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I got MvC3!!!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Boxshot

Well I got it tuesday and I just wanna give you might thoughts on it

The fighting is very fast paced and can work for any casual or hardcore fan. The roster is great but im still kinda disappointed there was no Mega Man :/ lol. So far ive completed arcade mode 18 times and let me tell you Galactus is not a push over i wanna scream everytime i fight him but its SO freakin fun lol

One disappointment about arcade mode is the endings they are so not worth it at all they couldve done something awesome with that but they didnt.

Another disappointment is that training mode SUCKS. It doesnt help you at all im not gonna lie im not very good at 2D fighters im only okay and i was hoping to get pretty good at this one but man o man its almost impossible to learn moves in training mode its better to just enter arcade mode and learn as you go.

Now online is very impressive. Ive never played a 2D fighter online before so i cant draw comparisions but its very addicting. I have a losing record right im about 45 for 60 somethin but even losing is fun. Sure i fight the occasional cheap guy who just stands in the corner and shoots stuff and makes me wanna pull my hair out but when you play someone good those fights are simply EPIC.

Like i said im not amazing at 2D fighters i bet alot of people could whoop my booty cause most of the time when i start losing i lose my cool and start button mashing lol but ill get better

My current team isnt set in stone but heres just a peek of some teams im using

X-23, Dante, and Wesker

Felicia, Akuma, and Wesker

Iron Man, Sentinel, and Wesker

As you can tell Wesker is my favorite character I own with him

So yea any suggestions for any good teams cause im not very good and I could use a little advice

and if you wanna play me send me a Private Message cause i dont like waving around my new PSN-ID but none of my friends have this game so I could use a few people to play with

So thats my blog for today ;)

Im whats up everybody!!

Yup i know its been awhile been busy but i decided that i should come back to gamespot more often ;) anywaysss this is gonna be a short blog but i intend to make my old long ones about games again this is just a quick one too see if anyone still cares about me haha. But anyways since the last time i was on here I have gotten plenty of new games but ill talk about them sooner or later im not gonna make a huge big list.

I know this is a boring blog but just wanted to see how everybodys doing and ill include a little gaming snippit in this blog haha

I have now gotten 4 platniums

3 for the Sly games in the Sly Collection

Great games never got around to playing them on the PS2 so glad it came out on PS3 so cant wait for the fourth one.

and i got the platnium for Infamous a couple of days ago

I freaking love this game and i know my last blog said i would make a Infamous review AND I WILL DO THAT :D just wait a second lol Ill try to do more reviews

Also for anyone that is my friend on PSN just discard me from your friends list i made a new one(yep all my trophies :/ but im already a higher level than i was before cause of the plats) My friends list was overcrowded from you guys and my real life friends so i made a new one

So yea thats about it look forward to me again :P

EDIT: Gamespot wont let me copy and paste images to my blog anymore........did they change something just wondering if so tell me how well thanks!

FFXIII is in "My Hands"

Yup this is the first game i have gotten on launch day since....................i think RE5(i think i might have gotten that a day later thru dont remember) so yea that just proves how much i couldnt wait for the game so yea......

I cannot wait too start playing and i gotta wait till after school tomorrow gotta do my schoolwork right now(education comes before fun unfortunely lol :P ) so i guess i gotta hold off for another day but let me say i cant wait to start playing this :D

Also update on my InFamous review i got about half of it done and was planning on finishing it by friday but i dont think that will happen now :P but i still hope i will finish it by this month and i will :D

So thats my blog for today!!!! :D

The winner of my next review is..........

I must say i was a bit suprised by the turnout i thought everyone would vote for Uncharted 2 but im kind of glad people voted for inFamous cause thats the one i wanted to review the most here was the final turn-out on the votes

Uncharted 2- 3
Resident Evil 5- 3
Infamous- 5

So yea my next review will be Infamous dont know when i will finish this review but it will be by the end of this month i promise that im starting it today so maybe ill finish it today who knows!!

What shoud I review!!

In light of my recent emblem i feel like writing another review so i want u all to pick the next game i can review. Just want to tell you that u probably wont see the final copy of this review for awhile i promise to finish it by the end of this month(busy as you all know)

So what do u want me to review out of these three games

Uncharted 2

Resident Evil 5



I wanna do well known games for my next review!!!

So VOTE!!!

Top 500 Reviewer Emblem+Other news

Yup i have always wanted one of these emblems and i got it!!!

Too be honest even thru i got it i feel kind of bad i havent written a review in months so i really dont feel like i deserve this but hey its awesome looking and i will eventually get back into reviewing i just dont have the time right now but i will come back

In other news the reason why i havent blogged in the awhile is time once again i just come here to check on unions and post in some of ur blogs but its really hard now-a-days but i will try to pop in more often and make more blogs

I got my 360 back and im currently playing Lost Odyssey its AMAZING!!!!! Freaking hard but amazingly fun this is the first Next-Gen RPG that really felt like Next-Gen to me and im loving it currently on disc 2

Well thats my blog for today

Horrible Week but good week at the same time!!!

Okay my week was horrible and good at the same time. You must be saying what the heck are you talking about that makes no sense well let me explain............My week was horrible gaming/technology wise but week was amazing social

Ok lets start off with the bad news

My week started off horrible with my 360 finally getting a RROD i always knew this was gonna happen sooner or later but it happened later.......and of course at the time where i had a bunch of new games for my 360 lol i always knew it was gonna happen so im not that bummed out yea i wont be able to play 360 for a month but hey i got a PS3 :P The worst part of this is that i got to play Mass Effect all over again you must be thinking why is that bad well it isnt i just really wanted my old mass effect guy to carry over

Then on tuesday my computer crashed i was using limewire and well it crashed. So thats why i havent been on at all this past week sorry about that just yesterday i finished fixing my internet and got anti virus again. But all my music and games on my PC is gone so that part i was MADDDDD. Lesson learnt dont use limewire

Then lets get to the good news

As u know i play a little football so its my senior year and i cant play next year for my highschool but i am being sort of a part time trainer/coach to help out the football team my high school is a great school so i hope it continues to be great football wise

Also this week has just been amazing social wise i cant say all the details but u can use ur imagination ;) lol

So well i think the goods out weighed the bads since i love my social life more then my gaming/technology life but sucks about my computer

Well thats my blog for today!!

InFamous Done!!!

Well i beat

on sunday and let me tell you i loved the game but i must say i was a bit disappointed.

Dont get me wrong i loved the game and will get the sequel(thanks to the ever more incresingly cliffhanger endings but i liked this one) But i did have a few complaints with the game which can easily be fixed in the sequel.

First of all the platforming was way to easy being a hardcore platformer that i am(i love platformers ever since Crash Bandicoot) I loved Infamous but i must say climbing was just to easy. I could just mash the X button and i would get on the roof easily even if there was nothing to grab on too. Another complaint was even thru i loved the good and evil thing it was just too black and white you couldnt find the path that was just incomplete and if u did u would be locked out from the most powerful powers(this was just a small complaint cause i usually always be either really good or really evil but i was spoiled a little by Mass Effect)

Another complaint was that the game was just too damn easy. I was playing on hard for a trophy and i was thinking to myself this will be a challenge but maybe it was just me the game was just too darn easy. The only hard part was Kesslar and once i figured his attack pattern out it was quite easy too. Maybe im just too good at these games(which i am lol)

All these complaints can be fixed in the next game except one.....................


Every superhero game needs a sidekick but im sorry Zeke was just.........................ANNOYING. I hated his guts i wished he would have died but sidekicks dont die of course. I dont know how they can make him a likeable character in the next game but they better because it really is my biggest complaint. I mean his jokes werent even funny and his character design made no sense it just looked dumb.

Now dont get me wrong Infamous isnt a bad game its a AWESOME game i just found it disappointing i went into the game with VERY HIGH expectations its still a great game i would give it a 8 and i will get the sequel so if u have a PS3 i recommend this game

Now i started replaying Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2(i rushed thru it the first time cause i was trying to finish it fast with my brother cause we thought it was going to be quite long so we missed out on alot of it maybe my opinion will change.........also i wanted the trophies lol)

Final Fantasy XIII International Trailer thoughts

Okay i would like to give my thoughts on my most anticipated game of 010 so i have embed the video below just in case you have not watched it yet


First off i would like to give my thoughts on the song which will be in the game if u didn't know yet. The song is called "My Hands" by Leona Lewis. Yes Leona Lewis for all you people that think they are hardcore and think its homo(cant say the other word lol) to like a chick song in my books is homo themselves. I'm a guy and i like Leona Lewis songs i got two of her songs on my ipod and ill probably add this song here soon. Just cause its a girly song doesnt make it bad i hate everyone hating the song just cause they are to afraid to admit that they like Leona Lewis(i know some people might not like her but still this shouldn't bring the whole game down like some people are saying.) I'm a jock i play sports all year round in my school but I like this song.

Another thing I'm hating is people think that putting this song is ruining the series of Final Fantasy. This doesn't ruin it this actually helps it. If you guys don't know it yet JRPG's do not have the same popularity as they used too in the PS1-PS2 Era, they are losing popularity in the US fast which is the biggest video game market. Adding a western artist as big as Leona Lewis will make more Americans take a look at this game thus increasing sales. So if you think this song was dumb its gonna help out the whole JRPG genre in whole

Okay i'm done talking about the song now its time to get to the real buisness the game itself. The whole trailer looks beautiful in my opinion the most good looking game of this generation. You must be saying to yourself what about Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2. Well those games are short you guys gotta remember this is a JRPG. This game will be GIGANTIC. It will have these graphics throughout the game thats crazy.

The gameplay although was only shown in the last few minutes looked awesome. It looks like they finally blended the right mix of Turn-Based and Action RPG gameplay. FFXII tried it but in my opinion they failed horribly lol. This looks like they did it right this time around this game just looks like its a blast to play but still provides the action and strategy of any other RPG

The cutscenes even through they did not really make any sense at all it still looked like Final Fantasy retained its mastery of storytelling which is no surprise to be honest. All the voice actors fit just right for the characters which is nothing new to the Final Fantasy series but i just had to point it out.

Final Verdict on the trailer: A+

Afterthoughts: I cannot wait for this game i already have a feeling this will be one of the best games of the decade and its great that its starting off the decade with a bang. I sense the revival of JRPG's coming and I cannot wait. This is a fun fact for you all and it also might give you some great thoughts and get rid of any bad feelings you have about the game.

The first Final Fantasy to start out the generation is usually the best for that generation the facts. Final Fantasy I was the first one for the NES it changed gaming itself. Final Fantasy VII is considered one of the best games of all time and last but not least Final Fantasy X was one of my personal favorites on the PS2 and really showed the power of gaming to its fullest at the time and was also considered to be one of the best games on the system. Now its Final Fantasy XIII's turn and i cannot wait.

What I got for the holidays!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! lol sorry i havent been here as much lately was busy during the holidays i was still on but not for long periods of time so without futher ado let me show you what i got for christmas!!!

First off let me say i got this many games cause basically my whole family was in texas lol

My girlfriend got this for me before christmas actually and i must say i freaking LOVED IT. Personally so far i think its my GOTY sure it has its flaws but its just soooooo fun to play. Loved the all the improvments and let me say this game came a long way from the last one. This is a must-buy people

Gamespots GOTY i dont get why it got GOTY but hey its still a great game. Ive only played this game for about 3 hours but let me tell you the first 3 hours i spent on the freaking first level lol. This game is that freaking HARD!!!!! This has got to be the most hardest frustrating games of all time but once you beat that boss at the end of the level the reward just felt amazing. Ill give you more in-depth impressions when i play more of this game

I beat this game already i know i have no trophies for the game on my PSN account but thats because my brothers PS3 didnt connect to the internet so yea i got no trophies ill get all of them sometime later. But let me say this THIS GAME IS BETTER THEN WATCHING ANY MOVIE. It never let up on the action sure i still think Assassins Creed is better but this game was not far behind. This game was just freaking beautiful but even thru i didnt improve much from the last game in terms of gameplay mecahnics its improved MUCH in terms of presentation its like your playing a movie

I actually wanted this for my PS3 because ive heard of all the techinical problems the 360 version has but who cares a game is a game i doubt its that bad. Havent played it yet so i cant give my opinion

I played the first few hours of the game(i got to the next part of the city) and let me say im liking the game alot but not as much as i thought i was so its a bit of a letdown so far. Dont get me wrong i still think its a AWESOME game but really it doesnt really do anything different it just feels like a way better version of Spider-Man 2. Hey ive only played a few hours so ill give you a in depth review when i truly start to play it

This is where most of my time has actually gone too to be quite honest. I disagree with all the reviews on this game im loving it. Sure its not the best JRPG but hey its still lots of fun. Gamespots biggest complaint of the game it was too many characters to micro manage there equipment but personally i love doing that type of stuff so it doesnt bother me so yes i do have fun messing with the menu screen for 10 minutes lol. The battle system is like any other Action RPG not to hard but still provides a healthy layer of challenge. Im about 6 hours in just escorted those unblessed people back to there town in the desert. I loved the mission system of the game where you divide your team up in 3 parties(yes theres that many characters lol) and each of them does a different task theres alot of stuff going on and it just feels like a warzone. So far im loving the game and im thinking its highly underrated so far. O yea my team for right now is Capell Eugene Edward and Sigmund

I already beat this game a few months ago so you already know what i think of this game and i loved it thats why instead of just borrowing it i actually bought it!!!

I havent played it yet so no comment.........

Once again would have rather gotten this for my PS3 since i actually have online for the PS3 but hey ive played just a tiny bit of this game but out of that tiny bit it was alot of fun. Im playing with my little brother so its alot better then playing online i think i personally hate using microphones lol i think i sound dumb cause i feel like im talking to myself. Sooner or later ill play more of this game

This was the letdown of all my gifts dont get me wrong i still enjoyed the game but really it was the worst in the series(X-Men Legends and the MUA series) First of all the game was SHORT!!!!! Sure i know you can play on the other side but i heard its basically the same mission with a litttle bit of differences. Second of all the story was just plain confusing to me and pretty dumb first of all and dont even get me started on the graphics which i thought looked pretty weird looking. This game was still alot of fun but this was a bad end for the series since i doubt there will be another one thanks too Disney buying up the Marvel rights.....................................

Havent played it yet so no comment.....................

Told you i would get this game lol but i havent played it yet i intend to play it after i beat Infinite Undiscovery so it will be awhile lol

O here are the games i borrowed from my bro like i gave him Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata but whats good about it is that i can always get my games back :D

Always wanted to play this series but never wanted to buy it lol but my bro had it so i borrowed it and let me tell you its HARD ive only played the second one so far but im only on the 5th chapter in DMC1 and im already having trouble but then again im hating the controls lol but so far im liking it

I have the third one and have beaten it loved the game so ive finally borrowed the first ones from my brother ill play them one day but dont expect that for awhile :D

Well thats it what did u think of my gifts u can tell me what you got and what you think of the games in general

Well thats my blog for today!!!