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The calm before the storm....

So it's been a while since the final moments of Witcher 2 , when I blurted..."That's It?".... But still it is a very satasfying story and a well designed journey into the world of Andrzej Sapkowski's books. I think Geralt is one of favorite additions to the world of video games and although I am a bit of a PC snob, it does sadden me a bit that many console gamers will miss out on these incredible RPG's. But I digress....I can only look back in fondess as I suffer from a condition called nevertwice..."Nevertwice" affects about 3 out of 5 gamers. The devistating effects are that once a gamer beats a game, they almost never have an interest in replaying it.(With the exception of Diablo 2 which I submitis not really over till hard mode because of the gear)....

So why am I ranting about this? Two words, Im bored. So many great games are coming soon and Im stuck looking backwards at games I may have missed. Is this the calm before the storm? Yeah, i cant stand waiting for something decentespecially when I actually have some money for once. The only prospect I see is the Shadow of the Damn but I'm not big on that genre and dishing out 50+ for a game like that is hard to justify in my mind. I am waiting for 11-11-11...of course you know what game(Elder Scrolls 5) I am also looking forward to Uncharted 3, Diablo 3(if it ever gets a date),Deus Ex 3 and a few others.... Until then I suppose I need to patiently wait out the calm before the storm.

Witcher 2, awesomeness...short but still...awesomeness!

Ok so I recently purchased and toughly obliterated Witcher 2 on my PC. Let me say a few things about this game, it IS AWESOME even with its issues. The awesome things first, Graphics, this game looks amazing at 1080p on my HDTV yeah that's right. I use my HDTV as my monitor so it was really akin to a console experience. I am using a GTX260 8 GB ram q66 quad core machine and I ran the game on its default "high" settings it never stuttered and played wonderfully. 2. The game FULLY supported my X360 controller which I have the wireless pc adapter for. Turning it on actually maps all the buttons and even the correct icons on the screen. Several games have this feature usually they are the ones that say Games For Windows on the box. 3. The game has some great voice work and I was really impressed by the a point. It really feels like the game should have had a separate balanced 3rd act and an ending with more that I mean Act 1 -15-20hrs- Act2 15-20 hrs, Act 3 15-20hrs then a conclusion Act4 6-8 Hrs. To me it seems like its missing a whole chunk, still to rate the game on that is foolishness. It's a stellar game and deserves the high marks it's been culling across the board. I oddly enough never beat Witcher one, but was much more captivated to plow through and finish the sequel. CD project has again wowed me. PC gaming will stay alive if more companies like this put out quality products.

Hopefully Skyrim will be a wonder game on PC. I have been put off a bit by the 360 coverage which seems to dominate the games images that are available because it makes me think they have dumbed the graphics down for it to be more console friendly. Hopefully it won't suffer the DA2 did, which I was happy with but. It was like eating a melting ice-cream out of a broken cone. At any rate with Diablo 3 on the horizon too it looks like my pc will be in need of an upgrade soon enough.

Happy gaming...NS-Out

The wurd . . Fallout New Vegas and Driod Games...

Hey all,

It's been a while so I think should do a short gaming update. Lot's of new things going on . New games and new platforms for yours truely to enjoy them on. Lets start with Fallout NV. Im not going to waste time spell checking so forgive the glitches people.

My PC rig (2.4ghz quad core q66 - 8gb ram- Nvidia 260gtx- asus board) .

Fallout NV- OK So I was a tad disappointed at the graphics but considering the size of the world and familiarity with Fallout 3 It's fine. I LOVED fallout 3 and was only disappionted by the level cap at 20. I can see where obsidian tried to improve and some of those improvements , so far, are very much welcome. The AI controlled partner is a HUGE help and its great to have a pack mule. I recently switched to Raul and his cynical comments are just plain great. I play in Hardcore mode and find it more of a nuicance than a real difficulty booster. Im about 45 hours in or so and I still have not gotten into New Vegas so I think its a tad too early for a reviw, but Ill post one later.

Let me say this. Glitches, crashes and crap are mega frustrating here. I have it for PC (as any self-respecting gamer should) and although Im glad its on steam, this game has been publicly beta tested on everyone. Now its better and many of the issues are fixed, but it does crash every 6 or 7 hours I would say. Save often. Oh and it's NOT your card... theres just some issue with the engine, I get the best results by pulling sliders down by 3 or so each and setting it to max settings then changing the Resolution to 720p and the AA to 2x with 10 or so samples of as filtering.

Also I wanted to add- I played Fallout 3 with the mouse and keyboard- But for some reason I find the 360 controls work AWESOME on this game It maps them automatically and Its MUCH more responsive and smooth playing with the 360 controlls. The glitches in frame reate etc are not an issue with it. Odd I never thought I would preffer a controller on a game like this.


Ok so I finally got witht the rest of the world and bought a smart phone. It's an HTC Droid incredible from Verizon. WOW, I am a mac guy and let me just say......WOW. This phone is amazing, It does everything. But since this is a gaming site let me mention a few games that are just awesome on this thing.

#1. Zenonia- This is a RPG sorta like Zelda LTtP and It's the best one I have played on phone. I-Phone users will be familiar with this and almost everything else becuase obviously driod is a behind a tad in the games dept.

#2. Raging Thunder 2 is a 3d Car racing games with awesome graphics. You use the phones acceleraometer to drive by tilting the phone. Great 3d game really shows off the awesomeness of the phone.

#3. Crusade of Destiny is a 3d action RPG very generic but a nice looking game mostly just a grindfest though.

#4. Angry Bird - A puzzle type action game- in the vein of worms or patapon. Its a great time killer.

#5. Pocket Legends-BETA- Ok so Im not a MMO fan , but this a reat game its a fairly fleshed out MMO that features what you have probably come to expect. Allout of grinding still...not too shaby...

--Oh and emulation- I have to try this but there are GBA emultors like GVBA .

Well thats absout it. I just wanted to give you all an update. Im still debating the purchase of AC@ Brotherhood. I still have to beat NV though I think.

Peas out-


The Lionhead, The Dish and Pre-order woes...

Well I am still working oN FF9 as I mentioned previous and Im still also trying to beat Peace Walker...well the "real" ending i mean...

So today while at gamestop, I decided to try and pre-order Fable 3 for PC......

*I got rid of the xbox360 a while back, no point in owning a Ps3 a super gaming PC and an X360 ...since the only exclusives are basicially Halo-not a fan- and fable 2 which i put like 90hrs into, oh and Lost Oddesy was dope- but otherwise nothing else I really care about....

Anyways after being shown the collectors edition,the clerk who is an awesome and super cute girl(total dish) I like btw....told me it wasnt out on PC. and like the stoopid gamer guy I am....*kicks self*-ouch!--- I got all defensive and was like " Yes it is? Maybe your system is wrong..."---note to self, dont make an ass out of self because gamestops computer system is wrong....SO evidently its not even in thier system for PC.....

Maybe microsoft is just trying to lure in PC gamers only to crush them at the last second as a ploy to improve console sales?....or maybe gamestops computer database person just took at nap at work......

only time will tell.....

Peacewalker, Pirates and Fantasy OH MY!

OK so as I mentioned last time.I bought a new PSP bundle with Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker. This is a PSP3000 not a PSP Go, thk god.However brighter colors aside I prefer the 2000 and here is why.Something to do with the technology of the new screen causes what looks interlacing lines when action moves across horizontally.Is it a big deal?No but it's pretty dang irritating none the less.

(Mild Spoiler)

OK lets talk about MGS Peacewalker. My one word review is _>WOW! After pouring my life into MGS4 I thought my need for stealth action gameplay had been quelled.I thought wrong. This is an AMAZING title, the story is as confusing and convoluted as the other games but it feels more genuine this time.After beating the 4th Chapter I am so happy to find that there is still a whole lot of game left. I mean seriously this is a great value, I have already played at least 50 + hours and still have like 30 something extra ops and I dont even have a head for Metal Gear Zeke yet. My only complaint is the controls, moving the camera is a fundamental requirement so I have to awkwardly use my left index finger on the D-pad. This is more of the PSP designs fault that the game, so I dont blame the MGS team.

Also PSN recently re-released FF9 and I have a horrible confession to make...I never played played it. WHAT !!You say!BLASPHEMY you cry! Well here's the rub, I owned it once and got all the way to the first forest. At the time I was struggling to pay bills so i sold it. I downloaded it and installed it on my new PSP and I am so glad that Im going back and playing this game again, it's really a great RPG and I know ,shame on me, a Final Fantasy veteran to have neglected it in the past.

I should also mention I took a break from that for a while to sail the high seas with a Lucas Arts classic reborn. You guessed it, Guybrush Threepwood mighty pirate is back 2010 in the REMAKE of Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge.I had never played the sequel and I found it light and enjoyable, some of the puzzle were just too obtuse though. I didnt want to cheat, but I after an hour or so of frustration I found myself looking up solutions online 3 or 4 times. The new version looks great in HD and switching back to classic mode really shows the games age. This is the titles only major issue, its an old game and updates aside it still plays like one. I do like the control updates and I was able to play this on my PS3 with relative ease. A decent adventure game, I still prefer the original though and I hope to see more of the series new incarnate-Tales of Monkey Island in the future....

Demon's Souls

Hey all,

So I have been hooked on DS for about a month now. Now here is the thing. I love this game and I very often hate this game too. here is the love hate breakdown in numbers -

Love- Graphics- Atmosphere- Animation- Gameplay- Innovative Design-My Meat Cleaver-My Lava Bow- co-op play-Beating a Demon-The fact that such an incredible game exists-Finding new secrets, weapons ,armor and simply playing the game.

Hate- When another player PVP kills me if it is actually MY fault-Running out of arrows-Accidentally falling off a cliff-Killing an NPC by mistake(and yes it really was a mistake)-Dying and losing oogles of souls because I was being a dumby-The whole level that looks like a septic tank- Those annoying flying manta ray things- Blackdemons invading at the WORST time and the fact that I am not getting enough sleep becuase I keep wanting to try for one more boss etc.....

----I absolutley love DEMONS SOULS:P but sometimes I really hate it!---:twisted:

I almost got so peeved I wanted to throw my controller against the wall......this game will at some point cause you to lose your temper, but I guarantee you will still love it. ----kinda like that ex-girlfriend that pushes your buttons but you still want to make out with her.....--


So many games

Wow, so many games have come out that i have been having to schedule my play time. It's hard in the summer becuase i work 4 ten hour shifts and after work i do wushu- so i get 1 hours tops. The problem is forget i have 1 hour to play , I play for 2 or 3 then i get no sleep and feel like dog dookie.

Pre ordered Metal Gear PSP bundle

SO I broke down pre-ordered a new Metal Gear PSP bundle for the June launch of Peacewalker...I cant help it....Snake is in my blood. I told myself no more handhelds...but with the release of this and Valkyria Chronicles as was an excercise in futility...So I have plenty of time to enjoy FF13.....haters and all...I dont get why so many people are hung up on the linear thing...really......

No one complained about how linear the new GOD OF WAR 3 is...did THAT hurt its review score?.....HMMMM>?>>>>>>>>> me thinks not.


Why is the lineraity of a game such a big deal? Are we too stupid in 2010 to recognize a masterpiece of interactive fiction simply becuase we want to play in a old rpg style that only existed becuase the technology wasnt there to do it like this????.....really people...dont be Gerbils....

Ive been...

Well it's been a while since my last blog and I am really bored. Idon'teven have a 360 anymore actually. I have really beefy PC and PS3 oh..and I also have aDSi. I figure all the games I want to play forXboxI can just get a PC version of anyways and since I still have a 360 controller I can actually play with thatandit works pretty well.


Recently I have been playing DS allot. I just got
"Scribblenaughts"but after a few days the novelty wears off. I cant wait for Nostalgia and Fighting Fantasy...both look great and eventually Sega's Sands of Destruction if that ever hits US shores. I FINALLY beat BlackSigiland was disappoint allot by the ending...But When I say the that the credits werebasically5 people I really wanted to tip my hat...I mean all things considered, glitches aside it reminded me of the big budget games of my childhood, like Final fantasy 3 orPhantasyStar 4 etc.... So really hats off...It's not for everyone though.

PS3--- OK as far as that beast goes...I recently OBLITHERATED the new Batman Game...I
Reallyliked it has some minor gripes fromcontrolsto camera angles to just plain enemy AI at times...but all in all a TOP NOTCH I traded that in and just now......I know its UNCHARTED and again WOW I H8 ted the demo...really Ididn'tlike it... But the actual game hooked me...I am a film student as you may know and I felt like this was one of the mostvisceralcinematic games i have ever played...Thegraphicswere still great --textures were awesome--I love the unique animations of Drake and the DESERT EAGLE...isDABOMB! --My friend says its like a summer blockbuster and Id agree that it is the video gameequivalent...a bitcampybut in a good way.--Needless to say Ipre-orderedpart 2. Oh and I also got WORMS off the PS no that kind...the worms the game....IT'ssuch a great funmulti playergame that makes an awesome party game and you can play online too...problem is I cant find any challengers online very often

PC- Well i figured it was it was time to
revisit"TheWitcher" when the directors cut patch came out...and boy..I am so glad I did..This game is really such a gem....mature-complex-witty--violent--and very cinematic...Yes it's an RPG but to me its more like a "swordsmanguysim" because the world is so greatly detailed and rich. It has a pulse...thanks to the fact that it comes from some amazing Polish books that until recently were not available here.. ...I just hope theydon'tbutcher it when it releases on consoles..

Oh and finally I have also been playing the
episodic-"Tales of Monkey Island"---I love puzzle games...goodstory and jokes...this is the ultimate combination... can be frustrating...yes...but I can blow throw a new episode in a few hours and it's really just plain fun.. Well that's my thank all 1 of you for reading --and remember--


Fable 2 ruining lives and not sleeping

Well, I got a copy of Fable 2 on launch night and traded in Dead space...which I liked...allot.

I discovered that glitched as it is it really grows on you. OK so let me get the issues out first. The x360 sounds like it's gonna die 80% of the time while the game is running for some reason, may just be mine but seriously that thing is loud. OK I know that's not really a glitch.

OK here we go-the menus have a lag while they this a big deal....not really but it is annoying when want to just make a quick menu selection. There are some graphical glitches like when you are asked to look at the spire for the first time...Looks like the bottom is missing entirely, it's not til later you realize its supposed to be sticking up out of the sea.

numerous hick ups etc....but let me say, I was able to over look that stuff rather easily. I think if the did a PC version like Lost Chapters, these could be address and make the game truly flawless. It's also great that game lets pick a gender and even a sexual preference, heck you can even gender bend if want---you'll get some weird comments if you do.

I'm so complete immersed at this point that with my EVIL character who likes to redecorate the house of the people shes about to slaughter after they pay her rent.....Yeah really the game gives you a TON of ways to enjoy the world of Albion.

I started good but then I remembered that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.I am having a hard time sleeping lately and have a feeling that not only am I ruining lives in the game I may be ruining my own as well. I really need to put this thing down.