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Bye Gamespot

Way to make me hate this site in less than 30 seconds.

Rage Against the CNET :D

See you all later. GS will be pretty bare with everyone leaving. Do it for Jeff. Get out of this place.

Talk about LUCKY

Okay, so Sunday I got my Xbox 360 Elite.

My X360 Premium sadly broke, however I was able to get a refund for my bundle that I bought from Costco that was over $500.

So when I bought my Elite I actually saved a bit of money! That is the good news.


Now for the BETTER news.

My father's bosses Xbox 360 got the lights of death. He has invested a lot of money in his system with games, HD DVD, ect.  He decided he didn't want to deal with Microsoft anymore and gave me and my bro ALL of his Xbox stuff, incl the console!


Well the even better part, the Red Lights code was for HDD failure! So nothing is wrong with the console short of the Hard Drive! I'll buy me a 20 GB and then BAM! two Xbox 360s!


Talk about awesomeness, eh? 

Amazing Site - Treasure Trooper

Thanks to a GameSpot member I am now apart of Treasure Trooper.

Its an offer site where offers raing from 40 cents to 50 dollars.
At the end of the month they will send me a check of my earnings.

If you would like to sign up please use my referal link to earn me commision.
Still too good to be true?
Check out the chatroom or their wonderful forum!


2/3/2007 --Recieved my DS-Xtreme!

For those of you who don't know what a DS-Xteme (DS-X)
~~ ~~
The DS-X (DS-Xtreme) is a revolutionary storage, homebrew and media player flash cart compatible with all DS Lite and original DS consoles.
Basically its a flashcart that is one of the most easiest to use.
~~                                                                                     ~~  

Thanks to the global product makers you can actually read the site in real English!
These guys make new firmwire often. I pluged my DS-X in my PC and updated the firmwire, and it is now alot faster and has a whole new OS skin.
It has 512MB of storage but is sadly not expandable.
It plays Apps, Games (and movies if you use a separate app)

Not yet, something funky is going on with the HTML

So, I've been playig alot of Ouendan
It is before Elite Beat Agents. Made by iNiS the makers of EBA. I have to say it is just as saticifing.


1/26/2007 --First real entry

I am really trying to get back into gaming again and not waste the whole life on the ol' MySpace.

So I am starting off with plenty of Gears Of War and Xbox Live Arcade games like Uno, Poker, and Heavy Weapon.
I find that GamerScore really keeps me going. It actually makes the games fun. I unlocked all of the Uno achivements and now am aiming towards UMK3, Poker, or Heavy Weapon achivements.

I've also been playing Sam & Max Episodes and I have to say they are fantastic. I started Ep1 last night and finished it without even taking a break. Although some parts are just plain impossible or you are missing something, so I did use a walkthrough every once and a while. But anyway, I am definatly not the one who beats games. The last game I beat was Gears of War which is quite an easy game. But with Sam and Max, they make it so that is is easy enough to get through in just a few hours. Then, the next month you get another episode, unlike HL2 :?.

I hope you all like the new main banner and blog banner I made. It was really nothing... just a simple five minute thing. But, it pays the bills :D.

Also, I uploaded my first video. :)

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