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Race Discussion - Lowe's Motor Speedway

From now on, I think I will be opening a blog every Monday for a weekly discussion about the coming weekend's race. It can be pretty much anything related to the NASCAR Nextel Cup race. I am looking forward to the under-the-lights action this coming weekend, and races at Lowe's tend to get exciting so I am definitely getting the same about the event! I think Jimmie Johnson might be a contender for the win, but he's not one of my favorites. I'm hoping Jeff Burton can get a good run, as well as Bobby Labonte. They both ran real good in both of the Lowe's races last year. I'm also hoping for my favorite driver, Ward Burton to make the field! Does anyone else have any pole predictions or any other discussion about this event?

Level 14 / Might not be on too much

I recently hit Level 14! :D

It didn't really take me as long as some of you said it might, and it was a lot faster than getting to Level 13, that's for sure!

Also, I recently started school again so I might not be on as much. I'll mainly come here on the weekends whenever I have time, so if you'll be wondering where I went, I'll be concentrating on school! :)

One word describes our weather.....


Pretty much for the past month in my area, our weather has been at least in the 65-95 range each day during the afternoon and evening. And for the past two days, it has been hot as well as wet. It's been pouring down rain ever since yesterday afternoon. Those of you wondering where the rain went? It's down here in my area!

I know that the season is called Summer, but I have just been staying in the house lately because the temperature has been high. That's what you might as well do when it's so hot outside.

Also, here is a slight side note. Anyone visiting here who likes NASCAR knows that Qualifying from Michigan is tomorrow. Any predictions for the Pole sitter?

This is getting ridiculous / 100 friends

First of all, I would like to say that the bugs on are getting ridiculous! I had to go to GameSpot all day yesterday just to post blog comments, and I am still having to do the same right now. Most of you know something like this happens at least once a week or so, and I think it is just downright ridiculous. Every other site I visit combined aren't nearly as buggy as alone!

Also, I would like to say that I've reached a milestone. I now have 100 friends, and hopefully I'll have many more as time goes by. I'd like to thank you all for tracking me and being my friend!:)

Not much to do/The Glen

Lately has anyone else besides me felt that they've submitted everything and reviewed everything? That's what it seems like when you can't find anything to do on this site! I can't really find anything useful to submit at the moment, because I haven't really watched that much TV lately besides Speed Channel.

But on a side note, speaking of Speed Channel, The Glen is where this weekend's NASCAR Nextel Cup event will be! :) At least I'll have something to watch when that is on. :D

16 more days til I go back to school

Well, needless to say, Summer vacation has wound down in a hurry. Now I have to go back to school in 16 more days, which sucks but I'm glad because this is my last year of school! Then I can go to college next year, where all of the kids will be focused on studying instead of goofing around. I don't mind goofing around usually, but it gets annoying when other people do it when I'm trying to do my work.

Anyway, I do start school in 2 weeks and 2 days, but thank goodness it's my final year! :D

New month / Another new member

Well, this is my first blog post for the month of August. :) It's amazing how fast the year goes by. Seems like only a few months ago was when 2007 started. I guess that when you get older, the years go by faster because that's what it seems like in my case.

Also, another one of my friends in real life, Cathy, may be joining For those of you interested, I'll keep you all posted and I'll let you know when she joins.

XBox 360 or the Nintendo Wii?

Since the XBox 360 won the last round, it shall transfer to the second and final round of this video game system competition.

Which system do you prefer? The XBox 360 or the Wii?

My vote will be for the Wii.

PlayStation 3 or XBox 360?

I know this is probably one of the most poulated topics out there, but I want to see which one of these systems people favor the most. I don't yet own either game system,but I've wanted to get a PlayStation 3 once I have enough money to do so. It seems to have those sort of "next generation" graphics for their games.

The first vote will be mine, and it counts toward the PlayStation 3.