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It's not Helena has to do all the BS and is put in harms way more often.

I was getting S ranks with Leon, tried Helena and dropped down to B ranks.


guess i'm better at helena then leon lol hydra quick shot will do that.

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when i first played it i got the bird and a huge wth moment but now i finally get it the trick is to hide then hold x or a too dash out and jump on them you'll get them and spam "select" and die and respawn all the time, not only does it often put you back right by them but when a zombie dies the scond it misses jumping at you they got to be wondering whats going on lol, Killed like 6 agents in the last 30 mins and the ones who got away used like 6 gernades and hundreds of shots to deal with me lol.:twisted:

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Really sorry if that happened to me i'd never play the game again lol but it sounds like your game may have been corrupted from the get go the A.I. in this game is invincible(it can't die so you don't get stuck because of it) which means the game thought you were playing with someone online but had them controlled by the A.I. i hate to say it but i think you got one of those super rare bugs that happens only once every 500k copy's sorry.

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As I've said before i don't agree with his review but i've never had any problem that he reviewed it as such he has a point the game is one long QTE if you hate them or if you like them they are so prevalentin the game it could be a 4 point difference in a score aka he gave it a 4.5 i gave it a 8.5. I know its a blasphemybut i like QTE's keeps me engaged during parts i would otherwise be sitting and looking at the clock(i was a huge fan of Shenmueon the dream cast cause it was the same way).

Personally i wish the game gave you less info like no on screen prompt just some kind of sound that you had to do something (trigger if you had to shoot, x or a if you had to jump, sticks if your struggling just tell me how it works at the start of the game) but i also understand if they did that people would throw thier copy's out a window and jump on them lol then again i like near unbeatable games i beat every ninja gaiden for instance lol those are the king of cheap deaths^^.

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i swear i saw him one of the first times i played mercenary mode i got matched with this guy who seemed to have ever costume unlocked and S rank on all of them he just kept filliping through showing them off and one of the ones he kept stopping at was this BSAA guy and i had kinda remembered reading something about unlocking him so the guy picked pirate Leon and we played a game then i left but now I want to know where he's from lol i'm guessing you need the RE.net costumes too.

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I'd agree i liked it as someone pointed out in another thread it got the same score as Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City i'd say this isn't a perfect game too but operation raccoon city was unplayable it's with the new duke nukem in my pile of games that are so bad i couldn't even play it for a few hours RE6 on the other hand has kept me entertained for over 50 hours now and i'm still playing it on that fact alone even if you hated it i couldn't see it being under a 6.5-7 been trying to see the logic.

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i don't think his is harder i think his has worse AI i've been randomly playing with other people and offline his seemed hard but then for the parts you said i had gotten someone randomly matched as a partner and by the time killed the mist boss in the cathedral and took a break i had 15 meds full HP and 2 First Aid sprays also i noticed if you play Helena it's super easy without spoiling i think i counted at least 5 times where Leon was face to face with 40 zombies or bosses and i just had to sit and watch him(AI is invincibly so you really can just sit those parts and grab a beer)

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you pick it when you start a campaign or chapter you have to go all the way over to "OFFLINE" at the top so all the options are greyed out as oppose to "Don't Allow" which is online and will keep trying to put people in your game but then kicking it before they can lol stupid design decision but how it is.

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i did this like 8 times(yes very frustrating) and thought the same thing "I've tryed being on both sides!" the truth is the train comes on the right side from behind as you make your way down the tracks you have to be "ALL THE WAY LEFT"it will look like it missed you by a mile when you do it right but if your within 10 feet of it when it passes it kills you just bad programing on the devs part.

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each set is 3 slots(max of 3 at a time so chose wisely) after you beat any campaign you get 8 set you can save and can be switched to on the fly by opening the menu in game(online the action wont pause so you have to time when you do this) but only 3 can be active at one time for mercenary you have 8 sets but only 1 skill in each  hope that helps.

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