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Does it need to be more popular?

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I've downloaded this game on my 2 year old laptop. Strangely it works fine on the old laptop with all stock parts.

It does not however work on my brand new gaming PC...which doesn't make sense.

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I've not been able to get more than a couple minutes into this game before it crashes. It says "retrocityrampage.exe stopped working" or something to that effect.


I've updated all drivers. Tried it with and without gamepad. Tried it with or without sound. I've deleted and downloaded the game a couple times. Still can't figure out what is going on.

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It's an online forum. It was never really anything special.

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No, they pay the bills.

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Try Eschalon Book 1 and 2. Cheap, but slightly shorter games. Still great turn-based isometric RPGs.

They're both on Steam for 10-15 bucks.


lmao...did you read the original post?

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[QUOTE="trastamad03"] For demanding games I do bump it down to 1920x1080@120hz though. For reference, I'm using 2x GTX560Ti 1GB. I'm positive you won't need to with the 4GB GTX 670.

I have a GTX 680 4GB FTW +. I'll be running the Catleap as my primary, and an HP IPS as a secondary with my desktop. You think the GPU will handle it, or will I need to go SLI with the 680, eventually, to handle the more demanding games?
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But the only down side with this panel as they are rejected apple panels there can be issues with some of them.


That's why you pay the nominal fee to get the "perfect pixel" guarantee and the squaretrade warranty. That additional fee still makes it significantly cheaper than a monitor with the same resolution stateside.

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i have the evga gtx 680 FTW +

you should just take the leap, and get the 690.

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"We find that the monitor has a number of connectivity options which are not available in the Achieva / Catleap / Yamakasi units (which just use DL-DVI). Nixeus indicated that all the inputs except for VGA would support themaximum resolutionof 2560x1440. This means that your Kepler or GCN GPU should be able to drive full resolution to the unit over HDMI itself."

I don't understand the significance of this. If the monitor uses Dual DVI-D, DisplayPort, or HDMI, what is the difference if the GPU supports it? I don't understand what the selling point by stating it allows you to connect HDMI. I can connect a monitor just the same to the PC using Dual DVI-D. Is there something I'm missing.