to be Ticket to Ride. Not sure about the game, but I'll give it a watch. If you want to watch it or any of the other shows on the site just go togeekandsundry.com.

In a Beta near you

What is going on everyone? Sorry for the absentson here. I now have some new blogs in the works for the future. So lets get down to business.

I have now been a part of 2 betas for Blizzard. The first that I got into was Diablo 3. The positive points of the game are: It looks impressive. The zoom in low of the camera gives you a great look at the world in more detail and your character. The sounds of the world range from restful to creepy to hellish. Your character's skills feel fluid and sound/look powerful. The quests are standard, but they help move the story forward at a good clip. It is nice to see that happened after the events of Diablo 2.

The negative of the beta was: It was extremely short. By short I mean you can only reach the first big boss fight and that's it. You can (if you work at it) reach level 10, which is 1/6 of the level cap. I was not prepared for the beta to just end. I was not thinking that I would get to play half the game, but at least 2 or 3 bosses and have the leveling stretched out. But I enjoyed the beta and look forward to playing the full game in May.

The second beta is WoW:Mist of Pandaria. Just got the email today, so did a ton of people. Servers were filled up and there were so many PANDAS!! It was beautiful for the few quests I was able to complete, but there were so many people it was hard not to get frustrated. The new character creator felt great and looked to improve on the old version. I hope that when the expansion comes out that the servers are not so full. I do look forward to spending time in the new area and getting a better feel for the whole expansion.

Later I will hopefully give you all my impressions of the new games to grace my collection. In other news I have a new graphics card for my MAC. Installed by me, thanks a lot local apple stores for 1) not selling the card, 2) not giving me the option to have you install it for me, and 3) not even having the option to order it through the store. Still I have the new card and everything seems to be running well.

Till next time.

?Nothing is worse than being alone on the evening of the day when one's cow has exploded.?
?Dean Koontz,Odd Thomas

What to get?

So with March comes St. Patrick's Day. A fun day of drinking and not caring what happens. Then there comes my birthday. Sorry for the lack of info about it, I just was busy with interviews for jobs that I didn't have the energy to write about it. In the end it was a relaxing day. Got a a few gift cards, one to Barnes & Noble and another to Best Buy. Barnes and Noble is going to go to either a graphic novel, the next Odd Thomas book, or a book on Maya. The Best Buy card is a little harder to decide. It is for $50 and that could get a few things, depending on how i divide it up.

On the list are some games that I have on a backlog that I want to play at some time in the future. Which includes Assassin's Creed 2/Brotherhood, a baseball game(not sure which one thou), Rage, Borderlands, and Alan Wake just ot name a few. As for movies, well that list is too long for here. But there also is getting a new graphics card, so I can play Diablo 3 when I download it. Not sure what graphics card is good and not over $90. Any suggestions? And does anyone know how to open the side of a MacPro tower? I couldn't find anything on apple or search.

Emotional states in trailers over games

Like most of you fellow gamers, I watch trailers from some source in some fashion. Most trailers go by with little thought after watching it. Few give off a emotional state that hits you in some form. There are some that only scratch the surface that the game will pass. But this is not about the great games that worked off of the trailers, this is about the ones that fell short of reaching the same emotion of the trailer.

First off is the Gears of War trailers. The first trailer was banking off of "Mad World" covered by Gary Jules. Which gave the feeling of a World in sheer chaos, and being with a group that the player was going to connect with. I didn't really connect with Delta as far as the trailer made me feel I should. But that's just me. The second game was given 2 really well done trailers. One usedDeVotchKa's "How it Ends". This kind of goes against the trilogy setup, but the game got a little closer in making the other members mean more. Then there was the trailer that use "Rendezvous". A haunting poem that worked well with the game, but this is were the game falls shorter compared to the other trailer. The poem is very haunting and talks about meeting death, this makes one think the ending is going to be something close to a finally, but the game is only the second of 3. Tho, the game does have arendezvous with death, just not one as emotional. The third game uses Sun Kil Moon's "Blue Heron". Which is a beautiful song that worked wonders in the trailer. The game seems to hit the closes notes emotional, which may be fitting as it is the close for Delta.

Halo 3 did something that worked beyond what I thought was a trailer. The clay models in a frozen battle paired with Chopin's "Raindrops Prelude" was amazing. It was gripping, it was saddening, it was a closeing for a great series. The game while great, was not as emotional as the trailer, tho is was very, very close. Some small issues keeped it down.

Fallout 3 is a game that I love. It is a vast world, amazing detail, and very different from one spot to another. The trailer was incredible. The slow pull back from the radio playing The Ink Spots as it slowly shows a ruin bus, then the ruins of Washington D.C., and finally a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, what a trailer. The game had some small emotional spots, but you never got that awe moment like in the trailer, unless you keep the distance detail down so you didn't see the capital once you leave the vault.

Last one here. Dead Island. The trailer that made you think, or walkaway from the screen. It starts off with the camera on the little girl as the scene goes backwards. Then it cuts to a forward moving scene of the little girl and her parents. The back and forth makes it seem like the little girl is accidentally killed, but then as the two come to the point of criss-crossing you understand what happens. It is paired well with Giles Lamb's "Savalas". The violen makes the game seem like it is going to be an emotional rollercoaster, but the game falls shorter then the other games in reaching that point.

Like I said before, this game a great, worth playing. Just don't get upset when the emotional connection is not there like it is from the trailer. If your like me, watch the trailers again and get that connection.

It started with a question

"Who are you?" It seemed like a simple question, yet so difficult to answer. Syril is not the best name nor creative. He is a proud Nord of Skyrim. So that one is down. But who will he become, what will he do in his time, and how will he change the world of Skyrim? Will it be for the best or will it go down hill faster then [insert your own random event here] the fall of a penny off the Empire State Building. Will there be a turn to the dark side, a road to redemption in the cards. Will he side with the invading Imperial Army on their quest to keep the empire united while being the puppets of the Thelmor, or will he side with the rebellious Stormcloaks as they fight to keep Skyrim an independent state from the Empire.

So Syril is now free from the hellish state of Helgen. Then he made his way to Riverwood where he helps recover a golden claw, and was given a key to a house to initialize as I assume as a storeage drop. Once he returned the claw Syril head to Whiterun. Not the best settlement, but it could be worst. Once in Whiterun Syril seekout the Jarl to get help sent to Riverwood. The jarl asked him to help take down a dragon outside of the walls. Syril and a small band of soldiers went to the tower and took down this dragon. Once the dragon as down Syril was experiencinga small case of ADD. He slowly made his way back to Whiterun, not to turn in the quest, but to sell his wares. Then he joined up with the Companions. Syril felt that the group holds some of the same values as him. He also used them to get some much needed training.

On a quest for the Companions, he witnessed the secret of the group. Now, he finished the quest and went on his way. He went all the way to Windhelm. On his way just outside of Whiterun, he came across an Orc. Not a young orc and not an elder orc, just a older orc. The converstion was on him looking for an honorable way to die. He was not for the whole getting old and going out at an old age. He was more for the going out with honor. So Syril after trying to talk him down decided to help the Orc out and try to give him an honorable death. Syril then gave the Orc the best funeral that he could, while the sun was rising in the early morning hours.

He finally made it to Windhelm. He made a quick stop to the black smith and the local inn. Then next day he finally made up his mind and went to join the Stormcloaks. After passing the test, he was given a new set of armor, which he kept to give to a noble companion that he will hopefully find later.

Syril then stole an Imperial Horse that he came across after dispensing of the camp. They really were too close to the road and Syril was concerned for the safety of fellow Nords and others on the road. Then he made his way to Riften. He helped out the stable helper out of a debt and the Thieves guild out with a small job.

Now he is back in Whiterun and he as to choose if he will become a werewolf and stay one or if he will remove the disease from is body. He needs some guidences with this problem.

Not my best writing. First real attemped at Skyrim-fiction. Hope you like it and if you want more please let me know what you think of this entry.

A look back: 5 Xbox 360 games from 5 years ago.

BioShock: A game with an amazing story blended with great atmospheric sets. It was also a somewhat new take on a FPS. This is a great trip down do the depths of the ocean and into the dark mind of a madman.

Assassin's Creed : Didn't think a game that was set in such a historical setting would have been such a great game. The flashes between the current time and the Renaissance. If that game was set in any other time it may have worked to the same extent or fail terribly. A game that needed to be given time to show what it can do and not be rushed through.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: The first CoD game to hit the modern times. With a story that was in the setting of a action film, it was not the best story of the year. Multi-player was just a juggernaut on XBOX live. More people played that game that year then most other games that year. Then came the players that would break the game by boosting. Still you can't say that ruined the whole game.

Halo 3: The last farewell ride for Master Chief. It took the second games story and gave the ending that most gamers were looking for. With sound design that made the world seem so alive. The music was still top notch that set the mood for most of the emotional moments. The graphics added to the overall look and finish. Multi-player was still top notch, but not much as innovative as in Halo 2.


Crackdown: If you ever wanted to run around a sandbox world as a tough future cop, kind of like Robocop then this is a game you should have played. It may not have been the best, but it was innovative. Sure it would be tiring wiping out huge hordes of people after some time, but it was how you helped them shuffle off their mortal coil that was the fun in the game. Yes, this game really doesn't stand up to some of the other games, but it was just the game to blow some much needed steam off in and you didn't have to over analyse your tactics.

The Hobbit

It as been a few years since I read The Hobbit, but I remember most of the key points. So I apologise for any wrong names, or information. So with the first film set to release sometime soon(I believe the end of the year). I am overly excited to see it. I wanted this to be the first film before the LOTR films started filming. But I regress, The Hobbit is looking amazing so far. The ,first if there are more then I am sorry I just haven't seen them yet, trailermakes the film look like it will work even if you haven't seen the LOTR trilogy. The nice opening of Bilbo telling his story to Frodo(Using Wood, and Holm) is going to work great. Then there are the other companionsall 13 of them. Each named and all singing an amazing song. They all look individual and hopefully act independently like in the story.

My big concern is where will the first film decide to end. Will it be once they get to Laketown, or before they enter the Lonely Mountain, or is there a spot I'm missing? They can't cut it when Bilbo gets the ring, that is way to soon, and they can't cut it after the fight in the Lonely Mountain, or when Bilbo escapes the mountain that is too late in the book. I am also concerned of what will make it in and what will be left out, but having seen LOTR and how passionate Peter Jackson is, I doubt I will have much if anything ot complain about with the two films.

When the first film is over all I want to see is the epic 5 army battle at the end of the book getting made into a grand battle on film. I was amazed by the battle in the book and was thinking of what it may look like if it was made into a film. I know there is a cartoon film of the book, but that scared me when I was younger and Golum was creepy in that film. Still I can't wait to see what the films look like, sound, and are created. This may be the best 2 part film that I am the most excited about.

In other film news, Ridly Scott may be making a Blade Runner 2 film. What is still up in the air is if it will be a sequal or a perqual, and if Harrison Ford's character will be a part of either. He is also working in his mind a Prometheus 2 film. The first film has yet to hit theaters. A book that I have read more times then any other book is getting a movie adaptation. That book is Ender's Game. It was a book that I was at one point hoping go made into a film, then that waned, now there is a cast list. Not sure if it is the final list but Harrison Ford, Sir Ben Kingsley, Hailee Steinfeld, and Abigail Breslin are in important roles. I hope that the film will not destory a great book that I hold as one of the great science fiction books that I have read so far in my life.

Some game happened, some game developer speaks, and a different back-log list

So yesterday was the 46th Super Bowl. It was the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. I am not a big football fan, I enjoy the game, but I am not one to gravitate to a television and watch a game. This season was no different. I only watched the SB, and I missed the first 2 quarters and the half-time show. I did get down with less then 10 mins in the 3rd. Not really an exciting game, but I'm a Green Bay Packers fan. I did pick the Giants to win just to see the Patriots lose to the same team again. As for the commercials, I did enjoy a handfull. The 'Weego' commercial was good, then got a little long, but I did like the end with the message of adopting a pet. There was the VW diet dog, which was great and well done. I enjoyed the M&M new character commercial and the Jerry Seinfield and Ferris Bueller commercials were good, not great, but I was happy with most of the references in both. I didn't catch it, but the NBC 'Brotherhood of Men' promo was amazing. I enjoyed all the celebs coming together to pull it off.

Now I read the articleabout Volition speaking up about blocking used games. Let me first say that I try to stay away from used games, but I am not against picking up a used game. But if developers think that blocking used games is a key to raising sales, then I will wait to pick up their next title when it goes on sale for under $20. I have a hard time even picking a game up at $60. I for one tend to wait in general for the price drop. If they also think that we, the general public, don't understand what goes into the creation of a video game, they would be right. I don't know how they plan a game out, get started, fix the bugs, market the game, copy the game, and ship it out. If you want people to understand what you go through to give us a game that is going to cost $60, get a documentory show on The Discovery Channel. I'd watch it. The artical also had piratice mentioned, which I understand is a problem and I don't priate games. One I don't know how, and two I don't mind paying for anything that entertains me.

So the list of games that are out, but not in my collection is vast. So here is a condensed version for you.

Gears of War 3

Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood, and Revolution

Batman:Arkham City

Dead Space 2

Bad Company 2

Portal 2

Saints Row: The Third

GTA 4 episode stories

Dark Souls

Back-log game list

Like most of you fellow gamers I too have a back-log of games that I have yet to complete. Most are older titles, a few are new, and some are not yet in my collection(thoses games will be ona different list)

So that games that I need to actually finish are:

Dead Space: On Chapter 5 with that creature that regrows after being put down. If anyone knows how to get passed it please let me know how, I got really freaked and frustrated all at the same time.

Dead Rising 2 which I am slowly working on. Will do a second run through and go over some of the psychos in that run.

Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Ed. in to get into it more. right now not feeling very invested in the story, which is sad, I think I may actually like that game, just need to have a moment that picks up for me.

Fallout: New Vegas, this was my fault in a quest screw-up. I did start over, but got side tracked with personal things and didn't get back into it yet.

Resident Evil 5: Yea I know its older and not as great as 4, but I will finish it once I figure out if the file is corrupted or the game disc needs to be cleaned better.

Oblivion: Yea that game is not like Skyrim, and I got into Fallout 3 heavilyat the same time and that won ou in the end.

Gears of War, I am ashamed that I have not yet finished this great game. I'm on that last battle and I can't finish it. I am more determined to finish this.

that is it for the games I have and hope to finish sooner or later in life.

Massive Game History Review

This is going to be a long review of my personal gaming history. I know I have given some insight into it at brief entries. But I have come to read and leave comments on people's blog entries and have had a feeling that I can be myself on here. So I would share personal stories like trips and other stories from my past. I enjoy being a member of the Gamespot site and getting to connect with different gamers that cover a wide array of game-play and lifestyles. So here for my 100th entry is my gaming history as best as I can remember it. Those first few years are a little foggy but I think I got most of them cleared up.

So let us start back in the late 80s. Yea that's right I said the 80s. I'm older then most and younger then a few. Anyway, my first console was the NES with a copy of Super Mario Bros. / Duckhunt. Mario was the fun family gather game and Duckhunt was the competitive game between my sister and I. She was better at the clay shooting and I was better at the duck hunting. Then came the golden copy of The Legend of Zelda. Boy that game was a big step in my life. The first game that I was able to say I finished then got shot down when it said about getting passed the second world. Also had this time I was playing my friends copy of Pitfall and other Atrai games, along with Tecmo Super Bowl. The first football game I got my hands on. Then I was hooked on Bubble Bobble. The cute dinos were the really draw for me.

Then the years moved on and out came the SNES. Also a copy of the new Mario game. Having played Super Mario Bros 1-3, I had a good idea of the style. The graphics were better and the music was cleaner and fuller. Along with Mario was Starfox, were I had some small arguments over the gender of Fox and the pink cravat. Still a great game that helped fill much free time. Then I got a Kirby game with 8 different game types. A great two player game and maybe a great party game, but never had enough people into the game. This was the same time of Battle Clash and that Super Scope. Yea that was an item I still have. My sister and I were big into a small RPG called Earthbound. So much that we just had to keep renting it, till we received it as a Christmas gift.

As the years moved on at a slow tempo the family got a pc. Then there was a flow of games. Most were Sim City or horror games that my sister was into. But it was not until the shareware release of Doom that I got sucked into the pc. Then Doom moved into Wolfenstein 3D, which I know is older, just a co-worker of my dads recommended Doom first. Not sure what he was thinking, that a kid my age should be playing that game, but okay. Then a computer or 2 and there was the Unreal Tournament games, the Dark Forces. I still love the Dark Forces games. Then a few of my friends were able to talk me into a game called Starcraft. I played Warcraft as few times, but it was nothing like Starcraft. I still play Starcraft and Diablo, will Diablo 2 but still that's a long time to be playing a game.

Then there was the release of the PS1, or the Playstation at the time. With that console came the Crash Bandacoot games. They were enjoyable to a point then I enjoyment would wane. I also had Tomb Raider, which is still better then the films. It was also the first time I played a Need for Speed game and was able to run from and into the cops. My first run into the huge world of Final Fantasy was with Final Fantasy 7, and my first horror game was Resident Evil 2. Which I somehow lost.

After that there was the birthday gift of a PS2 and WWF Smackdown. I wanted for the gaming, my family wanted it for the DVD player. So a win-win all around. This lead to Splinter Cell, a game that I really miss playing. It also got me into Grand Theft Auto series heavily with GTA3. Which would move to Vice City and San Andreas. This was also the time for one of the best horror survival games released in years with Resident Evil 4. There was my stay in the twisted world of Metal Gear Soild 2 and 3 which I can't wait to finish with a PS3 and a copy of MGS4. I have played Medal of Honor games before,but Frontline was that one that hit me more them the others. This was the first system that I got to pretend to play the guitar with Guitar Hero.

Then came the Xbox and Halo. Halo was the first game that kicked me into a split between Playstation and Microsoft. Then there was Lego Star Wars and the cute, funny moments in both games. It was also the return for me into the world that is Doom, with Doom 3 and the lack of a gun with a flashlight attachment. But it was not till Fable that I was really sold on the Xbox. That was a game that I enjoyed immensely.

Finally there was the Xbox 360. Which was stared off with Gears of War. Then Halo 2 and 3 were released and each were played and finished in a personal best 2 days. It was also the first time I got to play Half-Life 2 and that amazing Portal game. Then I got to college and it came for the journey. While there it was introduced to Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2. On a break it was given Batman: Arkham Asylum. The best batman game in years. A different break saw Dead Rising come to the front and all that was connected to a certain film that was not the bases of the game. Then back at college there was Bioshock and that was not giving up the 360 without a fight. Slowly I got into Elder Scrolls: Oblivion but faster into Fallout 3. By the end of my time at college there was Red Dead Revolver and 2 Left 4 Dead games. Also Mass Effect was given some time till Mass Effect 2 came out and took hold. Also there was the release of Fable 2 and Fable 3 with have the pleasure of being enjoyable but 2 is still a stronger game to me.

So that was a hopefully brief overview of my gaming history. I know that the games are not in release order, but that's okay. That is not all the games I own, just the ones that had a big impact in my life. Like Portal was the first game that made me feel overly smart for figuring out the puzzles. RDR made me feel like Clint Eastwood, and Left 4 Dead gave me the best zombie apocalypse sensation so far. If I could work in the gaming industry that would be amazing, more of the marketing campaigns is what I would like to do, but just being able to enjoy such great, amazing games is good enough. I have gotten to connect with personal friends more, meet some over Xbox live and read about other gamers experiences in gaming through you all and Gamespot. So thanks for all the stories, comments, and connections.