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If you ever want to see your GS account again...

...Respond or face erasure. You have 3 days. First off, hello to everyone I haven't seen in so f*Ukign long! I only have 65 PM's? I recently contacted GS customer service about Destiny_Guy sabotaging my account. Well, I guess he wasn't suspended, I heard he was still lurking the Kirby 5 Star union forums. I CRAVE JUSTICE! Anyway, here are the summaries of the emails, starting with their first response: GameSpot: If you do not respond within 72 hours, we will assume you don't exist. I was surprised to find the account was never verified... There is 1 word used for the names, addresses and email address of the account. If you can give me this word, I can grant you access to the account. PlanarStar: One word? If I had to guess, I'd say... Lobster. GameSpot: "WE HAVE A WINNER!" Lobsters, evil henchman of DG! He also went so far as to destroy the U key on my keyboard to impede my progress. Curse you, DG! Does your hatred know no bounds?! At any rate, I've recovered my account and I'm very happy to be back! HELLO EVERYOBODY!! It really goes without saying but here it is anyway. HUZZAH!!! P.S. Have you never met PlanarStar? [Correct answer: no. If you said, "Yes" please contact your brain doctorz] Consider it this way: If me and DG are the black and white of a Yin Yang, PS is the faded, anti-aliased gray line between us. He's the mediator, but will never appear on GS except in times of great peril. If you see him here, know the situation has grown dire indeed.

I do not exist!

As of now, this account does not exist. Heck, I'd give a password to it. No, I'm DG now. Yay, life is simple again with 2 unions and all that... Anyway, if you care, I'll be DG from now on.

It is official!

Nobody on Gamespot plays magic! Technically, there are 2 magic unions, but uh... Well, they're deader than... something that's really dead. This is bugging me. I know it's about video games but a game is a game and people should appreciate that. And I have nothing better to spend money on.

Forget it

I'm not gonna even run TMDU anymore... I know I keep changing my mind. I don't have the energy to run a union with such an abstract subject.

Losses a few days ago. 3 wins straight?!?! Game 4. Apparently, there's a guy named BonerBoy on my team. Not only is that an awful username but it also turns out he only plays to fck his teammates. To be fair, the other team killed him first though. Added to the imaginary wall of shame. I won the game after this, and then lost 4 games in a row. Ow.

I hate Brawl

[Note: Original title was "Brawl sucks" but "sucks" is apparently censored. Whatever.] A title like this is bound to get people. I finally got to play Brawl!!! Funny story about it but nobody really cares about that. Instead, I'm gonna list some things I didn't like because of course that's easier than listing things I did like :P So the first things you notice when you fire up brawl are 1. The ugly white background 2. The inferior music and 3. The announcer-voice thingy sounds like crap. Seriously, I couldn't STAND it! After that you'll pick from a list of characters that doesn't actually feel that much bigger, and an annoying low-quality voice will cme out of your controller. That's when you notice the controls suck. The basics are about the same but the jump button is unnaturally located and hard to use and I don't even know HOW to grab. Then there's the scores, showing the fighters in front of an ugly blank background. Now let's talk characters. I tried Meta Knight. hated 'em, but liked dedede and pkmn trainer. Don't know why they didn't just use Squirtle, bulbasaur and charmander though but don't really care. I didn't get to play that long (and it was kinda boring anway, it still felt too much like melee) so those are the only chracters I tried. No! I did Olimar too but I couldn't play him fast enough against 3 opponents :P This is not the brawl I was hoping for at ALL! Maybe it'd be better with gamecube controllers... Now all I have to do is wait for the angry mob.

Yoshi's Island DS

I just got it yesterday. You might play as a colorful dinosaur with a baby on your back in a world that looks like a crayon drawing, but this game is HARD.


Illegal Danish 2: Escape from Orgrimmar is OUT! Well, it's 3 if you count Zinwrath: The Movie. I don't know why they don't count that. Anyway, Myndflame put it on Youtube in 3 parts! (Geez, it must be even longer than Super Snacks...) I don't know how long it's been there, I only noticed it yesterday. (of course the better version is at Now I'm gonna go watch it :D [EDIT]: I just finished it. It was pretty awesome, but not as long as I thought it would be. They explain what the Illegal Danish actually is, they even got Mario and Zelda references in, which was completely unexpected.