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Not So Special Special Editions

As time goes on, video games get more popular. The video game industry is becoming larger and larger every year and may just one day be considered the largest industry of them all. Video games will continue to change as time continues, like all things normally do. Whether it be the graphics (Crysis, Team Fortress 2, Okami), the controls (Wii), the media format (Blu-Ray), the gameplay mechanics (Killzone 2's motion controlls), or even the way you see the game (3D) - they will generally change over time for the better or the worse. Although these change constantly especially every new generation, there must be something that is passed own through the industry that remains the same. Things like multiple endings or developer easter eggs generally appear normally in most if not all games today. Pricing? No, not really. Video game pricing has gone up considerably over the ages and most console games cost $60 now. Pricing does relate though. What I'm trying to get at is Special or Limited Edition versions of a video game. They will remain in the industry for a very long time if not forever. It is an additional way for the publishers to get extra moola on top of the sky high price that video games generally are today. Special Edition versions of a game can go anywhere from $70 and above. What makes people go out and buy Special Edition versions of a game? What makes them so..... "special"? What gives the seller the right to tack on that additional $10+ price on? This is what I find myself asking all the time to myself. It seems that, like I just said, its another way to soak up money. Buying special edition versions of a game is pointless. They have generally nothing to do with the game itself. Let's look at the Halo 3 Legendary Edition. It comes with.... a massive Spartan helmet! Awesome! You know most people bought that for sure! So wearing this helmet or placing it infront of the TV screen gives me additional super powers so I can kill more noobs on Blood Gulch? No silly. Why would it ever do that? Ok, how about the Grand Theft Auto 4 Special Edition. You get a soundtrack, a duffel bag, art book, and....... a lock box? A lock box..... you've got to be kidding me. At least the Spartan Helmet had something to do with the game! Even the duffel bag really is just..... unnecessary. It doesn't justify the $90 price tag. Sure, most people think, "Oh it is just an additional $30. Why not?" But there is are several obvious reasons it is a complete waste of money! Resident Evil 5's Collector Edition is also for $90. It includes a bonus disc, a hand bag, a figurine, a necklace, a BSAA patch, and a cool box. While in my personal opinion the box is awesome looking for some reason and that this is a much better buy then the GTA4 one, it is just unnecessary. I probably would be able to get a handbag for $2 at some store that not only better quality but would look better, the patch I could get made for about a $1 or 2 online, and the necklace is the shape of Africa - which I'm sure you could either have made or find online already. The figure will probably be less then $10 at Toys-R-Us when they come out. Metal Gear Solid 4 also had a special edition. I personally purchased this one because of the box art, I could not bring myself to not spend the standard $60. The face of Old Snake over powering the front cover annoyed me considering that every other Metal Gear game had the fancy gritty artwork on it's cover that I just absolutely love and admire all the time. Even then, I thought it was absolutely stupidity that I wasted an extra $25 just for that and a bonus disc. It should've been no more then $70. . The only thing worth it in this and other packages are the bonus discs if they even mean anything to you. The behind the scenes look is always cool but even then, you find yourself watching once and only once usually because you're bored or have a sudden interest to see or because you want to justify the stupid purchase you made. The same apply to artbooks. The soundtrack, if included, is always a cool bonus but do you honestly picture yourself listening to it like you would your radio or favorite music? Do these really justify the additional money? The point is, a special edition version of a game should include at least something ingame related that only the special edition buyers would have access to. All I'm asking for, and I'm sure others are too - is maybe an additional level or something of that nature. Bonus skins like the ones from the Little Big Planet pre-order are welcome and definitely justify maybe an additional $5 if they weren't being sold right now for the same price online - making them not so special anymore. The Godfather II has a pre-order bonus where you get a special exclusive character for free, if they were to make a special edition with maybe 5 exclusive characters - this would be kinda cool too. I guess maybe I'm looking/asking for too much. Maybe I'm just not understanding or seeing the point of special editions too clearly. . If you buy special editions or you have in the past - sound off and give a reason why you purchase(d) them.

Resident Evil 5 Campaign

Dude - check out this new RE5 website. Website Spread this link please to everyone you know. Its the same as above. The more people who click this link, the more content released. So far, a live action trailer with Chris Redfield and Sheva have been released on the site. We need 10k views to get more. Take the candle Go to the far left Click the 1 Type "refinery" on the piece of paper that opens up.

Resident Evil Degeneration

THIS MOVIE = WIN It was leaked onto the internet yesterday. I MUST buy the Blu-Ray on December 30th. The movie is freaking awesome. I loved it. Cliche, but thats what RE basically is in the long run. Not only is the movie stunningly amazing, but it actually sticks with the story that RE is based upon unlike the stupid live action ones. When December 30th rolls around, I HIGHLY recommend this movie. Click here for picture gallery of full movie

Been Awhile

Haven't blogged or posted in any unions in awhile. Mostly because of school and my addiction to other forums like Anyways - I've been doing ALOT of gaming lately on both the PC and PS3. So far, I've gotten over 260 Trophies on my PSN Account. Games ranging from Bioshock to Mirror's Edge. Just non stop. Finally got 100% on Bioshock, aiming for 100% on Mirror's Edge next, and then 100% on Battlefield Bad Company. As for the PC, Left 4 Dead all night baby. I got 8 dedicated PC servers up running all day. So far, my 24/7 VS server has gotten into the top 100 most played server available in L4D for the PC. Click here to check them out. I'm also currently getting my CS:S clan back up on its feet. We've got a 24/7 Assault server up about 3 days ago, and it's doing pretty good. Much better then we expected. Check it out. Join us if you play CS:S or L4D. :) I don't see myself coming back to Gamespot for Unions or the blogs much for awhile still. Too busy, gotta keep grades up, and too many games to play through at the same time. Peace. ^_^

My impression of the new Gamespot look

The new "Gamespot Wide Beta" is certainly a huge step forward for Gamespot. I love the look. Its very clean. Though, there is a ton of space for improvement. It needs alot of more work. Some of the colors just don't feel right. For example - the colors under the PS3 games are a little off. They should be black or a different shade of blue. It feels awkward. Also, the blogs are kinda compressed now with only 1 main article on the front and the rest are compressed into links and previews with jumps. Overall, I like it. Its a technilogical step forward. With a ton of more tweaks, it can work out beautifully.