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Angels & Demons... lame

So I haven't watched a movie in like forever. So I decided to call up a few friends and watch the movie, Angels & Demons. The title itself sounds pretty badass, I mean you gotta admit that. The movie begins and all of us we're like ok... where are the angels and demons? The movie ends, and we all leave in dissapointment. I don't think anyone who watched the movie with us enjoyed it.

The title of the movie is misleading. Maybe it was my fault for not watching to trailers but still doesn't explain the title. This is what got me out of movies. Tom Hanks probably isn't proud of this movie either.

Next time definitely watching Year One...

Graduation Is Coming Up!

Graduation is coming up for our school and I'm pumped as ever. This is my last year of grade 8 and moving on to high school right after. Most people in my school are pretty upset, but just the thought of not seeing some people from my school relieves me. Though I will miss a few of my friends who won't be joining me in my new high school

Tell me your opinion on high school and how your first few days went. I don't want a bad freshmen year. For those that are curious, I'm going to a high school called Sir John A. MacDonald.

Death Note


I love where the anime was going towards, until when L gets killed. The whole show falls down when L confines Misa-Misa and Light. Light loses his shinigami, then works with L, gets his shinigami and memories back, then L gets killed. And in the end Light still ends up dying.

This show has way too many twists considering it only has a number of episodes. The part that completely ruins this show was probably Nero and Melon.

For those who don't know what Death Note is, I recommend watching it, it's a great show. It'll get you hooked.