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So guess what?

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I still don't have a 360! //shot

This is like, really depressing. I want this 360 before Halo 4 comes out, but seriously? I dont think mom's too keen on paying me :L


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It's nearing the end of the week. It's been two weeks since coming back from a vacational trip to another state; meaning I get my fortnightly allowance. It's $70, as I've said in my previous blog, but I have to choose between 2 things, and I need someone's opinion.

My first option is to buy an xbox 360 using my brother's and my money (We made an agreement). We have $50 to add to that too.

My second option is to buy Dark Souls - Limited edition for the PS3. (Also granting satisfaction that I bought the game therefor I have complete control of who plays it in the family. //likeaboss)

I don't know what I want more... complete controll of a good looking game, ultimately meaning waiting another 2 weeks to get a 360, or getting the 360 for my own convenience. Some would think it's a no-brainer, but I'm struggling to decide... -_-"

I now have a PS3! :D

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I didn't think I'd actually like them, but after a day I want to play more. We have MW3, but I won't play that because we've got Battlefield 3. I also got a new TV, and I got one of the wii's we have. (The one with the bad save files, my brother has the other one)

Soon I'll have a 360, because I get $70 a fortnight, and there's one for $189 at EB games. Which game should I get first? :D