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i -hated- this game for the first 2 hours or so. literally all you do is spam the x button every battle. sure the game is pretty and the music is superb, but the mechanics just seemed so dead. i think they waited a little too long to ramp up the paradigm system, but i also can see how it would be overwhelming. maybe just having 2 sets from the second hour on, something to kill that x mashing that was the intro combat system.

now that i have all of these paradigms at my disposal however, WOW. Im not sure if i like it better than XII yet, but its refreshing. the one major flaw with combat is the one thing XII really nailed - battle transitions. It is so tired and dated to have the *wooosh* and loading before a battle. it breaks the flow of things, and imagining what the feel would be if they left everything the same, but just locked your characters, pulled up the hud, and went to battle mode (as opposed to the screen changes) really makes me wish they went that way with it.

but back to the game. i am loving the characters (not hope though) and the story. beautiful game with a very mood setting soundtrack. i hear there are no towns, and thats a bummer. hm what else. oh the leveling. im not seeing much in the way of options on how to build, unless you really focus into certain roles... but its hard to know which one you should go with? i only skilled up once so far in over 4 hours just because i have no clue what to do. equipment.. not much here yet as i just hit optimize and balanced.

im sure i have a lot to discover but for a game i would not have recommended to anyone 2 hrs in, 4 hours i have recommended it to a few people and apologized for warning them off. really fun. its keeping me from playing GoW3, its that good.

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FFX is the best entry level game. You want to play a recent one in order to not be dissuaded by old graphics and mechanics, and while i loved XII's mechanics, the story and motivation to play was not on par with previous titles. X is very user friendly and still gives a great sense of what FF is about. If you enjoy that, try out IX because it is a great throwback to the older games while still not too dated. If you got this far you will likely want to try out VI(3 in the US) and VII, as they are the most praised in the series.
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In this generation, there seems to be less of a market for 2d platformers as retail console games. The Wii has a few, but I can't think of any retail PS3/360 platformers. There's definitely a market for them on the downloadable side.

i dont think its that the market isnt there. its because the developers arent making them on consoles. everyone has this notion that a 2.5d game wouldnt sell on a console, and i dont get it. honestly, if the next SotN came out on 360/ps3, does anyone think it really wouldnt sell?
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conversely i find games grossly unchallenging lately and am very bothered by the prevalence of locked hard modes. more options are always better. but im not not buying games due to difficulty, its more price than anything. $60 for a 10 hour game, $60 for a 100 hour game. no. used/renting for me these days, mostly.
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my guess would be too much work for too small a group. if enough people cared about the spiritual content more would be complaining, and then they might take steps to include those ratings. im guessing the demand is not high enough.
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in this day and age it is dated and i despise it. i hate that zelda still does this, it has no place on any console. handhelds i can understand.
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Mickey's Speedway USA should be on the Xbox 360 IMO. You know, since they own Rare and all.Toll_Booth
except there would be actual interest in a new KI...
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i just wont buy new games anymore unless its a day 1 must have or a series i really love. it just isnt worth it. especially with the varying amount of gaming per dollar, where some games go for 100 hours, others for 10, yet both cost the same price.
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dont forget about vandal hearts. oh yeah, i took it way back.