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Once again folks, that symbol is anything but a space bar. lol. That's my sole problem here. I shouldnt have to guess what symbol to press to finish the fight. It should be a test of hand to eye reflexes, not a mental challenge of "Guess what symbol this is."
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From reading elsewhere it's not a mouse rotation, I'm suppose to press the F'ing space bar. Are you kidding me? How the HELL is that symbol anywhere near what a spacebar looks like. I suggest you guys patch this or something, get it to say SPACE BAR. It's really irritating to enjoy a game this much then have this problem come up due to such a strange oversight. Especially since other people seem to be having the same problem as I am. Like in the game Wolverine where you have to double jump to cross a ledge, but the tutorial showing you double jump isnt until AFTER that part. lol
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The end of the fight with Kid Xmas. Having to do a click combo thing on a PC computer doesnt work well. Expecially when it's scrolling your mouse clockwise or counterclockwise. Meaning, I cant beat the damn encounter. I loved the game up til that point. Now, I want my money back.