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My Little Set-Up (January 2013)

My little college set-up. I know it's probably not good to have the PS3 on the 360 but it's so convienent! Wii is at home, hopefully getting a Wii U this summer. Vita is in the black pouch and 3DS isn't shown (in my pocket).


Facebook Connect Wouldn't Allow My Old Account To Log In

Hello everyone, so after a couple weeks of not being able to log in due to the Facebook Connect not working for me I decided to just make a new account the old fashioned way. I tried switching browsers to see if that was the problem, unfortunately it wouldn't work on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. If anyone has any knowledge of how to get the Facebook Connect to work or how I can log into my old account please let me know. I was the user NoirLamia. Thanks to all!