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My Quest is almost over!

well folks, i am almost there, i have almost completed every single main Final Fantasy games(ff11 not included for reasons) and am proud at my accomplishments so far

FF13 and FFvers13, watch out, cause im out to get ya!

Games Ive beaten so far:


Squall and Zidane, your next! hahahahaha

Forgotten Ninja Hiryu

So to start off the appreciation of heroes, my good ol buddy Strider Hiryu will start it off with his amazing sword that can cut you up in million of pieces in 1 second

Strider started off as a manga in the late 80's but later Capcom would liscence to make his videogames

Lets just say he started off in arcades like most franchises

I just wish he was in more games/ Im looking at you Capcom, if you can revive Bionic Commando, you can revive Strider

Strider Hiryu belongs to a group of high tech ninjas that can do any task like assassinating etc

Games he has been featured in:

the game that started it all/ amazing game, i recommend everyone to play it
this game didnt follow the manga but it was still amazing

the second game to made was not a port from the arcade but an original game following the manga/ it was never released in japan but was localised for the US
the game was also featured in the Capcom Mix for the gameboy advanced/ well i never played it so your on your own for this one

Strider 2(Multi)
what can i say, capcom didnt make this/ in actuality, Us' Gold got the liscence make the sequal and look how it turned out/ the game didnt too well but strider still looked awesome
this game is also not recognized as a legitamate game as it was not made by capcom but you can try it out still if you want

Strider 2(PS)
1999, the year Capcom decided to make Strider sequal and well, it was great/ thats all i can say

Other games this forgotten Ninja was in:

Marvel vs Capcom
great game that featured a great cast including the awesome strider

Marvel vs Capcom 2
GREAter GAME that featured a huge cast including yours truly/ If you have a copy, dont sell it cause you have one of the greatest fighting games in your collection

Namco X Capcom
well this game will never be out in the states but you can still import it/ i have no info on this on cause i never played only watched vids

well that's it/ Kinda wish Strider was in more games so if CAPCOM if your reading, please revive this franchise
there is one more game called Capcom Fighting All Stars but that got canned so no comment there but theres a new capcom fighting game that might feature Strider so i can hope :)

Note: Sorry the slashes but my period button is broken/ Also, sorry for the informal text ill try to make it more formal next time

PS: ill give more info next time

Hero Appreciation Day

well i decided to make a blog about hero that i looked up to when i was younger or hero's that i thought were cool. Well for the next 4 months, im going to be posting blogs about the collest hero of videogaming history.

7/14/08-day internet blew up?

i know its pretty late to say this but im kinda bored

so just when MS was almost done with their conference, i had a sense that wada might come back and what do you know, he did
so after the conference ended, tried to go to system wars and what do you know? gamespot wouldnt load nor ign or kotaku

Ar tonelico

so i bought this game on ebay for 70 bucks (i know its not worth it but i decided what the hell) and i decided to finally play this game this weekend

its gonna be great

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