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Weirdness in forum posts...

Does anyone else notice that when they try to post a reply in the Gamespot forums that sometimes it says: "HTML not well formed" even if you don't put any HTML in it? Also.. as I'm writing this my text is going off the page and I can't see what I'm writing. :lol:

I know that Gamespot is linked with GameFaqs.. maybe that's it? How disenchanting..

On a more pleasing side note, does anyone have an N4G account? One of my articles got published there but apparently needs to be "approved".. your supposrt would be greatly appreciated! Comments are cool too, I love hearing from you guys. :oops:

With l0ve,


Gamespot Suspended me. ='(

Lil' old me was suspended for a great long while from Gamespot because I supposedly used the word retard in a derogatory fashion. (I was calling myself one).

..and because I absolutely despise censorship of any kind, I decided to hide in the inner sanctums of my blog and my Youtube where I can say almost anything.

..except I can't show nipples on Youtube. But really, why would I want to.

Sorry, I digress..

Gamespot is finally letting me log in now, but until I become non-pissed at the whole situation I shall continue my blog and videos elsewhere and stalk all you lovely non-suspended folk from afar. Keep up the good work guys, I really enjoy reading all of your stuff!


~ Nixie

Your character has become encumbered!

  • Watching a 6 hour marathon of Dexter last night until 5 am = not a good idea
  • Getting up two hours after that = another bad idea

On top of that, I have nothing packed for my leaving tomorrow to head to the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas, though my lack of getting ready should in no way implicate lack of my excitement. :P

They're going to let me try out Resident Evil 5 on projection monitors that will be shown on the Las Vegas Strip.. *giggles* .. I shall keep you guys posted on that.

100 levels of meh.

Sorry I haven't been updating this, apparently when you have your own blog you tend to want to update other areas less and less. :oops:

I also haven't been playing nearly as many games as I'd like.. perhaps because I've been working almost nonstop with the hope that I will be able to purchase a PS3 on my modest salary.

.. too bad it's too cold here to sell lemonade, I'll do almost anything to get that rig before Heavy Rain comes out.

Good Old Games - Better When Free!

Hi guys, Good Old Games ( have been a favorite of mine since they started, offering classics which have been updated to Windows XP/Vista for a nominal fee. Through them I purchased Fallout I and have loved every minute of it.

They recently released two new (old) games for free. It is worth taking a look as it costs you nothing. Have fun! 8-)

Check out for more info, or go here:

Gears of War 2 Skit in The Making

So I dropped a line with a friend on Xbox live about the movie I'm cooking up in my brain for GOW2. Now, with most collabrative things.. it usually takes forever for both parties for them to decide they actually want to go through with it-- so most likely it doesn't get done, or it takes ages to come into fruition.

Well... 4 hours (no joke) after I sent him the script, he replied with 5 video clips that I can use! I'm so excited. I actually feel like a bit of a slack-ass, truth be told.. because I haven't finished my own video clips!

Wish me luck you guys..

Smashing the Procrastination Monster, one distraction at a time..

~ Nix

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