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It's a nice, refreshing, welcome back.

So by now you have heard the news; that Giant Bomb has moved to the CNET buildings. As I, like many others, have come back to the Game Spot site to poke around, I found many shocking reminders of how long it's been since I lived and breathed his site; day in and day out.

First off, let me be clear, I never "left" the Game Spot site during the 2007 fiasco. I never thought, that the situation was damning to the community of this site, or to the employees here. I have still been coming to the site, and quite regularly as well. Though, I have never rekindled my old love for keeping a profile and staying up with the GS community. When it comes to that area, I stuck to the GB site. As the GB crew began building their site years ago, I gravitated toward them and their content. Still, I enjoyed much of GS's content and still have since.

I kinda of grew up coming to Game Spot every day, during my teenage-hood.As I come back, I am shocked at so much of my old content. All of said content, has as well, sent me down memory lane; as I remember writing them all those years ago. My blog, my reviews, and my posts all sound like something a kid would write. A kid who didn't have very well formed writing skills as well. I won't erase any of it though, as it all reminds me of yesteryear. As I was a young kid, who would write user reviews of nearly every game I finished. I loved it more, than I can articulate. I do want to clean some things up on this profile though, and I will do as such. It's nice to be back, and really feels great as well. I feel like I am getting a piece of my youth back, here on GS. While the adult in me is the product of growing old with Giant Bomb. This is gonna be an interesting and fun journey either way. I am thankful this is working out for both sites and thankful that I can now enjoy both; in one small, albeit awesome, place on the Internet.

"A Perfect End to an Unforgettable Series."

This morning at around 3:45 AM, I slowly released my handed from the there firm grip of the DualSHock 3 controller. As they have been in the possition for about 8 hours. I set the controller down as the credits finally ended there run. I set back to focus on what exactly I took in during the course of MGS4, however, what I know is that I am still at loss for words. I dont think I have ever played a game that I had envested myself in the characters so much to be at tears when the story was all over. But ever since 1998 when I first begun the journey of Solid Snake, and have had the story for the past years slowly, but surely, unfold before me untill I have made it to this final chapter. I know know what a perfect ending is. "Guns of the Patriots" is without any question the best game in the Metal Gear Solid series, and the way this story comes to a close is more then perfect. I dont want to continue saying anything else about this game, because of fear of overtalking the game. Because I think its just something that everyone should experience fresh without spoilers or otherwise. However, if you have played this series for as long as I have. I think that the day after you finish the tale. You will be at loss for words and be emotionally drained. As I have been all day long.

Who doesnt like free games?

Ok, this realy makes very little sense to me personally. I went to my local grocery store to get...well some groceries. And strangely they where having a raffle for a collection of some different gift bags of swag. I payed a dollar and got a ticket, because I thought hay why not. What do you know it, they pulled my name and I won a bag of three PS3 games "MotorStorm, Untold Legend: Dark Kingdom, and Gundam Crossfire. My friend who was with me thought it was awesome that I won, then when he saw the game he took back his inspuration of awe and said that the games I won all suck. Ok, I can agree that "Crossfire" sucks since I have played it. The others I need to get around to actually playing before I decide they suck or not. But thats not the point the point is...THEY WHERE FREE!!! Well, I did pay a dollar, but that money went to a carity. So it doesnt matter to me. And from what I have heard "MotorStorm" is actually pretty good. So whats the deal, it doesnt matter if the games where god awefull ( though one of them is ) they where free. I mean whould you care...really? I mean, who doesnt like free games no matter what the guality is.

Finally finished "Mass Effect" !!!

It's been a very long time since I have enjoyed ( or even played threw ) a RPG. I really enjoyed Oblivion last year. Yet, my enjoyment of the game dwindled after a about 50 hours in. However, a new game in the form of Mass Effect has completely changed that tune. Its just something truly unique. As I have been home for a couple of days due to the flu ( agh ). I decided to play threw Mass Effect. Every moment of MS that I experienced I knew that I was playing something truly unique. It wasn't a RPG with a generic story, or gameplay. It was something truly different in many ways. Though it does ultimately boil down to "Stop bad guy from destroying the universe". It was just much more then that, and I found myself emotional invested in every single character and every action that took place. Something that Biowares other titles like KOTOR ( which I did really enjoy ) didn't do so much for me. There are a couple of issues I have with the game. One being that the story mode is rather short. I finished the story mode in about 13 hours. However, there is just so much more to do in the game. SO much that if you want to do everything extra there is it will significantly up that time drastically. There is also some foibles with the combat also. Your AI controlled partners aren't always smart. As well as that there are some enemy types in the game that have the same exact AI controls for every type in the game. There are also some graphical problems in the game. Lots of pop up and graphical glitches and such. But this is just me trying to pick at least some things that keep this from being perfect. Because this is one of the most polished RPG's I have played in years. And I knew once I finished playing the game, that I have truly played something special. As well as felling a strange an sudden urge that I haven't had in years, I wanted to play some more RPG's. Who knows, maybe I'll pick up Lost Odyssey.

My New Year's Resolution's for 2008.

I know this is a post that should have been done about three days ago. However, a wise man once said "It's better late then never." That and the fact that I actually needed to think about it. Anyway, here is a list of my top 10 new year's resolutions, and in no particular order.

  • Start useing my PS3 as something other then a Blu-Ray player. I think I bought some games for that thing, but then again, does it actually play games?
  • Get my Level 5 Carmine in COD4 to level 40 before February.
  • Finish Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, and Super Mario Galaxy before march. Along with some of the other games that I purchased, and recieved, this season that I havent gotten around to.
  • Muscle my way threw the first season of HEROEon DVD before February.
  • At some point get around to watching my OSCAR WINNING film collection.
  • Get around to buying a new PC. God I want to play Crysis.
  • See about maybe dropping about 20 lbs. And replacing that weight with muscle.
  • Now for the serious one...quite smoking. I started it during the middle of 2007 as a way to relieve stress from work. However, it's just been a bad habbit since the begining. Seriously people, and this goes for everyone, just don't smoke. It's a very bad and unhealthy habbit.
  • Only buy games that I know I'll go back to.
  • Actually for once get some sleep. Which I may go accomplish in a few minutes. That's if COD4 doesn't get a hold of me.

Maxwell and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Recently, I had what was one of the most horrible and unfortunate events happen to me. I don't feel like going deep into detail, because really that doesn't matter. However, during moving, I had two boxes containing nearly 100 games from the Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2...completely destroyed. By this I mean, the boxes flattened and destroyed by my car. Unless you don't yet understand what I am talking about. Unless you are reading this and are wondering how that could happen. I am just saying it straight forward, that 100 of some of my absolutely special and favorite games I have ever played, where destroyed. I post all of my favorite games, my Final Fantasy games, my Metal Gear Solid games, Halo's and Legend of Zelda's and ect. I am not even going to even try to type this right, or fix typing error's because I want you to understand that I am twitching at this. It isn't fair, like what did I do to deserve this? Like, I am a nice guy. I am very cheerful and helping to people. If you have a problem, I try to help if I can. I am a good friend to people. So what did I do to deserve my hard earned collection completely taken away from me?

It wasn't anyone's fault. It was a purely accidental event, and misfortune on my part. But damn, I feel like I am being punished for something that I don't know what it is. My girlfriend was asking me what's wrong, because I was just depressed all day yesterday. As well as my family, who was wondering what was the deal. I'll tell you what the deal is, its that some very special stuff that I put some hard time and money into getting and collecting was completely raped from me. Like, I'll probably get over it in a day or so. Since it was only a couple of days ago that this happened. But man, I don't know if I'll recover from this. At least until I accumulate some of these games back. I mean, how would you feel?

I guess there is one dim light in this dark hour. One being that none of my games on my Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 where killed. As they are the games that I am actually playing right now. As well as the fact that most of those games are much cheaper now used as the full price I paid for them before. So, I may actually be able to get my babies back. However, it still can't be understated how this truly sucks. Like, words can't even conceive a meaning to how pissed I am. But whatever, life goes on in the end. There sure are much worse things then this that could have happened. But, you can't blame me for being mad. So yeah, post a comment and tell me how you would feel if something of this magnitude had graced itself unto you. Like, how would you fell if your years of collecting was completely taken away from you. Alright, now I am going to quite rambling on about the same thing. Sorry, I am just feeling really down and nauseated at this. So, like I said before, please post a comment and tell me how you would feel, or if something like this has happened to you. So then I can maybe feel a little better. Until then, peace out.

Please "Sony" give me more exclusives.

I believe it was the late great Jeff Gerstmann that said himself that 90% of all purchases are done purely on impulse. While I make most of my purchases as a pre-emptive, I recently found myself becoming apart of that statistic. As during a visit to my recent video game store, I bought a 60 gig PS3. This was done mainly because I just wanted a 60 gig version of the system, and knowing that it was coming off the market I decided to just go ahead a get one.

So, against my will, I went ahead and purchased a 60 gig PS3 and a copy of "Resistance: Fall of Man". Letting out a slight sigh at the thought of now owning all three of the new generation systems, and letting out a couple tears when I recently received my monthly bank statement ( I just want that money back ). Since my initial purchaseof the system, I since have gotten a copy of Warhawk and Eye of Judgement, and have been enjoying them both. However, after spending a lot of time with the system, I realized that I don't really understand what all of the negative fuss over the system is all about. It's not without its foibles though, there are some problems with the main interface and so on, but its a decent system thats not really being back greatly by its company. Leaving me thinking that if Sony can get its act together and fix some of these issues the system overall can be rather fantastic.

However, the one main issue with Sony, is that they need to put more exclusives on the PS3. COME ON SONY!!!!!

Goodbye Jeff Gerstmann, thanks for all you have done.

I have been coming to GameSpot for nearly four years now, and Jeff Gerstmann has been one of my favorite editors here on the site. His funny antics and bang up job reviewing games has always been very entertaining and appreciated by me. This news of him being let go has really depressed me, and while I don't know if gamespot can truely recover from this. I will not give up on the site as most people are doing. I trust all of the people here better then any other source for games. As well as the fact that I find it great to come to the site to see people that I consider friends that I have never met. So I still have faith in GameSpot, and will always enjoy this site. Despite that I don't think this fiasco with Jeff was handled very well,I think that GameSpot can recover from it and learn from it as well. So that future events wont go down as poorly as this.

As for Jeff Gerstamann, you have my best wishes. Thanks for all of the hours of enjoyment you have given me. I will keep up with you wherever you end up next. Godspeed, and I hope you are successful in whatever you pursue in the future.

It's a Hard-Knock life for a student.

It's kind of hard growing up in many ways. As a young child I could easily spend every dime in my wallet for games. Now, I am trying to juggle school and two jobs simultaneously. It just occurred to me recently that money is much more fragile as you get older. Now that you must earn your money, and you have actually necessities to spend it on. It's more difficult to just blow it on games all together. This all came to me as I finished "Bioshock" recently. It's a fantastic game, however, once I was finished maybe a week later. I realized that was 70$ out of my pocket. That's good money that could go toward college for me.

I just remember the days when I would get a cluster of money from a birthday or Christmas gift or what have you. I would easily go pick up as many PSone games as possible, for my new sleek playstation system. Now, I am having to keep perfect tabs on my money and spend it sparingly. Performing a task as spending money for a full priced game is almost terrifying as of now. Which is why I have developed the mind set of only buying games that I know will get me a whole lot of bang for my buck. It's also hard sometimes to find time for games. As I said before, juggling two jobs and school is very difficult. So I have become what one would say "Nocturnal" in one since. As I don't get much sleep, since I stay up all night playing games. Getting only a few hours of sleep. Yet, then again, that's all this person really needs. As I have always been a person to not need a whole lot of sleep.

It's hard, but that's just what growing up is like people.