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Huge PS3 Exclusive?


Sopposedly thier is going to be a "huge PS3 exclusive" game announced on August 3. :)

Watched The Dark Night Today

A few of my friends went to go see The Dark Knight today, i knew the movies was going to be good but didn't really know what to expect at the same time due to Heath Ledger's untimly death and all the hype sournding the film.

But i got to say this film was awsome, its easly one of the bast flicks of the year and a must see.

Story acting every thing was great.

i give it a 9.5 out of 10

Feels Good To Be Back

Wow it's been quite a while since I have been online, i've been busy lately mostly school so i took a brake from GS for a while but im back now. Been working on my art skills too, some of you may know that i want a career in the gaming industrie, but i learned on the epic fourms from some of the developers that you should be focusing on what your most strong inand not every thing; instead of be medioocre in every thing you can be great at one talent. I'll start posting so picks for you guys and gals but right know im tired and im going to bed have 2 test tomorrow:x, oh and Jamaica was great.:D

Here today gone tomorrow

Hey every one im going to Jamaica tomorrow so i aviously wont be around for a short while, but cant wait to see family and friends, i just realized that i haven't seen my mom in person for five years GOD DAMN:o thats a long time.

So ill see u all later.:)

My E3 07 Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo prediction

SONY: Well this is what i hope Sony will be announcing at this years E3 07, recently Sony was saying that there are working on a price drop for the PS3, its very avious that that the main reason the PS3 is not selling as much as the competition (Nintendo and Microsoft) is because of the high price point, Sony knows that people would buy the PS3 regardless of the lack of exclusive games at the moment if the price was right.

The other thing i hope Sony will announcing for the PS3 is the SixAxis controller with rumble,because we all know that the only reason Sony didn't include rumble is because of that Immersion law suit over the tech for the rumble in there dual shock controller; but since Immersion and Sony are friends again the rumble might be back in the SixAxis.

Sony has allways done this with all there consoles so its no suprize if they were to showcase a slim version of the PSP with updated hardwear like 8 gig flash memmory built in GPS ect. The only down side i can see about them doing this is that it might be easyer to get broken if it were to fall to the ground; but one thing is for shore if they are making a slim line PSP im going to get it.

MICROSOFT: Nintendo and Sony are in the handheld market right, so why isn't Microsoft?, we know its just a matter of time untill Microsoft gets into the handheld market with there X-BOX 180. And what better time to hype up the gaming world and steal thunder from Sony and Nintendo at this years E3 than to announcing a new handheld.

NINTENDO: Microsoft and Sony were doing it since the 6th generation with there consoles, so its about time Nintendo finally gets some online on there Wii its what wii all have been waiting for Nintendo to do. Nintendo has been striving for innovation in there hardwear so its about time they do some thing that was innovative a while back.

Next i will share my opinion on whitch console i think will win the war.

Hey, Do you want to be an officer?

I courrently have some officer positions  open in my union, The Rockstar North uinon.And i am looking for officers that will post regularly in the union. If you would like to be an officer just post a comment here, or PM me.

Eny ways thaks for checking out my blog post.8)

New Emblem

I got a new emblem for uploading a Manhunt 2 trailer for my union:), it feels nice when Glitchspot:x finally rewords me for doing something. :)