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In All Seriousness

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I was a little flippant in the last entry so just in case it isn't clear, I fully understand how completely messed up this is. It's as if Gamespot is trying to destroy their own credibility, trying to make people cancel their subscriptions, with how they're handling this. For the love of God apologize. And if you can't apologize, or don't feel you have to, put the situation out in the open. This policy bull crap about how we don't talk about former or current employee's hiring/firing status is a load of crap. Protecting his privacy? Then why can't Jeff talk about it? Cnet lawyers protecting him from himself?

I don't want to be a big drama queen and leave Gamespot, that's always a load of crap to me, "leaving" the site. It's the internet, you're not really going anywhere. But I'll be damned, Cnet sure is trying it's damndest to change my mind.

edit: And God dammit, do you even realize who you're firing? Greg Kasavin is gone, if he was still here I think Gamespot could weather this a little better (I'd like to think it never would have happened but what the hell do I know?), but now... I don't want to say this in an insulting way to the many editors left over who I've loved to read over the years. Brad Alex all them don't get me wrong I would grieve their leaving in a very real way especially under these circumstances but when you fire Jeff Gerstmann you're cutting off the goddamn head. I mean who the hell do we look to now? Who is the face of Gamespot? And how can we look at whoever takes Jeff's place without a sense of suspicion? If they can swallow their morals and take up his position in the wake of something so blatant as this, what the hell are we supposed to think?

Look on the bright side

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At least we know for sure that the Gamespot Kane and Lynch review is the unbiased truth. Just don't trust any more reviews, unless the reviewer gets fired for it. Instant review credibility.

I was thinking about doing a "How To Play Kane and Lynch" video a while back that would have consisted of an elaborate HTPK&L logo followed by "Don't." in block lettering but all the Anti-Kane and Lynch thunder is stolen now!

Damn iO should have just made another Hitman.

Not dead, just resting

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And not even really that. I just finished this video up, it's more Toribash (your favorite) but this time prettier, as Hampa (lead developer on the game) shot me a 3.0 beta copy with all the pretty new graphics. I've been a bit busy as of late but I'll come up with something to post on here again. Not to be a nag but Gamespot hasn't been too inspiring as of late.


Direct link to the good quality version of the video:

As Seen On Gamespot

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Props to whoever stuck me with that emblem. Nifty. Figure I'll take this blog to tell you guys that I'm gonna be doing some new 60 second game reviews, they'll just be tagged with Screwattack at the beginning. Expanding audience, away! I'll let you guys know when the stuff goes up (which shouldn't be too far away), and will more than likely still be posting them as user movies on here. First game is Bioshock.

HNTPH16 done so fast

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I can't believe how little time there was between 15 and 16. It feels like yesterday, and a few months. Chugging along at a blistering pace:


HNTPH Intro ala Manhunt

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To copy my description text:

With all the drama about Manhunt 2's release I went back and played the original and really dug it's vibe and intro, so I stole its spirit!


Intro to HNTPH16

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Don't you love how quick these intros come and how long the full movies takes. I know you do. Gamespot sort of screwed the syncing like it always does but I assure you in the real non-flash-****-encoded world, those white flashes are timed to the music! I also totally left "part 15" on there instead of 16, but I didn't feel like rerendering the video. You'd think I'd notice something like that.