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XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Personalizing my characters

I just picked up a copy of Xcom Enemy Unknown yesterday and spent a few hours playing last night. I'm enjoying the game greatly. One of the little features that I like is that you can customize your operatives, including change their names. Rather than battling on with some anonymous grunts you don't really care about you can use familiar names that mean something.

I've seen preview articles where the writers used names of family, co-workers, friends etc. Even though it's just a game I felt a little uncomfortable with that approach because your characters DO get killed and I don't want that to happen to anyone I know, even in a video game. I instead made a list of various and sundry characters I've encountered in science fiction books, movies, TV, and of course video games. It's kind of fun to have the various badass alien fighters from other media and games to see how they fare in my own personal alien invasion. I started out naming my operatives after characters from the Aliens and Gears of War universes. Private ("game over man!) Hudson has not unexpectedly died a miserable death, however Seargeant Apone so far is kicking ass. Sadly the cast of Gears of War has not fared well. Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, and Anya Stroud are all KIA. Baird and Cole train are hanging in there so far, but there's a long war still ahead. If I need some cannon fodder there's always the Carmine brothers. Hindsight being 20/20 I should have used them first.

As I recruit more operatives, I plan on drafting from more sci fi universes to fill the ranks. The X files (Mulder and Scully), Men in Black (agents J and K) , Falling Skies (the Mason family, Pope, Captain Weaver and Maggie), Mass Effect (human characters only), and Halo (Can't fight aliens without Master Chief) universes are all fertile recruiting grounds! Hopefully I won't use those all up but if I do there are more sci fi universes to draw from. Anyone rememebr David Vincent from the Invaders?

How are you naming your operatives? Are you using the default names or are you using other names? Am I overthinking this? Do I need to get a life?

Halo Post- Bungie: Microsoft and 343 Industries plans for future Halo Titles

Just leaked from Microsoft/343 Industries: Plans for future Halo Titles Post-Bungie:

1. Halo Warthog Cart Racing - Race Warthogs and/or Ghosts in straight up races or variants involving dodging fire from various Covenant vehicles. Also includes a Demolition Derby mode

2. Halo Brute Carnival - Brutes have a carnival to celebrate Covenent Victory on Reach. Participate in various events using the Gravity hammer such as Whack-a-Grunt, gravity hammer throw etc. Playable as Brute, Elite or disguised Spartan. Get achievement for completing all events as disguised Spartan without being detected.

3. Halo versus Mass Effect Universe - After apparently disappearing at the end of Halo 3. Master Chief and Cortana are transported to the Mass Effect Universe. Master Chief shoots up Citadel after finding all the conversation trees way too annoying. In the meantime Cortana infiltrates the Geth and the Reapers and helps save the universe by getting the Geth and Reapers in touch with their feminine side. Disillusioned after the Citadel debacle, and with Commander Shepard hot on his trail, Master chief escapes to Ilium were he marries an Asari exotic dancer. They have several children who he trains to be Spartans, however due to an accident of the inter-species gene pool, his offspring look like smurfs in battle dress. This turns out to be an advantage because their enemies laugh themselves to death before the fight even begins.

4. Master Chief: Other M. Master Chief meets Samus Oran on SpaceHeroMatch.com. They share several adventures together but the relationship ends badly when Samus, already annoyed by the constant presence of "that little blue woman", Cortana, figures out what Master Chief really means when he keeps muttering about how "he would like to put his gun in her holster."

5. Flood Rising: Master Chief and Cortana find themselves trapped in an ancient forerunner shopping mall full of Flood with no weapons other than what they can fabricate from merchandise left behind by the forerunners.

6. Master Chief: Halo Asylum. Master Chief and Cortana land on yet another ring world this one apparently used as an asylum for criminally insane aliens and other ne'er do wells led by Guilty Spark's brother-in-law Joker Spark. This time Cortana and Master Chief decide that sentient life is over-rated and fire the ring ending the Halo saga once and for all.

7. Super Halo Galaxy. Mario calls for Master Chief's help when Bowser and the Covenant team up to kidnap Princess Peach yet again.

8. Gears of Halo. A short and tragic episode. Master Chief lands on Cera to help the Gears fight another battle against the Locust Horde. But Master Chief is seriously injured because he can't figure out the cover mechanic during firefights. Marcus Fenix gets annoyed because their squad robot Jack neglects his duties to date Cortana instead.

9. Left 4 Flood. Master Chief returns to earth to help the "survivors" fight a combined assault from the infected and the Flood. Master Chief finds himself helpless when spitter goo and boomer bile locks up his armor.

Please comment with any other "leaks" you may hear from 343. I started this article on the Halo forums but it got deleted for some reason.