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Me and my Wii (Pics)

Well, i finally got my Wii!

I was going to explain how i went to town and got it easily - but that's boring:P Here's some pics instead!
*** Warning - if you don't like acne-stricken teens - GO AWAY!:P***

Me and my Wii:

Ah, look how happy i look :D

Me and Wii Sports:

Due to money issues, this is the only game i got with my Wii (obviously:P) though i'll be getting Zelda on the 22nd;)

The Sensor Bar:

No real reason for this pic - just thought it should be included!:P

My Wii (Horizontally):

Lol, it's on top of my TV in my living room:P

My Wii (Vertically):

Lol, same thing as above!:P

Me with the past and current-generation Nintendo Controllers:

The Gamecube controller and the Wiimote

Yeah baby - strike a pose!

Yep, 100% geek, me! ;):P

and just for kicks and giggles -

My Zelda Triforce sweatband:

Well, that's it! Feel free to comment and stuff!

Getting my Wii on Friday - but no games until the 22nd :(

Yep, that's right - i'm getting the Wii on it's own on Friday. Why no games for 2 weeks? Money issues :P

Oh well, two weeks until Zelda then!
I'm sure Wii Sports, the Mii's , my cube games and the fact that i'm doing Kingdom Hearts 2 (2nd time through, on Proud mode;) ) should hold me over until then:)

Please leave messages of comfort!:):P

I'm thinking of drawing a comic, based on System wars (ideas needed!) :P

By System Wars, i mean the forum, and the people who frequent it . Yeah, sad i know - but there's too many bizarre and fascinating individuals to pass up an oppurtunity like this :P Now, as for my drawing abililty, i'm, well - let's just say i'm CRAP :cry: But i shall try my best.

I need some ideas, and some characters too, like Yoo_Foo for example, i already have a character design for him, i'll try and scan it as soon as i can :P

I think i'll call the first issue "System Wars Episode 1: Evil behind an Emo Mask" :lol:

Ahh, i'm so sad:P Please reply - i need ideas!

Creation of the Ultimate Fanboy (Creative Writing - with pics!)

Before i start, let me just say that i wrote this as a satirical view on fanboys, and gaming history/norms and values in general. And as such, it's not meant to be taken seriously! :P
Hope you enjoy, i might do another if i get some good comments;)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Shortly after the fifth console wars, after the fall of Nintendo and the rise of Sony, a great rise in the population of fanboys occurred.
This was mainly due to the casual nature of the PS1 - it allowed for the little boys and girls who were self-conscious about their image (and who wanted to play good games at the same time) to play a console which was not seen as "geeky" or "kiddy". It was during this time that both Sony and Nintendo each began work on the U.F.P (Ultimate Fanboy Project) - for Nintendo had lost a fair amount of its fanbase, and needed to regain the fans that it had lost. Sony, however, merely wanted to continue where it had left off - to continue it's winning streak and to take in more people who would become loyal to the Playstation brand.

Nintendo soon after released the Gamecube, and Sony the Playstation 2. Microsoft entered the sixth console wars with the Xbox, and Sega (who was struggling greatly at this time) released the Dreamcast.

Sega would soon fall - for the hype of the PS2 would shroud the arrival of the Dreamcast in darkness - only the fans of Sega would adopt this new platform...and it soon began to fade, until it was dead.

Flash forward a few years later. Nintendo are struggling in this sixth war, and Sony are dominating. Microsoft release their second console, the Xbox 360 - the first of the seventh generation consoles.

The winner of the sixth wars was the Playstation 2 - it's mass of excellent third-party games put Nintendo and Microsoft in the shade. Nintendo needed to get back on its feet (in a big way) and so it released the Nintendo DS (and Sony, the PSP) . Again, Nintendo and Sony seemed to be on even footing, until Nintendo released the DS Lite - which went on to swarm the PSP in sales.

E3 2006: Nintendo's seventh generation console (the Wii) dominates. Lines to try it go hundreds deep, and Nintendo officialy "wins" E3, with Sony presenting a lackluster showing.
Nintendo promises a world-wide release for the Wii before the end of 2006, as does Sony for the PS3.

Flash forward a few months more. Just as it seems that Sony can do no wrong, the release of the PS3 in Europe gets pushed back until March 2007.

Sony continues to make mistake after mistake over the next few weeks, although its loyal fanbase continues to ignore these things, protesting that the other fanboys are blind.

Sony's plans on the U.F.P now come to fruition - they have created the Ultimate fanboy. They remove the brain of their unsuspecting fanboys, placing them in cold, metal suits. The remaining bodies are destroyed, as Sony needs only the brain of a fanboy, and the power of the almighty Cell chip.

With this, Sony are sure that they will once again dominate the console wars. Do not be afraid if you encounter these particular fanboys, just do one thing, and one thing only - RUN!


After a 3 day suspension - i'm back!

Hello to all my friends, just to let you know that i'm back!
The reason i was suspended? For calling someone, get this, an idiot. That's right, i know - it's filthy, vile language, right?:roll:
Who did i call an idiot? Well, if you were in the particular thread where i said it, you would know ;)

Anyhoo, i'll see you all later in the forums! :D
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