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Video Game List

After picking up, borrowing and buying a few used and cheap games for my PS3, DS and PC I have finaly been able to make a list of videogames i play after what order I complete the games ive planned to play during summer and before. the games on my list are simply games that i have completed, in other terms games that I have recently been able to play from start to finish on a medium difficulty (If the option for difficulty is optional). seing how gaming is my favourite hobby I have decided to post the list here so that people can see the games I post and maybe share an opinion or give me some feedback on what games I should try to complete. The more chalenging the better! and I play any type of game, from FPS, RPG, hack and slash to pusszle, old school, new. here is the list. The list is not hardly all the games ive played and completed but a list over games I have completed over the last 6 months. Games that doesn't have "completed" behind them are games I have yet to finish.

- Silent hill 2 = completed

- Psychonauts = completed

- Condemned: Criminal Origins = completed

- Fire Emblem Reka No Ken = completed

- Portal 2 = completed

- Lord of the rings: War in the north = completed

- ICO = completed

- Shadow of the colossus = completed

- Diablo 3 = completed

- Dragons Dogma = completed

Games yet to complete and that i actually have at the moment:

- Stalker

- Stalker 2

- American Alice Mcgee

- Alice madness returns

- Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake eater

- MGS 2: Sons of Liberty

- MGS 3: Peace walker

- Heavy Rain

- Silent Hill 3

Getting a gaming pc!

finally decided to get a new pc in hope to be able to play diablo 3 and get back to wow with some friends. I feel that a gaming computer is my next step and i'm actually getting sick and tired of gaming on consoles. i want to be able to play longer rpgs with a complex combat system that also lets me play online om LAN with my friends. also want to try amnesia at 2 am in the middle of the night. alone. and perhaps record the experience just for the fun of it.

Long time since last Blog post...cause im lazzy.

it's been a long time since i really long time since i last blogged on my gamespot profile but ill write down my thoughts about the games ive played since last time and my new platinas :D.

After completing Dragon age i wanted a new game, i got the Lord of the rings game Conuest.

(Platina nr: 2 btw :P)

the game is very enjoyable when you got a friend to help you along, the split screen option makes the single player much easyer and more fun.The online feature is fun but can be very anoying if your trying to get the online trophies with a friend. me and my fellow Lord of the Rings fan friend managed to get the platinum trophy for the both of us in only a week. It was a fun game to play so we thouht that we just got to have the platinum trophy as well...if it's a game you like it's very satisfying to see 100% behing it.:P

next up was final fantasy XIII and boy was it BAD!... i was enormesly disappointed with this game. im mean it's an ok game, and if you look at it in a way its not bad, but i was expecting something like FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10 or FF12, and compared to them it sucked!

Oh, okey so the music wasen't all that bad, and the visuals were the best ive ever seen in the CGI ones. And the dialouge is sterile but ok. COMPARED TO ONE THING, VANILE! one exsample is the scene after an awsomme boss which is a character you have started to like and then all of a sudden you hear Vanile's nagging. the character Hope have some ups and downs but he's way better made than that chick!... The Afro dude is cool, lightning and Fang are som bad ass babes and golden hair man is O.K. Of course this is only my opinion about the characters.

the thing i think is so bad with this game is that it is short on story line and more focused on a painfull Grinding/farming mode. i spent less than 40 hours on the main storyline but after that it got dull.just go and fight monsters and making better weapons which needs a component that cost 2 million gil each... i would have bothered to do it if Titan, The biggest creature in the entire game could have been an extra boss butt nooooooo you get to play with his pets........

overall it's and ok game, but it fails as a follow up to the rest of the series.

(this is all my opinion, and i don't expect everyone else to feel the same :P)

My next game after this was Dante's inferno

(Platina nr 3 :P)

a fun game to play and it reminded me so extremly much about my favourit series of all time God Of war so i bothered to get the Platinum trophy and it was an easy one. the only painfull one to get was "Poetry in motion". to get 666 hits without having a combo break was harder than expected... getting all the relics was a little tedious but it went down the secound run.

As an artist i would proably scream like out in rage because it looks so much like God of War, but as a gamer i got content because it was a great warn up for God of War 3 :P

While waitning for God of War 3 i thought i wanted to go back to an old friend of mine: Bioshock

(Platina nr 4 :P)

The first 1 person shooter i bothered to compled :P... I love this game so much for the gameplay, sound and story so after completing the game 3 times: easy, normal and very hard i managed to get the platina thropy. The follow up Bioshock 2 did not catch me quite as much because of the dissapointnig story... getting all the tonics, diarys and completing bioshock without Vita chambers was hard but awsomme when i got the little ding sound on the top right on mu Led TV ^^. i hope that they make Bioshock 3 and not a movie because if they use teenage Hollywod actors i am going to cry, but if a desent produser is at hand then maybe ill love it, who knows...

But thank you for reading and i hope you found my point of view intresting:), and btw your Awsomme! :D

Dragon age Platium achivement :D!!! O happy day ^^

Dragon age Pic

Dragon age was my favourite game in 2009. This RPG game has a lot of great game mechanics that made it quite enjoyable. It took me four tries before I managed to get the Platinum achievement, after many, many hours with two warriors, 1 rouge and 1 mage, lots of tactics on how to approach the moral choices, and a frustrating quest to have sex with all the achievementable people…XD. The hardest Achievement for me to get on Dragon Quest was not silver or a gold achievement but a mere bronze one that I didn't get before my third try. The achievement was the single hit 250 damage achievement (heavy hitter) . I managed to get it by having the best weapon Starfang. What I regret about the way that I got the achievement was that I focused on strength and not willpower with my two handed berserker warrior. If I had known it would have been much easier to get the achievement because having Berserker ****on your warrior gets you the tier 4 talent Final blow which uses all of your remaining willpower on one attack.

The rest of the achievements were not hard to get but they took forever to achieve. Get a Rouge, Warrior and Mage to level 20. Have sex with the 4 sexable persons. Get all the 4 different endings Spoiler( By the way the endings are as follows: Get Logain to sacrifice himself, Get Alistair to sacrifice himself, Sacrifice yourself or have sex with Morrigan before the eve of battle. There are also two Gold achievements for sacrificing yourself and having sex with Morrigan before the eve of battle. Sacrificing Logain and Alistair does not appear as Achievements on the PS3 version of the game like in the PC version.

I Loved Dragon age and i will continue playing this great Bioware adventure when the awakening expansion comes ^^ Thx for reading and i hope my tips helped you :D Have a Wonderfull day :D!!!!!