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The Zelda Review Hating...Just Pathetic

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Ive been cruising the forums and the rest of the web for the past couple hours. Its seriously sad to see all this Jeff bashing. The guy stood up to the hype and gave a certified gamespot review of the game. That means that the rest of gamespot, including Greg, approved the review. Get over it fanboys, the game got hyped to epic porportions.
I find it one thing to see kids on forums acting tough and hating on an editor, but from another journalist altogether its just downright pathetic. Matt, the head hauncho over at IGN is shedding the last bit of dignity he had as a game journalist. Calling for Jeff to be fired and a boycott of gamespot is not only unprofessional, but childish as well. Good job Matt, you just bashed on someone else in order to validate your own review :roll:
Seriously though, this is why I keep coming back to gamespot if I need a trustworthy opinion on which to base the decision to buy a game or not. GS has the journalistic integrety to stand up to hype and analyze a game for what it really is.
And really, thats all were talking about here. Video games. So quit the hating, and try and see the big picture for once.

Btw, the last time I checked, an 8.8 means a game is Great, and refers to great games that are excellent in almost every way. Are you going to let the fact that it scored .2 lower than a superb decide whether you'll want to play the game or not?

Thx for reading,

Gears Insane Co-op Impressions

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Thats right, having just beat Gears of War the day before on casual, I decided it was time to rack up those addicting achievement points and go through the game on Hardcore. That was the plan, but after player 1 or 2 chapters of Act 3 on Hardcore with gamespots very own Phazer, we found that we were up for more of a challenge...and even more points.
So we decided to get started on insane. We ended up plowing through the first two acts in the game, but had to stop there because it was like 2am where i live. Anyway, heres the random notes from the sesssion:
-Insane isnt too bad, except for a few tricky spots. For w/e reason it took us like four or five tries to get the beserker to the outside in the end of Act 1. Does that thing run fast or what?
-You run out of ammo...alot. I didnt use the pistol at all during my solo run through the game, but it was vital in smacking down those wretches on insane.
-Phazer's tactic of choice: the Hammer of Dawn. It might be the most random situation and he'll pull that thing out and start shootin laser beams at unsespecting Locust :lol:
-O_K's tactic of choice: Blindfiring :lol: I tended to die a bit more in the first few chapters, so I started making blindfiring my primary way of shooting, which only increased my uselessness :lol:

Co-op is a good deal more fun than playing solo, so check it out if you havent already. Hopefully we can get the last three acts done sometime to see how the difficulty ramps up towards the end of the game.

In non Gears news, I'm still lvl 20 :?
TomKat is getting married. But does anyone really care anymore?

I guess thats all, thx for reading


Of All the Things to Not Work on the 360..

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360 overheating? Not a problem. Ring of Death? Not happening. Disc Tray errors? Nope. Y button not working, like not working at all out of the box. Yup, thats a problem.
Yeah, I picked up my 360. Boy was I happy just looking at the box as I preceded to the checkout. Then the cash register ringed up the total. With the 2 year warranty, plus two games and the play and charge kit, it cost me more than that premium PS3 and then some. Which I guess was to be expected, but damn this thing better be worth it!
But yeah, back to that darn Y button. Why do you tease me like this Microsoft? I just wanted to play some Oblivion, but nooo, I cant hotswitch between my different weapons and spells, therefore making me go into the menu every time I want to do something different. Seriously, of all the problems to have, I get a broken button. I checked all over the internet for ppl with similar issues, but couldnt find anyone with a broken button out of the box. I guess I'll just have to go back to the store and ask for a replacement tommorow. Untill then, I'll be playing Ridge Racer 6, minus the ability to unleash a double or triple nitrous :cry:
Anyway, back to my initial impressions. First the graphics. Damn do they look good! Oblivion was stunning, and Ridge Racer 6 was looking good too. Ive yet to put in Ghost Recon, which came with the console, but I'm sure it will be impressive as well.
Next, the noise. Well its a little noisier than I thought. You can really hear those fans chuggin away inside, but its not a big issue, since I hooked up my ipod and pumped out Micheal Jacksons Billy Jean while drifting around hairpin turns :lol:
Would it be a cliche to mention how big the power brick is? I know it would be, but damn is that thing big!
A couple other things to mention but I'll save them for next time. Gears was supposed to be released yesterday, but the store told me they wernt getting their shipment until Thursday. I guess I'll pick it up when I take back my controller.

This entrys already gone far past what I expected in terms of length, but final thoughts are here!
  • -The store where I got the 360 said they were getting 50 units of both the PS3 and Wii, which I thought was pretty high, but thats cool.
  • -Ive been stuck at level 20 for like...ever.
  • -It seems Gamespot enjoys taking away my emblems by the month. I once had a second row, but now theres only 1! Seriously i need more emblems..
  • -Whoever is still reading gets pudding! Its only vannila though..
  • -Gamespot Gearathon on Tuesday? Just some multiplayer fun if anyone wants.
I guess thats it. Everyone please curse my Y button in unison.

Thx for reading!

Almost forgot. K-fed and Britney are over! Does that mean we'll be spared from his new CD? Unfortunatly I think not..

The Wait Is Over...Finally Getting A 360 Next Week

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Yup, the title says it all. This gamer is finally picking up a next gen console at some point next week. I dont have much to say, other than i'm extremly excited. :D Hopefully I'll be able to get through a sizable chunk of Okami by then because after I hook up the 360 i doubt ill spend much more time with any of my current gen consoles.
Anyway heres what I plan to get:
  • Premium System :D
  • It comes bundled with GRAW and some Microsoft Points
  • Games: Ridge Racer 6, Oblivion and of course Gears
  • XBLA: UMK3 and Geometry Wars
  • Wireless Adaptor
Yeah, its gonna cost a big chunk of change but thats what a jobs for :D Anyway for all of you that have already been gaming on the 360, what other titles and xbla titles do you recomend? Finally I was looking at charging stuff, the play and charge looks like a good fit, but does anyone have the quick charge kit??

Last of all drop your Gamertag with a comment, ill add you onto the friends list :)

Thx for reading!

The Beast That No Longer Roars...It Whimpers

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Well I just bought Company of Heroes. Ive had a thing for games developed by Relic ever since they started out with Homeworld about six years ago, so it was only a matter of time before I picked this gem up. Basically, the game kicks ass. The combat is even more intense than Dawn of War, and thats saying something. More importantly, the A.I. is seriously the best I have seen in an RTS game before. I played my first skirmish against the computer on easy, and before I knew it, the comp was in control of over 80% of the map. It took about 2 hours (over two play sessions) before I slowly regained the territory and eventually crawled into his base with a half broken tank and some worn down engineer squads 8)
However there is one problem. My once top of the line computer (which I appropriatly named The Beast), an Alienware which I got in early 2004, has become an outdated hunk of metal. I booted up the game, and hopped into the graphical settings. The game had detected my system capabilities and set everything, and I mean everyone of those 15 or so settings, to either low or off :cry:
Basically, in two and a half years, The Beast has become a kitty and now struggles to run anything recently released. I guess this money strapped 19 year old will have to recognize that pc gaming is in its final years for him (i wont be getting a new pc any time soon) :( Must resist urge to go install CoH on the new family computer...its a Dell and it puts The Beast to shame :cry:

Random notes~

  • -I cant believe I'm hearing the great T.I. in a Justin Timberlake song...its just wrong

  • -For those of you who havent seen the trailer for White Knight, do yourself a favor and go download it right away (only the high def version does it justice)

  • -New Sig/Banner/Journal Header coming soon...

  • -Asuma R.I.P.???

~Thx for reading~

Back on the Scene

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Hey there, O_K here and its been a while since ive been around the gamespot community. Glad to be back :) I had been (relatively) busy for the past couple of months, but the gamer inside me has been slowly waking for some time now after an apparent hibernation. Lately ive been playing Naruto:Narutimate Hero 3 (its part of the ultimate ninja series,only in Japanese). Its has a great fighting system on its own, and the fact that it has 40 some characters unique fighting styles is just plain awsome. Lately ive been laying down beatings on friends as Kisame, but Kankaru (sp) and Gai have also been in the mix. Its a great game for all the Naruto fans out there, so be sure to check it out! (make sure you mod your ps2!).
Anyway its good to be back and around all the familiar stuff again. Ill hopefully be popping in on some of my former stomping grounds to check out whats going on.
Last of all im looking at buying (finally) a next gen console, narrowed it down to 360/Wii, just cant decide on which. Wii preorders start friday so I should probably choose soon, seeing as PS3 preorders sold on in minutes.

Glad to be back, see you all around :D