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Game of the Year Nominees

Hey Everyone! :D

It's the end of the year again and that means people are picking their game of the year. I will announce the winner in my next blog. Keep in mind these are only games i have played, games i have not played will not be in the list and these are all games i enjoyed very much. Here are the nominees in no particular order. Feel free to guess the winner! :D

Uncharted 3

Batman: Arkham City

Dead Space 2

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

L.A. Noire

Portal 2

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception: Beta Impressions

So on Tuesday, the Uncharted 3 Beta came out and i have been playing it a lot since then so I would just like to share my impressions and experiences about the Beta so far.

During Day 1 of the beta I was so excited to play that I just sat bye my PS3 till 2:00 PM, getting myself ready. Once the beta was released, i had to wait another hour for it to download so i just went and got something to eat. :P

To my dissapointment, when i downloaded the beta on day 1, it had multiple connection and freezing issues do the beta was basically unplayable the day it came out. I did get a few games in but only when I was the host. I was pretty dissapointed, but had faith that Naughty Dog would fix the problems by tomorrow.

On Day 2 of the Beta, the connection issues were fixed mostly thanks to an update. During my time with the beta, i had a lot of fun with it. You could pick your own character and customize him the way you want from a very limited option. I was Sully in a Pink shirt. :P You nowhad a perk system that returned from uncharted 2 but is more like Call of Duty now since you get 3 boosters and each can only be used in there group. You can now finally choose a loadout so now everyone doesn't just start out with the AK, but there was only 3 weapons and the Ak was the best in my opnion. :P You also got to choose a auto-pistol if you wanted it.

So the first mode i tried was Team Deathmatch and it was on a map can Airstrip which is in the picture shown above. You start of either on a moving plane or in trucks driving next to the plane. What was awesome about this was that you can jump from truck to truck and get onto the plane, and they're all moving! I was so amazed by this that i just keep jumping from truck to truck until i fell off, :lol: Around 5 minutes or so, you transition from the pane sequence to the actual map which was pretty cool.When you win or lose a match, you get a funny cutscene with your characters either being defeated or bragging, which i thought was funny.

After playing some TDM, i decided to play some free for all. It was pretty fun. I seriously played like 5 matches, and i did not lose once. :D I was pretty proud of myself since i haven't play UC2 in a while. When i was done with that, I decided to play some co-op. I played with my buddies from the Naughty Dog collective, brickdoctorand dapman418. The co-op mode had the same maps, which was a little disspointing. There was also a cool new system where the mode switch after each round that i liked a lot. One round you could be playing seige then the next you would be playing gold rush. But the best new feature of Uncharted 3 has to be the "High-five" system. The high-five system is when you stand next to your buddy and you can high five or fist bump them. You can also do it on TDM when you get an assist kill with your buddy. I love it. :D

So overall I loved the Uncharted 3 Beta so far and plan on playing more of it tonight. But before i go, I want to show you guys this cool fanmade Deadpool tralier that I found that is actually really good! Enjoy and catch you later! :D

Fan-made Deadpool Tralier

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Demo Impressions

Yep, it's another Impressions Blog. :P

I was very excited to try the Force Unleashed 2 since the first Force Unleashed was one of the best titles of 2008, and when I heard the demo was released, i rushed to my Playstation to download it.

When i first started the demo i noticed that the cutscene graphics look much better then the first, and more polished then the first too. The controls were basically the same as the first, which is a good thing. The gameplay felt very good, and fluint. It was really cool to see stormtroopers limbs flying off this time around.

After a quick combat training session, there was a free falling section that was pretty neat. It was cool to see how big the cloning facility really is, but i'm sure everyone just mashed the O button while they were falling.

Stormtroppers... they can't handle Starkiller.

I also noticed that Starkiller felt a little heavier to control, like in a God of War game. I personally think this is a great adition because it makes platforming much easier and no more zipping into bad camera angles. I really like the 2 lightsaber weilding ability Starkiller has now, but i hope you can change **** in the game. That would make my day.

The in-game graphics were very nicely done. I loved the setting of Kaminio and the cloning factory. I am a pretty big Star Wars fan so just about any Star Wars setting in HD will make me happy.

The demo was pretty short, about only a half an hour, but it showed enough in the demo to make me want to buy it. The thing i am most interested in the Force Unleashed 2 is the Story. Not a lot of details have been put out there, so i can't wait to see how it unfolds.

The force gets unleashed for a second time, but now with 2 sabers.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this impressions blog! you should all try out the demo, it's great and i recommend it to all! Thanks for reading! :D

Playstation Move Impressions: HD Motion Gaming

So about a week ago, I got my hands on a little thing called the Playstation Move. Maybe you heard of it? Well i picked up the Move bundle that comes with The motion controller, the Playstation Eye and a copy of Sports Champions. I also picked up a navigation controller and Heavy rain since it is the only good game with move support right now.

That is one nice looking piece of Hardware.

So When i first took the motion controller out of the box, i first noticed that it felt very good it the hand. But i can't say the same for the navigation controller since it felt very weird and awkward. I wish they choose more of a nunchuck design for it.

The first game i tried for the move was Sports Champions and let me say this game can be very fun with some friends. it has many cups and trophies so there is a lot of replay value, but i really lost interest in the game after an hour of play. The calibration was a tad off to, but nothing that really ruined my experience.

They could have come up with a better name.....

The final game I played with the move was heavy rain. I never got to pick up Heavy Rain in the past and since it was the best game with move support out right now, i said why not. The first think i noticed was that the calibration was much better in this game then Sports Champions. The game ran very smoothly and i really like the movements you had to do. The only problem I had was that in intense sequences, like fighting Troy, the motions got very confusing and i found myself having to think for a minute before acting. But overall i think the motion controls work well with Heavy Rain and i can't wait to play some more.

The rain is very heavy...

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my impressions. tell me what you think about the move in the comments. I would love to hear other peoples opinions on it. Thanks for reading!

Well Look Who's Back...

Yep, do you guys remember me? :P

After a long time away from Gamespot, i am finally starting to get back on PERMANENTLY. I don't know what i was thinking when i stopped going on this site, i had a lot of great friends, but now I'm back! :D

A main reason i haven't been on for a while is because i just moved, and i had to get that all figured out. But I'm glad to be back on and i also plan on posting in some unions once again so if you know any good ones, I'll join! :)

I may have neglected Gamespot, but not gaming. I just recently got the Ratchet and Clank, A Crack in Time platinum, and i am currently playing (and loving) Mafia 2. I am also playing some world at war, getting ready for Black OPS. :P

So how have you guys been? Play any great games? seen any good movies? I'd love to hear about them! also, what do you guys think of my new theme? It's Scott Pilgrim if you didn't know, but how could you not right? :P

Well that wraps about everything i had to say up. You will defiantly be seeing me around Gamespot. Now i will leave you with a great picture. :P Later guys! :D

Need GOW 3 and Top 10 list coming soon!

Hello everyone! 8)

Anyone get God of war 3 today? If you did, i envy you. I spent all my gaming money on Final Fantasy XIII (which is awesome) so i couldn't get it on release day.:( I just wish they gave games out for free you know? :P but i will be getting it soon! :D Kratos will just have to wait.......

In other news, I am going to make a top 10 list soon. I will say what it will be on Thursday and have the first 2 entries ready! So be looking forward to that ;) See you guys later! :D

2 more Days!!! and Uncharted 2 Platinum

Hey everyone 8)

In 2 days, my most anticipated game of 2010 will be coming out. Yep, and that game is, of course, Final Fantasy XIII.

I am so excited, i just can't wait! I have been waiting for this game forever and i can't believe it is almost here. Are any of you guys planning on getting Final Fantasy XIII on release day? I am happy to say that this game will keep me busy for a while. :)

And in other news, I have finally got something that i have been meaning to get for a while now but was to darn lazy...

Yes, that is the Uncharted 2 Platinum trophy. After finding the last 20 pesky treasures i needed i finally got it. Some of them were really hard to find. Leave it to Naughty Dog to make those treasures so hard to find, and when you have to shoot most of them down, it doesn't help much :P

Well, hope you all have a a great week. Happy Gaming! :D

Why so Serious???

Hello Ladies and Gents.

How do you like the new theme? I made it myself and i happen to really like it. :) I am having trouble making a banner though, so if anyone has any good banner making skills it would be awesome if you could make me one and any feedback is welcome. :)

In other news i am really pump for a game that is right around the corner. And that game is.....

Yes, i have been following this game since it was first announced, and now it is almost here :)

What games are you guys excited for in the near future?