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I can't even post here anymore...

It's just too depressing. Every time I type Gamespot into my address bar, I remember and expect and endeavor only negativity. Today may or may not be an indicator of this, but OT is (as cliche as it sounds) becoming a cesspool of one person after another complaining about everyone else's musical taste, spreading news about the latest obscene arrest or bizarre death stories, declaring every view on religion or politics inferior and detrimental to the nature of human advancement, or whining about petty personal problems. Now I must admit, even I'm guilty of this. It's only human to express our lack of hope and anxiety in hope of seeking guidance, but I can't handle reading over and over about how everyone hates their life and has no will to do anything about it. There isn't one example of success stemming from *****ing and complaining and arguing. Can't you want anything more out of life? There are limitless opportunities abound you right now and you're best guess on how to reach one is by sitting in front of a computer and conversing with your peers about figuring it all out when in reality little action is required at all to get started. Ultimately all of us; every single one of us at one point in our life -either during our joining of Gamespot or far before that point- was a gamer. Some still participate in the gaming community and some are long retired, but we've all shared the same experience once before. That's what draws us all here together. And that is of course nothing to be ashamed of, because at first that was our solitary intention: to grow into one of the wealthiest communities for video gaming in electronic history. But does it give us an excuse to migrate our way to OT, and reject the real world for the expectation of a perfect vision of reality? No, but now OT is the first stop on a one way street dedicated to resolving personal issues that should be of no matter to a stranger thousands of miles away who has his own lifelong journey to experience. What happened to the value of being outside and exploring for the sake of seeing the world? What happened to the value of being everyone's friend despite our differences in culture and intellect? OT's only care now is deciding how to pass obstacles in our near or distant futures until we reach them without a clear vision of operation. You're all so ahead of yourselves that you've forgotten what's important to you today and what you really need right now. The answer to overcoming a problem is to cease you're fear of it, but most people would rather taste fear and seek words of comfort from other people than accept the truth and reality of life. The truth and reality that states there will always be people richer than you, more attractive than you, stronger than you, and smarter than you. The truth and reality that some people practice a different religion, speak a different language, work in different places, and live a different way than you do is too much to handle and embrace. But why? Now I can't accuse all of you of being a part of this petty system, but I hope my message can be interpreted by each of you and that you in some way learn something that can be applicable to another stem of your life. Maybe this topic isn't really necessary, but the past eight or so days have been my happiest in almost half a year now as I've been reunited with my friends thanks to the initiation of school once again for my junior year. I've learned that obstacles and imperfections in life are not dents to be complained about or ashamed of, but that they are opportunities to learn , challenge yourself, and make life more exciting by the day, and I'm afraid most of you OT dwellers, my peers, and even my friends don't even see these obstacles as such the yourselves.

Why do old people have such great stories???

I met one of my distant uncles (who I rarely meet) today. I already thought he was a fascinating guy. He's a WWII veteran, who was shot twice and (obviously) survived both of them. He earned a medal of some sort, and now has a statue of himself in the local war memorial stadium. Today though, I also learned that he was a large antique junkie. He owned the sixth largest private collection of antiques when he collected them. He eventually sold it all, and when he did, the truckers removed six thousand pounds of material from his attic. He put about 17,000 dollars of money into collecting all of it, and sold it for 100,000 bucks.

Did you learn anything fascinating like that today?

I Made The Best Deal Ever...(First blog in 4 Months!)

I'v always loved music. A lot. It was my ambition to turn my 1978 turntable into a large speaker system. I instead found myself a much better deal. Around a month ago I got a turntable and receiver plus two albums for a great price off of some homeless guy in an alley. Check it out here.

Currently looking for on Vinyl: Some more Black Sabbath and Celtic Frost, Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come, Church of Misery - Houses of the Unholy, Them Crooked Vultures [Self Titled], and Klabautamann - Merkur.

I would already have Houses in my hands, but after trying to order it (I had 50 dollars set aside.) I learned that after the 18 Euros had been combined with shipping costs, and converted into dollars, that I was about a buck 21 short. :( So I just have to add a few dollars to my Paypal and I'm all set.


I can't find out where the download for the GreyCStoration plugin for gimp is. I've found the official website, butn I have no clue what to download.