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Farewell to GameSpot Unions... It was fun

Since unions will soon be gone with GameSpot's redesign, I would like to take the opportuinity to say goodbye and farewell to them. Over the past year and a half which is the only time I've been really active on GS, I've enjoyed posting in unions to talk with many of the users in them. I even started playing video games online with some of them, and that is something I did not do with anyone prior to becoming active here. My life also got better knowing I had communities like GS unions to go to, so they will definitely leave a void in me. I am recreating one union that I have leadership status at, and hopefully those of you who stayed active in it here at GS will migrate to the new forum. All of you who are in that union will be getting a telegram once I get everything set up there.

I still believe GS is making a mistake by getting rid of unions, but at least now the union leaders can host their communities somewhere where they can control their own destiny and not have to worry about it getting erased.

If I am active on GS after the redesign, I'll return to my pre-December 2011 status for sure, which means I will rarely post and possibly have a long time period of not posting at all.