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My gut will always go with Spyro...for me those were my absolute favorite platformers...but out of this list...World takes it..finding all the secret levels and extra exits were a blast.

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I was amused throughout the entire article...Loved the New Tetris rant 

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Final Fantasy 1 comes to mind...


NES started it

PS1 was enhanced

GBA had a 2 games in one cartridge thing going on

PSP had gorgeous graphics

Iphone also had gorgeous graphics

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Earthbound....I mean...there is that one way, but I want the hard copy....=(

Super Aleste

and Pepsiman

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If the DS4 had a Touch SCREEN...I would say yes the chances for seemless integration becomes more of reality...a touch screen could help with menus and such and could provide some unique ideas such as maybe using the controller as the camera for Fatal Frame.


But as just a touchpad...ehh...not seeing how much it can improve the experience.

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I'm not sure what to think...

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You are so late it would be a waste of internet breath to welcome you in.Nengo_Flow


But seriously the amount of PS3 exclusives that you missed are staggering! 

Ratchet and Clank, Jak HD, Sly Cooper HD and 4, All-Stars Battle Royale, Resistance...I mean...jumping in almost should go to metacritic and look for the top ps3 games in one of those huge lists by either commercial or user score lol.

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I like the trophies and the leveling up type of thing on the PSN...but it isn't a something too important for me. Sure I'd rather have the game to have trophies, but I never go out of my trying to obtain one. I only get the ones that are following the storyline mostly unless I truly love the game.

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In Gran Turismo 5 I really don't know how to judge what makes one car better than another. From the beginning of the game when you enter A-Spec races the recommended cars are always shown by horsepower (HP) and perfromance points (PP). But seeing as HP doesn't necessarily make one car faster than another it's sort of a useless fact isn't it? And PP seems useless as well as a car can have lots of PP because it was tuned up from being a low-powered car. So how in the world do I know what kind of car I can use in a race?

It is frustrating that the game only tells you that HP and PP tell you what makes one car faster than another when cars can be tuned around to make those numbers meaningless. It's bad enough that in A-Spec I always end up either faster than everyone or slower but now online despite the fact that I pick a car with equal PP to everyone else I still end up with an extremely slow car. Because I don't know how to tune (something else the game is awfully quiet about along with drifting) I try to find stock cars with a lot of PP and bring them down. Unfortunately this doesn't seem t help any as all the cars seem to have far better top speed and acceleration.

This is pretty frustrating and I find it annoying that the game has no tutorials for anyone without a PhD in driving...


Definitely use GTPlanet...there will undoubtedly be multiple tunes for all the cars readily available...and plus...Taking a high powered car and nerfing it is usually the wrong way to do PP races...The best way I find is if you take a car that is about 30-50 under the mark and well tune it up. Those are the vehicles that usually do the best in PP. Once you get the hang of tuning and what kind of driving style you prefer it is pretty easy and standard through each drivetrain. I mean there are variances, but you'll get a base for each type of car to build off of once you do it enough.

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Oh Bonerfarts