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20,000 Posts! / Level 40 / New Movie Purchases

Around this time last week, I hit 20,000 posts which is quite a milestone and a lot of people don't even stick around long enough to participate in enough conversations to hit that mark so I do consider it an honor that I made it this far. :)

I also reached Level 40 a while ago but I wanted to include other stuff in my blog as well, since I didn't just want to post about me leveling up. I'm currently 91% on this level though, so that means I am almost to Level 41, and I won't be posting another blog about my level until I get to Level 50 since I only post for milestones and not for every level-up.

I also bought two movies recently, one I have seen a few times but didn't own (Days of Thunder) and the other one I have never seen (Tomb Raider). Here's pics of the movies, and hopefully everyone has a great day. :)