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Does Anyone Remember Me?!

Hey guys!


I'm sitting here in my dorm and I looked back here on my Gamespot profile. I remember when I first joined, I was starting out in High School, now I'm sitting here in my dorm room in college. It's funny how fast and how far life progresses. 

My freshman year in college is winding down. Life has been great and college has been a blast. Classes are going well and one of my biggest worries turned out to not be such a big worry at all. That worry would my roommates. They turned out to be excellent. One is from California, who decided to brave the cold of Minnesota. One of the oddest things is that the winter that he comes turns out to be neverending. From November up until the day I write this, snow has fallen every few days. 

My other roommate lives a few miles from school, so I still have someone local. It's been really great so far and I look forward to what the future brings here at Bethel University.


Cheers and God Bless ya,


PS-I've been playing TES IV: Oblivion again recently. 


I graduated back on June 1st. It was a really nice ceremony and I found myself sad to say goodbye to some people. A lot of people really changed me for the better and my 2nd high school and I am sad to leave them behind. I haven't really had time to reflect back on it either as I've been non-stop busy ever since with work and graduation parties.:P

High school was a great experience though. I kind of fell apart in the last few months, but look only at the positives. And now its onto college in the fall. It's been a fun four years, can't wait to see where the next adventure leads me.


God Bless,


Oh, Hey Guys

For the sake of updating and to show I am still alive and well. I did Battle of the Bands at school back in February and I brought my drum kit along. To be specfic, the cymbals are all mine. There are 9 showing, but all together, I have 12 cymbals and the Octobans are all mine too. The drum kit belongs to the school. It kind of got shifted as the show went on, but this is what my kit looked like, only more put together

Enjoy, and God bless,


I'm Dreaming of a Brown Christmas

Just like the ones I used to never know.... In my 17 years of existence, I have only had one brown Christmas and that was in 2006. Now it looks like it will be my second this year. It's only snowed once this holiday and that was 4 inches that melted a week later when the mercury went back up to 45 degrees for awhile. So that's kind of depressing.

In an update from last blog, I did get accepted into that college. I am now a proud soon to be student at Bethel University here in Minnesota. I loved the campus the minute I visited and the atmosphere is amazing. Gated and by a lake with a lot of trees. It must be nice in the fall when the leaves change. They've already taken $350 from me, I am committed.

What else.... what else....

Not much else has happened since my last blog post. I'm just mad its not a White Christmas. It clashes with my festive Christmas decorations in my room. Last year I said I'd show my decorations, I guess I can do this now. Its a bad picture, but it was taken on my iPhone using Autostitch. But here's my room at my favorite time of year.

Oh yeah, I guess there's something that's happened in my life. I got an iPhone and truly love it

Merry Christmas Everyone. Looking forward to 2012!!


Breaking Down College

Speaking of college in the last blog, my college road is actually somewhat even more exciting because of some classes I took in high school.

So at my school. we have PSEO classes (Post Secondary Enrollment Options). These are basically college classes with credits taught by professors from local universities. This is an extremely enticing program that has a lot of benefits that can help in college.

By the end of this year, I will have taken 6 classes PSEO starting from my junior year. This will amount to 23 college credits. Now when that is added to my college career it will have the follwoing advantages:

  • Graduation in 3 1/2 years as I completed a semester's worth of credits. As a result:
  • $20,000 dollars of credits taken, thus I don't need to pay for those credits.

That is a lot of hassle saved all for taking classes like: History (2 separate classes), Communications, Psychology. English, and Astronomy.

It's times like these that I am glad my old high school closed. I would never have had this opportunity.



The Case of Being a Senior

I don't have much motivation to get things done anymore... I got to get back on track!!

Sent in a college application 2 weeks ago. Waiting on the word of acceptance. I am really confidant.

Another cool update. I've been e-mailing Neal Morse, the guy from Transatlantic, and numerous other projects. Prog-heads will know who I am talking about. I've been talking with him about giving his testimony at one of my school's chapel services. He said he'd do it. Now to find a date for him to do it!

Where Does Time Go

Last blog I posted was on June 7, the beginning of summer. Now it's July 28th. Tomorrow it's the 29th, meaning one more month until it's back to the grindstone. Luckily, it's senior year.

We got our schedules last week in the mail.


1. Psychology 101

2. Pre-Calc (Math was never good to me)

3. Scripture IV

4. Physics

5. Study

6. Concert Band

7. Study

8. Brit Lit

Second Semester

1. Business Management

2. English 120

3. Physics

4. Scripture IV

5. Pre-Calc

6. Government

7. Study

8. Study

Overall a pretty good schedule. Originally, I was supposed to have 5 college classes, but they didn't fit into the schedule, or they were dropped from the curriculum, since they couldn't work out a deal with the professors. I'm seriously upset though about not having band 2nd Semester. I loved the people I was with, they made it worth it. I will miss having that class. Better enjoy it for the first 5 months.

And it's senior year, that makes it better as well! It seems like just yesterday I was scared about my first day as a freshman. Sure I had to basically relive freshmen year this past school year on account of the old school closing, but it wasn't that bad. Plus I met some really cool people and some people that I will want to continue to remain in contact with after the year is done. That never really happened at the previous school, I never felt that connection.

Since I probably won't write another blog after this for awhile, although I may, here's to another school year. May it continue to be a great experience and may that tense relationship that I've discussed before on here move forward and in a better, more positive light. Not that it's bad, but it could be better.

And with that, life's been good and it gets better. Let's also hope for more than 2 comments on this blog :P

It's Boiling!

It's supposed to be 98 degrees tomorrow!! It was 60 last week!! And snowing a few weeks before that!

I've taken to sleeping in the basement seeing as my room doesn't get the air conditioning too well and fans can only do so much. It's supposed to cool down later this week.

It's also summer vacation, so I don't need to worry about boiling in school, which wouldn't matter anyway seeing as my new school has air conditioning 8) (I've just never been in a school with that sort of luxury)

The New Dream Theater

My favorite band is whole again!

Founding drummer Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater last September after 25 years of drumming for them. He said he was getting burnt out and needed a break. He proposed a hiatus which the band vetoed. He decided to quit the band and move on. So, after all that, good-bye have a nice life come out with some great music. I really won't miss him that much. It's harsh, but he came off so badly during the break-up that I really won't miss him speaking his mind all the time.

Anyways, here is the new drummer with the band after his audition in October. New drummer Mike Mangini is 4th in from the left. I am so excited to see what he has to bring to this next album. It should be great!

Here's his kit for the new DT album. It looks kinda messy and the different color drums is kinda annoying, but it is a beast that's for sure. Definately a monster kit!

Welcome to the band, Mike! I look forward to seeing you on tour and hearing the next album!

A Snowball's Day In Hell/Endless Winter

So last weekend, we ate dinner outside on the deck. It was a beautiful 70 degree day with sun and a light breeze. The last bit of snow was finally melting. From my spot on the deck, there was just a tiny mound. Hence, a snowball's day in hell.I took the heater out of my room and brought up my fan. I was really warm!

Fast forward to yesterday. It was 40 degrees and snowed another 2 inches. It is mid April and it is still snowing. It's currently spring, but it feels like it has been an endless winter.

Thanks for all the drum comments guys!