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Level 65 and 100,000 Gamerscore

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I have hit both milestones at the same time which is great.

It has taken around 18 months to level up so it should be a bit easier in the near future.

The 100,000 GS has been my target when i got my 360 late 2008 and i wanted to get it before the next Xbox came out.

Level 64

by on

It has been a while but i have levelled up. I will be looking to hit the next level sometime during 2013.

Ornament Scavenger Hunt

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CLUE #1 : Van Nguyen

CLUE #2 : Jody Robinson

CLUE #3 : Guy Cocker

CLUE #4 : Matthew Gravish

CLUE #5 : Chris Watters

CLUE #6 : Kevin VanOrd

CLUE #7 : Aaron Sampson

CLUE #8 : Alex Sassoon Coby

CLUE #9 : Wernher Goff

CLUE #10 : Jan Heir

CLUE #11 : Randolph Ramsay

CLUE #12 : Andrew Park

CLUE #13 : Mark Walton

CLUE #14 : Justin Calvert

CLUE #15 : Sophia Tong

CLUE #16 : Kurtis Seid

CLUE #17 : Giancarlo Varanini

CLUE #18 : Justin Porter

CLUE #19 : Ryan MacDonald

CLUE #20 : Tyler Winegarner

CLUE #21 : Maxwell McGee

CLUE #22 : James Kozanecki

CLUE #23 : Frank Adams

CLUE #24 : Sarju Shah

CLUE #25 : Shaun McInnis

CLUE #26 : Ricardo Torres

CLUE #27 : Tom Magrino

CLUE #28 : Dan Chiappini

CLUE #29 : Homer Rabara

CLUE #30 : Takeshi Hiraoka

CLUE #31 : Tor Thorsen

CLUE #32 : Jim Maybury

CLUE #33 : Carolyn Petit

CLUE #34 : Tom McShea

CLUE #35 : Dan Mihoerck

CLUE #36 : Jane Douglas

CLUE #37 : Brendan Sinclair

CLUE #38 : Laura Parker

Level 63

by on

I have now got to the the first of the dreaded levels, so the next level up blog won't occur for quite some time.

Level 62

by on

This is the final level until the dreadfully slow levels which i expect to be stuck on for a couple of years.

Level 61

by on

Only a couple of levels to go until things get really slow. This level will be a bit quicker so that is good.

Level 60

by on

I have hit the big landmark (it will be many years until i hit Level 70 with the current system, no one has legitamately hit the mark yet on GS, in fact less than 10 people havehit Level 65 at the moment). I am still aiming to hit level 63 by the end of the year.

Level 59

by on

I will be hitting the level 60 landmarklater this month though GS still does not reward emblems (or achievements as they call it) for hitting each10 levellandmarks.

Level 58

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Its another slow level like Level 56 (all of them are from now on except Level 59). Its nice that you only spend a day on Level 57 so i didn't bother putting up an entry for it.

Level 56

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As i mentioned not long ago, level 55 was an easy one. Starting at Level 44 this year, i have gone up 12 levels but next year will be slower with level 63 and level 64 taking atleast 1 year EACH (expect to be in them in all of 2011 and 2012 respectively).