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Resurrection 'nd High Definition

I'll let my video blog do the talking:


Here are some images:

My 360, Wii, and region free DVD player (important for my imported dbz dvds :D):

Wii, 360, DVD Player

My new HDTV:

My baby =D

I think I'll leave it at that, the RE5 Gut Reaction'll have to wait ;)

Cya! ;)


the 360 is mine...

And please apologise me if I won't be updating very much the coming days.

Tomorrow I'll join xbox live gold, so I'll be able to play with some people who've been wanting me to drop a friends request.

I'm still getting accustomed to how the 360 works, but my first impression is that it's well on it's way to make me leave the Nintendo camp (nah just kiddin', I'll still be playing the Wii ;)). Also, since I've never bothered reading how the 360 works, I am just overwhelmedby how much the machine has to offer. God, all those demos on the Marketplace, begging to be checked out :p.

My brother and I managed to beat Halo 3 on easy Co-op (we're not hardcore) and my bro's reaction was: "This thing was worth every penny we spent on it". Truer words have never been spoken. We love it, we really do.

So once more: I'll be spending more time playing the machine rather than actually writing about it, so please bear with me.

C you later,
- Nils

Xbox 360...out. of. stock?!

You read it right. I wasn't able to get my 360 like I hoped to, so I ended up ordering one. The lame side of it all? The console has been out for 2 frigin years!!!

What suprised me the most is that of all the 360 packs there are, the PREMIUM edition is the one that is sold out. I honestly think it's the best deal (next to the elite of course, but I'm not hurting my wallet THAT much).

When they explained to me that today wasn't the onyl day it was out of stock, but in fact, it hadn't been resupplied for 2 weeks, I was astounded. I wondered: "What the hell is Microsoft thinking, now that their elite is out, nobody will buy the premium anymore?" The fact that it only seems to be sold out here is even more of a pain.

So yeah *deep breath*... no GoW or Oblivion for now.

Not to mention I might miss the EU release of Halo 3. Oh well, I'll live with it.

- Nils McCloud

Double cross

In what may seem like a weird move, I've decided that, next tuesday, I will be getting an Xbox 360.

The reason for this is twofold:

1) The xbox 360's game library is far too impressive to pass by

2) Ever since I got a wii, I've been missing "traditional" gaming action. You know, playing with a controller instead of a motion sensitive remote. That said, I will not abandon the Wii, and I will still be playing it regularly.

Actually, there's also a third reason: I was jaleous of seeingJimb0 have so much fun on that machine. So yeah Jimb0, if you're reading this, you're part of the reason I want a 360.

If you have an Xbox 360, and have some game to recommend to me, be sure to comment. All suggestions are welcome.

- Nils

On a side note...

Uwe Boll couldn't be more wrong.

Games aren't bad material, your *cough*movies*cough* are.

It has been said a thousand times before he's doing this merely for the money, but after his show-up at PAX, he sounds like he's actually doing it out of passion. And that just makes it all the more worse. Not being able to decentlydirect a movie about something you love is even more pathetic than not being able to do the same just for the money.

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