Zero Dark Thirty Film Quick Notes

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Torture scene. 

Team America is on the case

Another torture scene

That girl is kinda hot

Dude with the beard keeps saying "bro" to someone who doesn't understand concept of bro. 

Another  torture scene?

Completely inaccurate descriptions and various other things about the country

I hear from the family next to me "The thing about Bigalow is that she really gets every detail correct and presents an unbiased view of events"

 More American Hoorah

The American Embassy has the worst security on Earth 

It's starting to get good

They're speaking Arabic now  -___-

I hear "Immaculate attention to detail" from another person. He repeats himself

The raid was pretty cool

I want to rewatch Django now.





So I just pre-purchased Torchlight 2.

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I wanted Diablo 3, but the cost of that is 4 whole Dinner boxes at McDonalds more than Torchlight 2.

I'm perfectly healthy okay?

Anyways, if any of you dudes are buying it, hit me up and we can play.


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Why are gamers so obsessed with this word to describe every game they don't like?

Looks like generic trash to me!


Whoa, a game about guns, talk about generic!

Shut up

I was considering selling my Xbox 360...

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But then ofcourse...

Halo 4 was announced.

I was sceptical, but even just a glimpse of gameplay makes me want to keep my trusty ol 360.

That's the power that game has over me.

gg all other systems