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Pandemonium! What's been up lately :P

After reflecting on how things have been lately, I can say that I have generally been in a good mood. I finally received my tax refund, and I bought myself a few movies. I intended to buy an extended edition of Rambo (the most recent one), but when I opened the case, it was the wrong movie. Due to Rasputin Music's return policy, I ended up getting store credit back. I used the store credit to buy Iron Monkey on Blu Ray.

I then went to Target and purchased 127 Hours on Blu Ray (it was on sale for 17.99) and some boxers (yes, you needed to know that).

In a few weeks, Mortal Kombat will be out and me and some friends will be getting together to play it. I also planned on purchasing the first Mortal Kombat movie (it will be coming out on Blu Ray). Along with it, Mortal Kombat Annihilation will be coming out on Blu Ray as well (do you guys think I should buy it as well?) Holy crap I said Blu Ray a lot just now.

How have you guys been lately? ... Any recent or future purchases in mind?