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My Personal Top 15 Favorite pokemon

I find this topic to be pretty enjoyable. Since I have sunk only god knows hours into the series.

1. Lugia...The original controller of the ocean. This guy creates hurricanes just from flapping its wings...I mean jeeze.

2. Feraligatr...My first ever fully evolved pokemon. I started on Silver for the GB and chose Totodile as my first ever pokemon. My own personal bond for this pokemon will never break.

3. Umbreon...Favorite eevee evolution...I love his high defense...He is my favorite tank/stalling pokemon. Just use toxic and wait it out.

4. Charizard...The original Dragon...really everything has been said before from other yeah

5. Kabutops...a Rock bug thing that has scythes for arms? Count me in!

6. Typhlosion...Awww look at the cute furry rat...OUCH it fried my hand!...ok bad attempt at humor...It reminds me of a pet

7. Ninetails...When it comes to either the Arcanine exclusive vs. the Vulpix exclusive. I slightly favor the vulpix exclusive more. I don't know why...Foxes to me just seem cooler than a overly large dog.

8. Latios...favorite legendary from Ruby...and its typing is very effective

9. Weavile...favorite Ice type...looks very vicious and willing to slice through anything

10. Houndoom...Probably one of my most favorite type combinations (Dark/Fire)...Another menacing pokemon. Dark type in general would probably be my favorite.

11. Kingdra...A dragon than looks like it shows complete control. I'm game for it to be in my party.

12. Scizor...Bullet who doesn't like really powerful bug/steels?

13. Lucario...You were probably wondering when this was going to show up since its my avatar...I like the tribal design, but it is also one of my favorite Gen 4.

14. Zoroark...Ok I gotta admit being able to shape shift=win

15. Crobat...favorite flyer and I love poison even though it is a pretty useless typing in the games. Soooooo freaking fast.

Just missed my favorite cut in no particular order, 

Arcanine, Flareon, Espeon, Jolteon, Eevee, Vaporeon, Venasaur, Blastoise, Xatu, Skarmory, Celebi, Mew, Mewtwo, Aggron, Groudon, Rayquaza, Braviary, Pidgeot, Gengar

My Top Personal Favorite Games of All Time

Here is my completely biased...full blown nostalgia shades put on favorite games of all time. This is just something for fun and something I don't have to look at objectively.

1. Gran Turismo 5...Yeah it has its flaws that I can admit, but I love its accessibility for being a driving sim and for being a part of GTPlanet now for a couple of years I'm heavily involved in the online community aspect. So much fun.

2. Final Fantasy 1 more specifically the PS1 version...So simple yet so awesome. I love all the little easter eggs or references the game puts out. Feels like a pokemon type RPG, but not. If that makes sense.

3. Donkey Kong Country 1/2...Ehh both games are so short so I'm gonna combine them. Snes was my first game console. So expect to see some nostalgia shades here.

4. Borderlands 2...Great action RPG and I love the co-op aspect. Also it has a pretty good story along with good story telling mechanics. This shooter I put the most hours in only surpassing...

5. Borderlands...Another simple yet really intuitive Action RPG. I loved the exploration and the goofy sense of humor the games bring. Also I got the GOTY edition and I have to say for DLC Zombie Island of Dr Ned is the best DLC story out of any game I have ever played.

6. Final Fantasy X...Blitzeball, monster catching, aeon hunting, the chocobo minigames, Other World. Worth the 200+ Hours sunk into it.

7. Pokemon Soul Silver...I love the new Black and White mechanics...And I have played every generation of pokemon games, but Soul Silver so far is still my fave. Lugia is my favorite Legendary, Totodile is my favorite starter, then it also includes the Gen 3 and Gen 4 pokemon. Plus there are 16 freaking gyms. 16!

8. Spyro Year of the Dragon...Favorite 3d platformer of all time. Great humor, colorful environments, great main character, tight controls...all you can really ask for in a platformer.

9. Super Mario World...Soo many levels and hidden paths...

10. Medal of Honor Rising Sun...Quite possibly my favorite military shooter of all time. Good storytelling...tight controls...and it was one of my first games that I heavily got involved in multiplayer outings. (Thanks to its simple system and bots) 

11. Metroid Fusion...Love the atmosphere it puts out for a sidescrolling adventure.

12. Metroid Zero Mission...Love the mechanics and the remake. Metroid NES I would say is in my top 3 favorite NES games for sure.

13. Roller Coaster Tycoon...RTS Sim game for the PC made in 1998. Loved creating my own roller coasters and such. Good times seeing that random pedestrian vomit on the sidewalk

14. COD 4...Before it became over the top crazy...Cod was known for as being a fish at this point it's life. Simple yet intuitive online kept me playing for hours...its just too bad it is full of hackers now. Otherwise this could be higher.

15. Age of Empire 2 the Age of Kings...One of the few RTS gamse that I enjoy...I do not like the overly competitive environment or complexity that starcraft brings. I loved the simpler days when the objectives felt easier to manage. This, Submarine Titans, and Warzone 2100 are my only RTS games that I will play.

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