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ben cousins

Anyone who follows football will know him. That and everybodyt who doesn't ... in Australia. It's all you hear about at the moment.

He was delisted because he was a drug cheat. So, he gets rehabbed and he wants to return, no one wants him yet all we here about is Ben Cousin's and where he might wind up. Tuesday is the final day for drafting; Cousin's won't be drafted and then we will hear more and more about it.

He's a drug cheat

He's 31.

His best football years are behind him.


No one wants him.

So, it's time we were spared the daily Cousin's updates.

It's so damn hot ... milk was a bad choice

Why does summer have to be so incredibly hot?

Hate it. Can't even drink milk because it's a bad choice in this weather. Ugh.

In that movie, Sunshine, they freak out over that damn sun being burnt out, I wish it would be. It's annoying!

Southland, here I come!

I'm bored

I'm only writing this out of boredom.

How about two cent stamps? Pizza pie is pretty hot these days; can't open pickle jars; no mail on sunday.

Sooo ... I'm bored. I have nothing to do. Yesterday we had cricket and we won via reverse outright.That means we lost to first innings, sent the other team back in and then bowled them out again, then beat their score in the remaining overs. It's probably the best win I've been apart off. But, to dampen the victory, I've hurt my back and yeah I can't sit up without going 'ouch' and that sucks just a little.

Gaming wise ... Currently playing Fallout 3. I love that game aswell except I can't make my mind up; good or evil. Plus, I keep starting again and the other day, accidently deleted my file and I'd completed about seven missions in the time. Quite frustrating when you think about it. But, I still love the game, despite it's little glitches. They are hell annoying.

I've got a few other games to play; Dead Space. I've had it for 2 weeks and have barely played it because Fallout 3 has consumed me. Then I have Ninja Gaiden 2 which I wanted to get rid off but I've been stuck with and promised myself I'd get around too eventually and I just lent Metal Gear Solid 4 from some kid with a bad haircut.

So, that's all for me. Peace.

Saw ... The never ending franchise.

Is it just me or is anyone else getting a tincy bit bored with these movies ... I think it's about time we put this one trick pony out to stud. Yes, I sole that from a news reporter on the Simpsons. Sue me.

Srsly. The fifth one was just released and while it wasn't a bad movie, it was in my eyes pretty much pointless. Essentially, Saw V was nothing but a few explanations, that were lame at best with Hoffman apparently being Jigsaw's apprentice since birth. Oh, and it had some lame wad five person trap, five characters that not many people would care about, though the three girls were quite hot and one of the guys looked like Leopn Borisov, but that's not a good thing. Besides that; I was snoozing.

AND to top it all off ... AGENT STRAHM IS DEAD! Now, I appreciate a bad ass death scene as much as the next horror lover, and as cool as Strahms death scene was, it totally wasn't cool that they decided to kill off their only worthy protoganist left. In my eyes; the series should have been killed off after maybe three movies.

But, it's gullible fans like me that keep this story going, considering the past two movies have had pretty unimagitinative (sp?) games, butI am still there, paying my dole money to watch it.

Guess what? Leigh Whannell just released a new movie called 'Dying Breed' and because it has Leigh Whannell in it, I am going to give it a chance, because he produces Saw and Saw is such a guilty pleasure.

Long live Special Agent Peter Strahm. Mark Hoffman is NOT a fly on jigsaw's hand.


The country I live in!

Australia sucks!

As a long time Silent Hill fan, I have been waiting for the next installment for some time. Origins was terrible, and I barely consider that a SH game, and off course I was pretty happy to see that a new SH game was on it's way for Octoberff course; that never eventuated. Why? Because Australia decided to ban it.

In fact, it's happened alot, Australia having some bogus rating system that sees us constantly cop the sharp end of the stick.We always get watered down games. Yet, they don't see a problem with Dead Space; A pretty gory game which hasn't been watered down. Fallout 3 aswell. Drug Referances etc. Swearing, everything they complained SH5 had and couldn't be released her for.

So, because I live in Australia, I have to miss out on a game that I want to play, eventhough I'm 21 and quite capable of decided what games I play and don't play. This means I have to pay extra to order the game from another country - Costing more money since the pathetic ustralian dollar is down. Ha!


Australia sucks.