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My opinion of MGS4

+Story & story telling
+Controls & Camera
+Voice acting
+Pristine Gameplay
+Will please fans

-Story & story telling
-Combat audio
-Konami ID
-Lag (mainly in multiplayer)
-If you didn't like MGS before this may not change your mind.


The charecter models are strikingly realistic. But due to the enviroments, the visuals aren't as good as everyone has been saying but still great. These graphics can be done on that other system (with some downgrades to the chartecter models); yeah I said it, that other system (meaning I've seen better visuals on PS3). My issue is that the game looks about as good as COD4 if not slightly worse (enviroments), but lags more than Uncharted... the best looking console game to date (debate that if you want). I would be fine with the great (not amazing) visuals if the frame rate didn't chug as much. I give the graphics a 9 of 10.


You WILL, I repeat, you WILL not find better voice acting. The sound track is also really good. But what is lacking is how engaging the battle audio is. Ya know the reloading, the gun shots, and explosions. Yeah they are good... But go play Battlefield Bad Company; this is what combat audio should sound like. So again audio is great but not as good as everyone has been saying aside from the amazing voice acting. It's getting a 9.0 of 10 due to the combat audio being a huge part of the game.


This is certainly what matters the most. MGS4 really evolves in terms of controls and aiming. I haven't played a game more accurate while using analog sticks to date, period. Nailing headshots left and right, shooting anything is smooth, I don't feel held back by a forced auto aim or aiming that's too twitchy. Though the controls are complex and may turn some people off, the options the controls give you are phenomenal. Leaning, going from over the shoulder to first person, zooming, seamlessly going from prone, crouch, standing vice-versa mix it up w/e, being able to roll on the ground, using the triangle button to quickly switch from your belly to your back, the inch worm maneuver, THE LIST GOES ON!! Oh and that 3rd person camera everyone cried about with MGS3, its light years better than MGS3S's (Subsistence).

Now enough about controls. What about the levels, boss fights and enemies? Personally as a MG fan... I wish MGS4 had more patrolling infantry to sneak around. I also wish the boss fights were better... They are good but the final few just weren't as fun as fighting 25 Metal Gear Ray's, Solidus Snake, or Shagohod. And Mr.Kojima you should have left the melee boss fight a cut scene or even let the guys from GTA design this boss fight lol, their hand to hand combat system is less clunky. Now CQC is awesome and all… but this particular boss fight is nearly as clunky as the one on PS1.

As for the environments each are enjoyable, the middle east is one hell of an intro, though the setting right after is a bit underwhelming. A certain setting from a previous MGS game comes up and it too is a blast. Gameplay gets a 10.

Lasting Appeal/Replay Value

The campaign is incredibly long, especially for Metal Gear. While watching cut scenes a non-speed run play through will last you 15-30 hrs (depends on skill level). Though there will be a select few freaks to complete the game in less than 10 hrs, and a few elite to beat it in 5 (believe it or not). Vets of MGS and/or 3rd person shooters should complete MGS4 around 15-20 hrs, people who like to take their time or are new to a game like MGS about 25-30 hrs.

The gameplay is so engaging this time around that as soon as I finished the game I found myself already replaying on hard mode capping baddies like I just purchased the game. In other words this game isn't getting old for me anytime soon.

Now let's talk about MGO. MGO is good, especially for Japanese multiplayer for a shooter! Almost sounds like an oxymoron huh? Well MGO has just about everything I can look for in an online shooter. You can choose from automated which works like the overused but popular matchmaking, or you can choose your games manually (thank god…). There is also clan support. None of that create a tag and boom you're in the clan like COD4.

But there are some issues that hurt MGO. One is minor and weird... Konami ID. Hello I already have a PSN ID that should be good enough right? Wrong, with MGO you need 3 ID's (yes 3 passwords too). First you're PSN ID, second a Konami ID, third your Gamer ID for your Konami ID. Thankfully this info gets saved but meeting up with existing PSN buddies isn't seamless and is somewhat of a pain. Also if you want more than one character profile, you have to pay for it. Yeah that's right $$$ or £££ or ¥¥¥ , pesos or w/e just for another character profile.

But the biggest issue. That tops the other somewhat minor issues (atleast for me). L-A-G. Remember how I mentioned that MGS4 could run smoother. Well hell, I wish MGO ran at least as smooth as MGS4's campaign. No matter how good your connection, lag is a constant problem with MGO. Especially with Groznyj Grad. The other 4 maps run good enough, but I wish they ran smoother with 12+ people. But lag on Groznyj Grad can get seriously ridiculous. Groznyj Grad even lags a tiny bit in training mode with just you, 1 player on the map. When it comes to replay value MGS4 gets a 9.5 of 10 due to hiccups with MGO.


MGS4 is an amazing experience with its biggest strengths being the ease of control which makes the gameplay phenomenal. Due to the controls, aiming, shooting, sneaking, snaking, cardboard-boxing or inch-worming by is an absolutely blast. The cut scenes are of course phenomenal and voice acting has no parallel to date. The MGS games show that voice acting from Japanese games need not be silly and underwhelming like Resident Evil (yes even 4), or bland and boring like the previous Final Fantasies (particularly XII).

The story telling is thick, thorough and will put off millions of people who aren't up to par with at least MGS1 and 2's story. MGS3 helps also. But for MGS fans, the story is fantastic; a lot of loop holes are tied up. All except for one or two involving our friend Snake.

As for weaknesses. The combat audio (gunshots explosions etc) could be better, Konami ID+Gamer ID are rated R for re…. You know where I'm going with that. But for the most part lag. It's a minor issue in the single player but a major issue with the almost excellent multiplayer. MGO would be excellent if not held back by its frame rate and Konami ID.

Lastly if you have not liked MGS in the past, this game will most likely not change your mind unless controls+camera were your only issues.

. . .

Overall I give MGS4 a 9.4 of 10.

. . .

Agree or disagree with my review? Even for the neutral leave a comment. And if you care to please rate it.

Mission Accomplished

Ok it wasn't much of a mission, but I managed to get my hands on a Wii.

As you may know they are hard to find. Internet merchants and of course Gamestop stores are having their fun overpricing the Wii's and bundling them with useless crap. It's sad really.

I iniatially planned to buy a Wii the day after christmas lol. Apparently I waited to buy a Wii at the wrong time. Couldn't help that though, I didn't have much money or atleast I thought I didn't.

On Christmas eve I went into my email and noticed my college sent me a $400 refund. First 3 things that came to mind were... 1- Holy Crap Sweet! 2- Hey mom heres 100 bucks. And 3- Hey I'll buy a Wii.

I called multiple stores, checked several websites and more (I'm not trying to rhyme but meh). What did I get?? Either, "We don't have them and we don't know when they'll be in." From Gamestop I got,"We won't have any until Febuaray." Gamestop is just plain ridicoulous. On xmas day I called up the Game Crazy thats connected to the HollyWood Video I work at, apparently the guy who picked up the phone wasn't too happy he was working on xmas day. He simply said "No." I asked if they'll have any any time soon, again "No". Funny thing.. I found out today that they had 2 Wii's that day.

Anyways.. on the 28th of this month, a good friend of mine who just so happens to be a new employee at Toys 'R Us, filled me in on the fact that their store recieved Wii's that night. I thanked him, looked at the bus schedule so I could be at the store when it opens then went to sleep.

The plan?? Leave before 7AM to catch a nearby bus that would have me at the store 10 minutes before 8AM. While walking out the door that morning, my mom decides to volunteer to drive me up there. She said she needed gas money anyways. I was glad, though I didn't ask, I rather not walk in the cold mid-western winter just for a silly console. So I gave her 20 bucks and off we went (we didn't leave until 7:40 though, her driving > walking+bus)..

Wii got there (I accidently typed ii instead of e..) at basically the same time the bus would have taken me there. Infact.. we crossed the bus going into the store lot.

I walked in Wii-less, and walked out with a Wii in just a few minutes. Relieved that I didn't have to go on a worse hunt or wait longer to get a Wii.. The moms (not a typo!) took me back home and I got myself some more sleep before heading off to work.

It's a shame to have to go through this for a console. I'm sure if any closed minded 360 fans read this they are like "Geez.. fanboy, Wii sucks anyways." I sort of think the Wii sucks also. But for me the Wii, Gamecube or any Nintendo console for that matter doesn't need many AAA titles. What it needs is a cheap price, and games that are different and/or set apart from the competition. Also the first party titles have me coming back for more. It's why I've been sticking with Nintendo. Though I will admit, I always use their systems as secondary systems.

Well the Wii hunt or whatever is over. And now Persona 3.. People are selling the game at $80 new!! It's aggravating.. I was waiting on a price drop since it started at $50, then, OH HEY! I find out a little too late that the game is rare, splendid!! But thats another story!!

Anyways check out my Wii tag below :) I will also have my Wii online by the time Smash Bros comes out, I need to get a wireless router. Would be a good idea since my PS3, PSP, DS, Wii & laptop are all wifi enabled and I use them frequently.

Ah and yes enough about me, what new systems or games did you guys get for xmas? I know I'm kinda late.

Bought a PS3

Picked up a PS3 yesterday for $486. A friend of mine works at Target's and I was able to use his 10% discount. Yay. So far I have played Resistance, Motor Storm, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Heavenly Sword, The Darkness, and Formula One.

For the most part I am impressed, esspecially with Resistance and Heavenly Sword. Resistance looks extremely good for a launch title there are usually a large number of enemies on screen, the maps aren't tiny and you are allowed to jump (unlike Gears of War, though I'll be getting Gears on PC).

Heavenly Sword just looks down right AMAZING. Though I hope the final game plays as good as it looks. The demo available through the PS store is an early E3 build with a few hitches and glitches but nontheless extremely impressive for work in progress.

Anyways, my reasons for picking up a PS3 was Sony's E3 showing. They did an excellent job not boring ppl like Nintendo, and the game line up seems to be promising. Also I cannot predict the future so.. I wanted to grab a 60GB PS3 before the holiday rush.

Oblivion GOTY Ed will be coming out Sep 11th (interesting date) and it will be the first full game I'll be buying for the PS3.


PSN ID: OmegaOrtega

OH! And I still want my Wii, Smash Bro's online FTW!!

A new blog post... and comp!

Best title ever huh? It's been quite some time since I've posted anything on Gamespot. After upgrading my old Dell, I basically devoted my time to 3 things... School, my girl, AND GUILD WARS. LoL.. It was my last year of highschool and I only made time for those 3 things (ok ok I'll admit I did eat and other human/mammal like functions). So yeah.. I've reached 1400hrs in Guild Wars. I'm a bit.. burnt out on it right now. So as of lately I've been only playing it a few hours a week.

A few weeks ago I manage to snag a laptop for $966.88. It's not a power house and it's meant for college next year (yay for wifi). But I made sure it came with a decent GPU (graphics processor unit) and a good CPU. It's specs are...

  • Manufacturer:Hewlett-Packard
  • Processor:Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5300 @ 1.73GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.7GHz (rated at 3.37ghz)
  • Memory:1534MB (1.5 GB)RAM (will get 2 GB soon)
  • Hard Drive:73 GB (will get 160 GB eventually)
  • Video Card:NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400
  • Sound Card:Internal Speaker/Headphone (Conexant High Definition Audio)
  • Operating System:Windows VistaTM Home Basic (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_rtm.061101-2205)
  • Oh and as a side note (this has nothing to do with power or speed) BUT I love the built in webcam in this puppy lol..

Again not the most powerful thing, and I actually settled for a HP (Hewlett-Packard). But you know what? I configured laptops with the same specs from sites like Dell. Their "wonderful" XPS WITH THE SAME SPECS cost $1200, and that is a without shipping and tax. My laptop cost me 966.88 with shipping+tax, it got here in 3 days and it's insured. I like Dell but I'd be dumb to choose another laptop with the same specs and a higher price.

Anyways here are a few screenshots of Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Note: Imageshack down scaled the images from 1024x640 to 640x400 (lame).

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

All in all this budget priced laptop can run the most demanding games (such as Oblivion or Company of Heroes) on medium detail at 1024x640. While not so demanding games like Half Life 2 can be slapped to maxium detail without a hitch. As for Tomb Raider, there are no detail settings, you can either run the game or you can't. You can only change the resolution and turn on/off the effects. All settings are on exept for vertical sync (how many ppl actually use that anyways) and depth of field. The blur effects cannot be turned off, but they aren't taxing on your performance.

Anyways, for those of you who read thanks. I'm out, time to defrag and blow up some stuff. Hasta luego.

A Massive Blog Entry

Sorry for the title, couldn't think of anything better. So much to write/type about this time around. Anyways, I am now actually less hyped about PC gaming. Why you ask? It mainly has to do with...


Now, before drifting off into why I'm lessed hype, I've come this far with upgrading my comp...

  • From 32MB of intergrated video memory to 256MB (Geforce FX5200)
  • From 128MB of RAM to 1024MB
  • A 2.2Ghz processor to 2.8Ghz.

That is the gist of what all went down in my old little Dell. I originally planned to get atleast a 3.0Ghz processor, BUT I found out that the type of Dell I have isn't compatible with Prescott Pentium 4's. My Dell initially had and conslusively has a Northwood Pentium 4. The 3.0Ghz Northwood that's available is extremely rare, and the price is outrageous. So I decided to go with a $70, 2.8ghz Northwood P4. I'm dissapointed, but hey, $200+ for a 3.0 P4 is blasphemy!!

For the most part I am satisfied with the performance of my comp. It will do fine for filling in the gap while saving up for a PS3 and Wii. Honestly, that is the main reason why I upgraded my comp. You see, I like to wait before I buy consoles, and having a decent comp in my possession allows me to make a well thought out decision.

As of now the only thing that can make me break that is the next Zelda, I'm a major fan and my god I will buy all of Nintendo's crappy systems as long as they deliver amazing Zelda games, seriously.

Ok...not all of Nintendo systems are crap, but Nintendo hasn't been living up to their name for the last 10 yrs. The DS may sell like hotcakes but there is NOTHING ground breaking in it's game library, no matter what fans say. Now there are excellent games and some great games, but there is a difference between greatness and excellence compared to something that is ground-breaking.


Now about Half-Life 2.. In my last blog I hyped up the game..alot. Now I want to take back nearly all of my words. NOW, the game is excellent, and I believe Gamespot hit the nail with the 9.2 rating, but all the 9.6+ scores and the 9.6 press avg I believe, are not deserved.

The creator of HL2 brags of excellent A.I. while in reality your enemies aren't too bright at all.. Enemies too oftenly sit unaware ready to get nailed. I agree with Gamespot in stating that HL2's A.I. is one of it's bad points. The game is also too easy... If you're a gamer who has played shooters before, do yourself a favor and play through HL2 on hard mode.

Now, what mainly led me to over-hyping HL2 so much, was the excellent demo. The demo allowed you the play through Ravenholm, which is what I think is the best chapter in HL2. Hell it's so good, IT MADE ME BUY THE GAME! Now I kind of want to kick myself in the ass.

What keeps me from kicking myself too Counter Strike Source. Now HL2 is a great game on it's own, but it also comes with Counter Strike Source. Now.. Source isn't the best game, but with it being thrown in with HL2, it's DAMN good.

Heres what it looks like on my comp...


 Now CS:S isn't the best looking game. But it certainly doesn't look bad. Also the physics engine it uses (CSS and HL2 have the same physics engines) lends itself well to the already great gameplay. Combined with nearly 1 million players online each day and CS:S is basically a hit.

Though I have down talked it, here are a few more HL2 shots.



Now as most of you should know.. the PS3 will be releasing in the US and Japan in 10 days. I'm not hyped enough to where I'll camp out for 30 days straight just to get my hands on one. But I truly believe the PS3 is the REAL next gen. Now the 360 by any means isn't a bad system... But I am really not impressed by it. I've spent hours apon hours playing various games... and nothing exclusive screams "NEXT GEN" exept Gears of War. Nothing besides Gears of War excites me when it comes to the 360. While when it comes to PS3, quite a few games excite me including:

Now alot of those games are easily not PS3 exclusives. But games like FEAR, Oblivion and Call of Duty 3 are the ones where I already know the PS3 will out-preform my comp. Also, with the lack of JPN titles, I think it's wiser for me to get a PS3 over a 360 for the posted multi-platform games.

That said, I hope the PS3 and Wii make quite a presonse in the coming years. Now I don't expect the Wii to do too well, but as long as it has an amazing Zelda game, I really don't care. Infact I've been using Nintendo systems has my secondary systems. Nintendo does indeed lack 3rd party support, but it's first party titles literally force me to buy their consles. They are usually just that damn good...

*Rant concluded*


Now some of you who have been reading my blog, may remember me saying that I'll be going without FFXII. Turns out... I got the game on launch day. Why you ask? Well...

One day I decided to screw with my comp..Well it's one of the many days..ANYWAYS...

In the process of screwing with it, I learned how to exchange a processor. Thing is, my old 2.2Ghz P4 was so securely put it, that removing it was a pain in the ass. I'd done so, and didn't suspect in damage to take place. Little did I know, I bent 2 of the tiny pins on my processor. Now on a socket 478 Pentium 4, there was 478 tiny little pins that connect it to the motherboard. If even one of those is bent out of place, say good bye to you're expensive little processor..unless you can somehow fix it by the grace of god.

My girlfriend was kind enough to get me a replacement. A 2.8Ghz P4. I've been trying to pay her back, but she insist and argues with me that I shouldn't pay her back. Looks like I'll have to repay her outside of money.

Well with that... I had enough to purchase Final Fantasy XII. And well I must say the game hasn't blown me away, and I am not amazed. But I just can't seem to put it down. I'm 27 hours into it, and I'm probaly going to be 30+ into at before the night is over. I recommend FFXII to FF haters and lovers alike.

OH! And tonight I finally beat that damn Dinosaur in the Dalmascan Estersand. That scaly chastard is first encountered by all beginning FFXII players. It is 99.9% impossible to beat it the first time you see it. I came back to it at LV20 and beat the brakes of it's scaly arse. I did a 7-hit mist quickening that ended with Catyclasm (looked like a Flare/Ultima mix). The combo managed to do over 9000 dmg. Not bad for all the MP it took up, and considering that no one in my party is past LV20.  


Lastly, if it wasn't already obvious I am taking a break from upgrading my comp. On the power side, I am done. I'll get a DVD-R/CD-R combo drive, and a keyboard when I feel like it. As for next month, I plan on buying Okami and getting my persistent girlfriend something special for the holidays.

Well, thanks to those of you who took the time to read my massive blog. Happy pre-Wii launch (and PS3) to you all!


**If any of you play Unreal 04, Counter Strike Source or Guild Wars....let me KNOW! I'll post my screen names on this blog once I register **


Steam: OmegaOrtega

Xfire: ortegademon

Unreal 04: -Ortega-






RAM really does make a difference.

Just two days ago I finally upgraded from 128MB of RAM to 1GB(1024MB) of RAM....MAJOR DIFFERENCE. I've been slaving around with 128MB and not using this comp for gaming for the past 4 years, that has now came to an end.

For those of you who have never seen them...I put two of these inside my case..

2x 512MB Dell Dimension 4400/2350 Optiplex PC2100 DDR DIMM (p/n 311-1325)

What's so important about going from 128 MB to 1GB (1024 MB)? For those of you who don't know, I'll tell you.

1) Maps/levels that took 59 seconds to load in the past take 3-5 seconds now.

2) Massive maps that took 5 minutes take only 25-30 seconds now

3) My framerate is constantly stable compared to 128 MB

4) I can multi-task w/o lag now. Basically I can have a phone service up while running UT or HL2 and I won't notice a difference in performance.

They cost $59.98 each. A bit pricy they are, but the 1GB of RAM is worth it.

The bargain priced Pentium 4 clocked at 3.0GHz, not bad.

Next, I will be replacing my old processor with a newer, better one. Pentium 4's aren't top of the line any more, and the reasonable price shows. BUT I will be getting a 3.0Ghz Pentium 4 for $80 bucks next month. Besides thats beyond good enough for Half Life 2. I may get something even better, the max my motherboard can do as far as processors go is 3.6Ghz. It all depends on the cost and how much cash I have, honestly.


Due to P4's having slight overheating issues, I will be slapping a thermal take on top of the processor once I buy it. Just to be safe.

 I actually won't be buying Final Fantasy XII at launch. I won't be able to afford it :P after buying a new processor. Oh well I'll wait to get it in December or January. Besides I need to play the PC games I've been missing out on for the last 4 yrs...

Lately I have been playing...


    Yes I am still playing Unreal 2004. After getting more RAM I can play on extremely large maps/levels with up to 32 bots running around. On maxed detail. Here is what the game looks like on my system...

The photo looks alot better if you enlarge it.

As for Max Payne 2... I LOVE IT. The style, the physics, the music, the "love in the midst of chaos" plot are just first grade. Presentation wise this game is utterly flawless. I love it. Oh and the gameplay is no slouch either.

I would make a video of me playing it, but FRAPs (used for taking photos and recording gameplay) is acting silly with Max Payne. Oh well, I'll get around to making one some way.

And last but certainly not EVEN close to least, the greatest PC game of this decade, and easily one of the best games of this decade in general,


Serveral have received too much praise, like Resident Evil 4, Halo 2 and slightly God of War. Half Life 2 is a game that has been HEAVILY praised by gamers and critics alike. And unlike the over-praised games I mentioned above, you better believe that Half Life 2 is more than deserving it's praise. This game is where it's at, it is ahead of it's time and it's just like next-gen but in 2004. Games aren't meant to be this well made...

Why do I say all this? You're just going to have to play it youself, HL2 is one hell of a gameplay experience that cannot easily be broken down to a few words. If I went on about why this game is so good, I'd be here all weekend.

Here is what the game looks like on my system now. Keep in mind I am running it how you see it in the following photos until I get my new processor.

Well that is all I have to say. Thanks to the users who read this, and sorry for the length :P. I'm out (maybe).


**If any of you play Unreal 04, Counter Strike Source or Guild Wars....let me KNOW! I'll post my screen names on this blog once I register **


Steam: OmegaOrtega

Xfire: ortegademon

Unreal 04: -Ortega-

Also I know some of you may have better video cards, comps or both. This blog was created out of joy, it wasn't created for bragging

No one likes a bragger. I'm humble4life.


Don't know if anyone noticed, but I've been offline for a while. I've gotten sick of my current comp set-up and decided to do something about it :D. I've been offline because I forgot to save my eternet driver before reformating my hardrive, silly me.

ANYWAYS, I abandoned my old on-board aka intergrated graphics chip and got a Geforce FX5200.

When comparing it to PCI-Express cards, it is slower. But for a comp thats stuck with PCI (instead of PCI Express) this card is like a god send. It's one of the best PCI cards you can buy. For those of you who don't know the signifigance of a 256MB card, it has 8 times the graphical memory of PS2, or 4 times of the original Xbox.

Next is for me to get some more RAM. I'm going for 1GB, which is modest, nothing extreme.

After getting more RAM, I'm replacing one of my drives with a DVD/CD-R drive. I might as well since quite a few games require it.

Lastly, as far as hardware goes, I am getting a new keyboard. When playing intense fps's on my current keyboard it causes my fingers to hurt like HELL afterwards...I can't have that :P... I may just buy this one.

Good thing it's USB, I'm sure I'll use it for more than just my PC.

ANYWAYS, when I got my vid card I made sure to snatch up Unreal Tournament 2004, the Editors Choice Edition.

 Infact, I got it for $9.97, a great price. It's about 22 months old, but I love the game. I first got hooked on the first Unreal Tourney and 2004 was like a giant virtual home-coming. It's gameplay beats the living hell out of Halo 1&2, sorry fanboys.

Here are some more PC games I'll be getting...


*For anyone wondering no I didn't have to upgrade for The Longest Journey, I simply haven't found the game yet*

Games like FEAR and Elder Scrolls Oblivion, I will not purchase. My comp can run each of those games without lag on medium detail, but that isn't good enough for me. If I spend cash on a game I want more than medium.

Also notice how alot of those games are on Xbox. Now, I could have spent $179.99 for a new Xbox (I don't buy used systems and each new one I see comes with Forza) and play watered down versions of those games, or spend less than $180 and have a comp that's comparable (keyword: comparable, not better) to an Xbox 360....yeah. It was a no brainer.

Anyways, I can't wait to get that RAM, I'll be done upgraded on a performance side. I don't plan to use this comp for major gaming  for games that come out after 2006, it simply won't keep up and I'm surely not putting Windows Vista (the next windows op) on this thing lol. I'll build a PC just for Vista once Vista is as established as Windows XP.

For those of you who read this, sorry for making it kinda long :P

 I'm out, I've got some fragging to do, PEACE.


Pics from

Boxshots from

**If any of you play Unreal 04, Counter Strike Source or Guild Wars....let me KNOW! I'll post my screen names on this blog once I register :P**


Xfire: ortegademon

Unreal 04: -Ortega-

Also I know some of you may have better video cards, comps or both. This blog was created out of joy, it wasn't created for bragging :P

No one likes a bragger. I'm humble4life.