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For the Wii, right? :P


Oh i hope it is. I really do.

Hope wont help. Nomura is probably directing.

I would be shocked if Nomura wasnt because he directed everything else for KH
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imo, this list fails because it has current gen systems on it, which of course shows bias because this gen isnt over yet and also, this list is an opinion of the person so w/e i guess
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Wada needs to just resign from Square
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[QUOTE="Cherokee_Jack"]What's this Strider crap?MightyMuna
the Strider game is fake. apparently.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! im was about to cry for joy but now im crying in sadness

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I have the full JPN version as well so Im almost 100% positive when I say thats false, I believe Bartz borrows 1 or 2 moves from various characters. Like Firions ax and spear move.


You do know thats the whole purpose of that character right. Hes suppose to bethe mimic for the game.

Im aware of that, but my point still stands.

well other than butz, everything else i said is true
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im 300 hours into the japanese version and i absolutely love it, even though of course some people here will call me bias but w/e fyi tc, none of the characters have the same move, they are all different move animations and it takes time to get used to everyone's move
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odin has a rat-liek face if you look at it closely haha, hayato, link me up with brother/sister relationship scan
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i have over 300 hours on the import, i wonder how much i can attain with the american version hehe :D
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[QUOTE="Nintendo_Ownes7"]I don't know if I can name a few Examples from Videogames I haven't seen it in gaming but I have seen it in Television and Movies.


How do real people not look like what they're supposed to be? o_o;

Sometimes they hire an Actor that isn't the Nationality of the Character mainly the Cartoon to Live action movies. and when I said Television some American cartoons have Asian characters but they don't look Asian.

so um, what are they supposed to look like? squinty eyes, short and tan and have asian accents?
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If the GBA ver was "bad" then the DS ver must have been "terrible."

What was added in terms of storyline? A few more suicides? Some more impossible recoveries?


as far as i could tell not much,but the gba version was terrible the ds version was amazing,

i'm sorry if it was a bit difficult for you but i had no problems. part of the charm of the game was that they mixed stuff up to make it harder. you had to rethink your strategies for every boss or new area

i personally thought the ds version was so much easier than the gba but then again, its me, but i couldve sworn the gba version had an extra dungeon that the ds didnt get