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Quick thoughts on some games I played recently

All games played on PC.

Mafia II - Good game. Graphics looked great and the story was pretty good. worth playing 4/5

Singularity - This was a surprise hit for me. I didn't expect this to be much more than a generic FPS but i was wrong. It has the puzzles of halflife, the audio recordings of bioshock, and very unique "magic" like abilities that will keep you very entertained. my only issue was that there were a lot of graphical issues where some textures didn't get sharper as you got close. It wasn't an issue that would stop gameplay but they did draw you out of the moment sometimes. 4.5/5

Puzzle Quest II - while the presentation looks better than PQ1, i just didn't get as addicted to the game. 3/5

Currently I'm playing League of Legends, trying out Lord of the Rings Online which is now free to play.

New PC ordered!

Finally after about 3-4 years i'm getting a new pc.

Ordered all the parts from newegg.

Main parts:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 ghz Black Edition
ATI 4890 1 gig ram
4 Gigs 1600 DDR3 ram (2x2)

with everything else it came to about $780.

can't wait to have fun on this baby. should be here in a week.

Any recent game recommendations?

Few Pics of my Daughter

OMG she's just the cutest. Seriously, I've never been a person that was into babies but it's so different when you have your own.

It's also funny that everyone says she looks like me.

Back from the Beach

Well this is my first week back since my cruise vacation and let me tell you it was great. The food was good as expected but I'm really lucky that the weather was just fantastic throughout to 9 days. There was only 1 day that it rained and only for like an hour. The beaches were just great. Clear aqua water that was a nice 80F+ temperature.

okay enough talk. here's some pics.

on the ship here's during a Parade they have on the ship.

Rainforesthere's a pic i took looking up at the canopy while on a hike in the rainforst of Puerto Rico. Does that look like crysis?

me at beach here i am at a beach in St Maarten. the ship in the background was the one i was on.

rock wall

Naturally i had to do to rockwall as well. Here's me at the top of the 30foot wall. Who says video gamers aren't athletic too? :)

oceanHere's a pic of the Carribean Seas at just before sunset.

I love cruising. it's so relaxing and fun. I recommend it to anyone that has never gone on one.

PS. During the cruise there was a wiifit contest (yes balance games on a ship at sea) and I totally owned everyone.

Got my Wiifit

Yep, it was lucky that my wife dragged me out of bed to beat the traffic to go shopping at costco on Sunday. I thought to myself. "Hey it's early, so lets check out Toys R Us for a wiifit". We had played it last night at a friends place and enjoyed it. When we got to TRU, I saw a line. So i knew the store didn't open yet but would in 15 min. So we got on the line. seems like half the ppl were getting wii and the other half getting wiifit. Amazing how the wii is still getting ppl to line up every Sunday.

So after we did our Sunday errands we finally returned home. I quickly opened up the wiifit box and set it up. I tried the first test and scored a 22 for bmi (seems like the best spot) and also a 31 for my age. Not bad. I spent about 15 min in total last night and let me tell you. you do get sweaty. for some of the stuff you really feel the burn too. It was pretty cool trying to beat your records. I enjoyed the Skiing events quite a bit as well. My wife loves it too.

I highly recommend it to ppl with wives or gf's that will want to play and also family gamers. It's not really a big party game since only 1 player can do most events. but it's pretty fun watching them doing it. If you're really out of shape i think 30 min a day of wiifit (rather than another game at the time) would make you a bit more fit.

Mario Kart Wii Code

My wife bought me mario kart for my 31st birthday. I love the game and it's great that she likes playing with me. Here's my friend code if you wanna race me 3952-7441-9128. oh and post yours too.

SPORE info from ICON convention

So this passed weekend I spent my time in Stony Brook University for the annual I-CON convention. I attended a few gaming panels but the one that hyped me up the most was the Spore presentation. Steve Glicker presented his insider info on Spore and it sounds fantastic. here's a brief summary of the major features that haven't gotten much press.

1. Music editor- the music if spore is procedure so that it will play what the algorithm determines is the best for the situation. so like more dumb beats in the tribal and more scifi sounding in the space stage but the editor allow you to add your own tunes to what the computer will use for it's music. you don't put in full songs but rather small chucks of music. an example that was shown was the riff from Iron Man.

2. Sporepedia - build into the game will be a browser that allows you view and download creatures, structures, vehicles, music etc. from the spore servers. the files are about 7KB in size so they will download instantly even on a 56k modem. Anything you make in spore can be uploaded to the servers for anyone to download and edit if you choose. or you can select only to allow certain ppl to have access.

3. Spore Page - Each user will have their own Spore page. This is like a face book page where you can add your own picture if you want. it'll also have pictures of all the things you've created as well as stats on how many ppl have downloaded them and detailed stats like how many species your creatures have destoried/befriended etc.

4. Built In Movie Share - There's a feature built into the game that will allow you to record your own spore movies and with a press of a button, upload them to youtube.

5. End Game - Yes there is an endgame for the ppl that are looking for one. it has something to do with getting to the center of the universe and becoming GOD. they are a little vague on this for now since they want to surprise us with something.

That's the gist of it though I can go more into detail on anything if someone has any questions.

This is looking like it's going to be THE Game of 2008. Official Release dates are Sept 5 for EU and 7th for US.

Just Ordered a 8800GT. Need game suggestions

So yesterday I just had enough of waiting and bit the bullet. I ordered a 8800gt for about $199 after rebate. I think it's a good price. Now i need suggestions for good pc games from the last year or coming up. I've only played Orange Box and COD4 out of the games that came out recently. Crysis and Bioshock are on my must play list also now that i can play them. Any other suggestions on good pc games that will be able to use the 8800gt to it's fullest?