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So yea starcraft 2 just came out, and a ton of people are playing it. $1.5 million sales in 48 hrs, so yea a lot of peolpe are playing this game. Myself has never showed any intrest in RTS games or really PC games at all. But I still find myself wanting to play this game just because so many peolpe are playing it. I wonder how many peolpe buy games just bcause other peolpe are playing a particular game examples: COD MW 2, Halo, Bad Compy ect ect......

This is a good thing in a way because peolpe want to play a game that others are playing so they can contiune to play it for a long period of time after they buy it. The other plus side of it you may find a game that you weren't into at first. The down side to this is that people may feel pressure into playing popular games, but not really want to.

I say don't feel prusure into getting a game just because it popular. Get a game because you and your friends like it, it doesn't matter if not one else isplaying it as long as you do and enjoy it. Remember it a Game.

Inspiring Game Programmers

For all those out there who loves games like myself and who wanted to get into the Game Industry, let it be knownthat it isn't going to be easy. When I was younger I wanted to have a job that was fun and exciting, I wanted to have a fun job that I wouldn't be seating down at a desk all day. Later on I realised that I loved computer and Games alike, so I desicted to put both my loves together and try to get into the buissness of Game Develpment. After doing a lot of research I learned a lot of things, getting into the Industry isn't going to be easy. Just like any other posstion it will be hard, and there will be trials to over come.

But I still want to go after it, but its not what most peolpe think. Most game devlpers don't play games all day, but they are thinking of how a the game should run and programming that out in code. I am currently a college student at Buffalo State College, major Computer Science. Programming is the way to go!!!! Programming is the way to get into the gameing business. Programming isn't for eveyone, but those who really want to do it I say go for it. If its your dream do it you never know what can happen. Plus you'll have lots of back up opportuinties. If not well then you'll be just making more room for us who are dedicated. =p

p.s. sorry about spelling