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My PS3 Collection as of Present

After recently purchasing a 320GB PS3, I have borrowed several games from my friends and even bought a few. So far:

-Final Fantasy XIII

-Assassins Creed

-Sports Champions

-Little Big Planet 2

Keeping my eye on TES Skyrim and a few other games coming out. Not sure whether to get MW3 or BF3 though :3 I enjoy COD but it gets boring after a while, and Battlefield, never played it before but sure looks like an awesome game :? Wait and see I guess.


Need...A..PS3 T^T

Just updating my blog. Soon to be an owner of a PS3 as soon as I have enough money, gaaah the slow torture :cry: Want to get Skyrim and Battlefield 3 T_T

Final Fantasy XII : Revenant Wings is awesome!!

This game is pretty cool and a break from serious, time consuming RPG games :). It has that FF12 flavour and even the same sound track which I do enjoy. The way you control espers adds to the strategyness of this game The characters look cool and cute at the same time. ( don't ask, i'll show :lol:.)

 What did I tell you? :PSome screenshots showing the graphics and some dialogue.

Haven't finished it yet. :roll:

Here's the Gamespot Review !

Nintendo 3DS!!

At E3 Nintendo presented us with the new 3ds!!! :D Good news for us gamers who enjoy our DS's i guess. Only thing is how high will the price tag be and who will be paying (most likely) $400 plus (NZ dollar) for it. Games being released on this new playform will be (naming a few) Kid Icarus, Mario Kart and hopefullyPokemon though i doubt it.Great improvement in graphics and 3Dness!! Can't wait to play this handheld myself.


DSi :D 3rd Generation of DS

Just some info on the upcoming DSi It has already been released in Japan Nov 1 2008 It will come out for the rest of the world between 1st and 10th of April It is thinner than the DS lite It has a 3.25 inch screen compared with DS lites 3 inch screen It features 2x 0.3 mega pixel cameras ; one on the inside and one on the outside The outside is now a matte finish instead of the DS lites glossy surface It can play music in ACC format ( not mp3 ) It will have a SD slot to save pictures and music/songs The stylus is thicker and longer than the DS lites stylus ***NO GBA SLOT*** For those wanting to play GBA games or NDS Guitar Hero will have to keep their DSL or SP because any game needing the GBA slot will NOT work on the DSi Will price around $50 dollars more than the DS lite The battery life however is now shorter than the DS lites : *DS lite battery life: 16-19 hours on LOWEST brightness setting *DSi battery life: 12-14 hours on Lowest brightness setting Can play DS games Volume slider is now volume buttons [+ | - ] Power switch is again a button The menu is now upgraded to show alot more new options including: *DSi store *Music player *Camera ( Picture modifying ) Thats all I know for now Thanks :D Oh and there will be some new DSi games which will utilise the camera ( like PS2s eyetoy ) -=-Oblivion 540-=-
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