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Upcoming Expenses : /

So I have been putting some thought into what I may be paying for in the next few months. Here's what I have so far.

Valentine's Day gifts have been purchased today, so can scratch that off my list.

- Coming out in just a few weeks, we have Marvel Vs Capcom 3. I have pre-ordered the game, but still need to pay off about forty or so dollars.

- The 3DS will be coming out soon as well. I am still unsure as to whether I will be buying this at launch. I plan to, but when is a though question.

- Mortal Kombat... this will literally cost me an arm and a leg -___-'

- Jimothy's gift is still in the back of my mind. Yes, i am still paying for this... probably with this upcoming check.

- Crome's gift is still up in the air. I have yet to determine what this shall be.

- They are finally going to release that Ico Collection on the PS3. I will most likely pick this up on launch day.

- Some time this month, quite possibly this Tuesday, they will be releasing that damn Castlevania DLC. Whether I will be getting this the day it is released or not is entirely dependent on how much it costs.

How are you guys looking in terms of February > April? :D