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Dynasty Warriors 4.... :)

My brother got me this game a couple of days ago so we can have something els to play that was two players and wasnt called Guitar Hero. Dont get me wrong I like Guitar Hero but it kinda gets old if thats the only game you have. But anyways we were lookin for a good ten dollar game and we came to a decision of Dynasty Warriors... Or Power Rangers. Power Rangers was only one player so we got Dynasty Warriors lol. It's an okay game. It's a good time flyer, one level takes me about fourty minutes to complete. And yeah its one of those games that is button mashing and the character only does one move over and over again. But its okay when your playing co-op. But the one player mode OH MY GOSH!!! Never in my life have I plaied a game that pissed me off more. I mean God of War gets me goin on God mode but this game.... !!!!!!!. I didnt know how to block untill the third level and still yet I can only block the person that is straight ahead of me. Not slightly to the right or left. But they have to be dead on so I can block. And the difficulty jump... WOW! Each level is rated on difficulty by little flames. I think ten flames being the hardest, to one being the easiest. I started out with two flames and it was easy, but then it jumped up to three flames and OMG I CAN NOT PASS IT WITH MY LIFE!!!! I think the computers finally grew Einstines brain and disabled my blocking (Even though it dont really work anyway).I was going to throw my controller at the kitties face but it was dead across the street. jk But this game is IMPOSSIBLE! Or I just suck. Its probably I just suck. I can get further on God mode slowly but surely and I can beat Cliffs of Dover on guitar hero and get five stars on the controller but I cant efin pass this level. Well enough of me female doggin I got to go to sleep. I have nothing to do tomorrow, again. Nite ya'll

Resident Evil 4's Mercenaries

Yeah, I'm ganna rant about that part of the game. Me and my friend are playing it, and looked for advice from gamespot... ALL BULL!! They say that Wesker is the person to rack up points-OH NO! I think personally he is the worst. I can score Higher points with leon using his Frekin knife than using Weskers Magnum (Not Really), but thats what it seems like. And they say that Hunk is supposto be the worst, I scored the highest score on the Game than anyone... Even Krouzer (However the F*$% you spell his name). And the Zombie-Things with the Crossbows... ANOYING!!! I want to take the controller and throw it at a kitties face! I think its almost impossible to get Five Stars on ALL the LEVELS, with ALL the CHARACTERS! Whoever can do it... Please move out of your moms house and get a life! I mean I still live with my mom but holy crap I cant even get 25 thou with leon on the village level. I guess I just suck. But yeah, Ada's pretty good lookin.

All Nighter!!

I'm a manager of an Arcade in Central Oregon and we are ganna pull off a All nighter BBQ! Well acctually were goin untill 1am but its literaly all night. But we plan on having a Grill goin makin Burgs and Dogs, served with Chips of choice (Lays Regular, Santitas with Salsa, Lays BBQ, and Sunchips Regular... Well we had sunchips untill someone got hungry.) and we have Safeway Brand soada lol it was the cheapest we could find. We are ganna get a projector to alluminate the entire wall of our building and were ganna have guitar hero goin on and Call of Duty 4 goin on too. And I'M in charge of everything I guess. I hate workin with these lazy people but I guess I'm ganna have to show my Workin skillz lol make my boss give me a raise :lol: . Well I was on here and was being board as ever.

too long...

Its been a while but not too long. I lost my PSP and have a PS2 and XBOX. I'm only playing one game. Hopin to get a new concel so I can get Call Of Duty 4. I play that with my friends and that is a KICK ASS GAME!! I like it over halo. Halo had its moment but but now I dont think its as amazing as it used to be. The second halo killed it for me. My friends also have Guitar Hero and that game and my friend Alex inspired me to try and learn the guitar. Its hard but it all pays off in the end. Well I have to head back to work so I'll post something up later

Aww man...

Its been a very long time sence I've been on here. Sorry about that lol, I dont like the way they changed it around, I think its too complicated for me lol. Well alot has changed sence the last I've been on here, I dont really have anymore games after we got jacked. I have a PSP and the only game I got for it is Monster Hunter 2. Well I'll probably post something up later, its getting late. Well goodnight to all of you

Football isnt as bad as I thought it was going to be...

I'm in football now, its pretty fun. I thought it was going to be stupid and retarded, but its fun, but it takes out alot of my time though... Daily Doubles are next week, and if you dont know what those are its when you practice 2 times in one day. Our practice is from 4pm to 9pm every day next week, except Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we have practice from 8am 9am. I'm really looking forward to football this year.

I was tazzed this morning...

Yup, We were messing around with a Tazzer, it was funny, seeing other peoples reactions from the Tazzer, Then my cousin Donald tazzed me in the leg, it hurt, well not really it just burned. It hurts when I press down on the spot where he tazzed me. It was funny. Well I got a new mic! Its cool I guess. Well I got to go See ya'll later!

I never thought I could but I can!

I thought I could never break dance, but I can... A little, I'm learning still. I KNOW how to do the Turtle Walk, the Windmill, That thing where they make a L in the air, Foot Work, Moonwalk, C Walk, And I know a little how to dance Like Napolean. Its eaiser than I thought it would be, but its hard if your not fit, like me... But anyways I saw that new movie "Skeleton Key" Thats a very trippy movie, you have to see it, I'm not going to spoil it for people who want to watch it, but its a good movie. I got to get going, I';m goin to a friends house, see ya'll later!

I need your guy's/girl's help...

I'm doing a presentation on Meth. I have it started but I'm going to make it gory, so the kids will remember the images if they do it. Can you guys give me links to a good web site for Meth. I really would appreciate it, just PM it to me or post it in the COMMENT. Thanks alot!

She stressed me out so bad that-

She stressed me out so bad (My auntie) that I am starting to grow greay hair already! That gets me mad! I cant wait till I'm 18, and I'm out of there, with my computer! So she can get ahold of it! I know she wants it. It runs so good, better than her crappy computers! "My computer is cleaner than yours." Puft* yeah right, look at those things you download that are *Trusted! My butt! She made me download those things, "If your not going to then I'll just take internet away. I dont want my computers to be infected!" Yours?! What the heck do you mean yours?! I bought this with my own money! and I was there when it was getting worked on! I should just, wait. I already did. I hacked into her MSN account and turned off all of our Internet monitoring things, so she cant see what were doing now. HA HA!! I can delete all of her E-Mail, have viruses on her account! Sweet revenge! But I cant do it now, I'm a christian. I'm not supposto be doing these things. I wish I could. But I will and God is forgiving isnt he? Oh wait, he said in the bible to leave the Revenge to him, I hope he gives her something bad.


I'm stuck on Zelda Minished caps, I'm stuck at the part where there are bombs on the side (LAST LEVEL) I dont know what to do there, Am I supposto hit it and carry it? I tried that and it didnt work. Help..