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Taking over wow addon

It has been a while since I've posted here. I just recently took over development of a popular wow addon for mists of pandaria. It was called IoTRares. I've added support for Timeless Isle and renamed it to MoPRares. I'm still waiting for the new project name approval as well as the zip download for the new release. I've been using it on Timeless Isle and it works perfectly.

MOBA Guide to Social Interaction

Here is a guide for moba style games. Like if you see the truth to this. :) I took this from Chatcon's irc channel where I believe it was quoted from another source online. Minor modifications by me.

  1. If you're doing [poorly], yell at your team.
  2. If someone is new, report [him or her] for sucking.
  3. If you keep getting caught out of position, ask "Where's my team?!" Or "Why didn't you follow?!" 
  4. If your team is doing [well], find whoever is doing the worst on your team and insult [him or her]. 
  5. If you're the worst on the team, find the person doing just a bit better than you and act like [he or she] is throwing the game.

That about sums up my experience in moba games but I have seen this type of behavior in shooters and mmorpgs battlegrounds. It is a shame really, that the anonymity provided by the internet breeds such hate-filled bullying.



Ca-caw, ca-caw!!

You know you work for a great company when you hear someone shout "ca-caw ca-caw" and it echoes around the office not less than ten times.

IRC revisited

After many years being away from IRC, internet relay chat, I decided to join a small private network dedicated to a special interest group. Internet Relay Chat like any other internet based communication medium, lacks the benefit of subtle and not so subtle emotional reactions manifested in the form of facial expressions, twitches, eye movements, hand jestures, and so forth. Anything "spoken" on the internet, unless explained in legalese, will be misunderstood. Everything written has a hidden agenda, implications that should be defended by the intended audience. The use of sarcasm and cynicism is the common method to relay thoughts and therefore the assumption is everyone must be like that.

IRC is no different. A simple comment like "I don't do this" or "I don't eat that" made in a conversation will be assumed to be a criticism for the other participants. The best way to approach the situation is to create a disclaimer upon entering a channel: 

"Disclaimer: I am a nice guy and it has been said that I 'do not have a mean bone in [my] body.' What I say will most undoubtedly be taken the wrong way. My motivations are less complex than is usually assumed and are more my own musings as I look inward in search of ways to make people laugh. I also love irony and while I may make witty comments to lighten the mood, I will not judge others for their beliefs, unless I think those beliefs are wrong <- example of my dry wit and poor execution. If I share anything about myself, it is only because I am a social creature. It is not meant to be an example of how 'others should be.'"

Humans are defensive creatures by nature, so my hope is that disclaimers like this will put people at ease.

Folding Union is alive!

Yes! After much waiting and many tickets, messages, posts, and a poll, the Union leadership has been transfered to yours truly. I had already been handed the folding team. I have updated the information on both. I will do my best to keep them updated and keep interest in the union and folding in general. Woot!

Overclocked my XFX 7970

Yes, I finally overclocked my video card. I downloaded msi afterburner and move the sliders from 925MHz to 1125Mhz and the memory from 1375 to 1575MHz. I put the power limit to +20% and enabled the custom fan speed control. The card is running stable. I believe my folding@home client will yield positive results ^.^ but the games I play aren't very taxing, so I don't really see a noticable performance boost.

Sheesh Riot, What gives?

I just played a game of league where I won 2 points for doing exceptional and winning the match. I played a follow-up game and lost 20 points for losing. What on earth is Riot thinking? I was stunned when I saw it. This new system of being locked into a bracket for losing a single game is very disturbing. I have to admit, they have me perplexed with this patch.

Pager duty

I find I am having to force myself to think clearly, to collect my thoughts and stay on task. Why must it be so laborious? It is as if I am scraping at the depths of my very being for the strength and motivation to finish another long day of work while on pager duty. I would give anything to be freed of these chains. Alas, I am bound by honor to respond to critical alerts during ungodly hours of the night, hours at which even grave robbers would scoff. My survival hinges upon the number of power naps and the insane amount of B12 I take. The sun approaches the horizon and its shadows creep upon me, mocking me, reminding me of the anxiety-induced dreams with which my subconscious mind curses me in the night. I will soon head home, where I prepare for the evening, anticpating another restless night, anxiously awaiting the end of the week and the end of pager duty.

Blogs hidden

Well, it would seem that I either locked down my account at one point or blogs are hidden to the public by default. Either way, I figured it out and fixed it. Now my silly musings can be viewed by the world for great justice!

Default game is a dark road

League of Legends has become my default game when I don't feel like playing anything else. Many of the exceptional solo players have moved on to DOTA2, leaving behind a solo player base mostly consisting of socially inept raging trolls. I am not a strong carry and usually only good when the team is working well together, has not fed the opponents, and has not trolled me to frustration or anger. In fact, I usually end up filling the support role because the other players fight over the top and middle lanes and I'm the only willing filler. Support can only do so much and the meta game requires a good damage dealer to get strong enough to carry the team to victory. When most games end up as a loss because one or two players keep rushing in to die, I ask myself why I continue down this dark road. Why is league so fascinating to me? Beyond stumbling upon the rare player worthy of +honor, I never can seem to find a good answer to that question. I must be like the fly drawn to the bug zapper. "I can't help it. It's so beautiful... bzzzt!"