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Still Busy

Long time since I posted. What happened? Got a few new games, and been playing them out. Also been working on a couple of games myself. So far using Python and Pygame to make them. Looking into Panda3D and Allegro as well as a good way to integrate C++ and python. That is all. For now.

Extremely busy

Unfortunately, I have not been able to post much, and will not be able to do so much for quite some time as I am extremely busy. I have school work, and in addition I am now learning python to see if I can figure out how to be able to easily mod Civ4, and because I want to learn another language.

On the gaming side, I have long ago finished all of THAS, and have finished the Rise of Rome scenario as well as the Genghis Khan one. However, most of the gaming time is spent playing Warcraft 3, which I have only recently got. It is quite a good game.




I have been interrupted in my playing of Civ 4 by exams, and also Tony Hawk's American Sk8land, which I am enjoying. I shall soon get back to a decent amount of Civ4 however, in which I am playing the Rise of Rome scenario. I have taken the victory resources of the Carhagenians, Greeks and Celts, in that order, made the Celts my vassal, and am just about to completely destroy the Greeks so I can get to Egypt.

In THAS, I have completed the story mode, and maybe half of the classic goals, and a quarter of the gaps. I'm enjoying it so far, and I have to try online play sometime. It is a good game for the DS, and I shall see if I can review that sometime.

I feel that I am not doing enough as a member of the Reviewer's Legion, but I am beginning to get more interested in Game Idea Central.


PS. My time is also being taken up with a great story idea of mine, and a new game idea.

Developer for a Day 5

I have just submitted my entry for the Developer for a Day 5 contest, and will see how that turns out. Right now, I am busy with Civ4 and my unit tests. I'll probably post again about Sunday.


I have Civ 4!

I got Civ 4 on the Saturday my Christmas break began along with the expansion pack Warlords. Between that and working on my submission for the developer for a day contest, I have no time. I wll post later with my experiences in it, but so far I am really enjoying it. It is exceptionally good, and exceptionally addictive. One more turn...

Wishing for Civ 4

Civilization 2 was one of the first games I played, and that was one great game. So, as soon as I heard that Civilization 4 was coming out, I wanted it. Problems plagued me. First came my lack of a DVD drive. That was eventually remedied. Then came my board exams. All things must end however, and now my marks are extremely good. This game has been promised to me, and it must come soon, but I still ask myself, just how much longer will it take? Still, I have plenty to play, and probably am getting two new DS games soon. I most certainly should not complain.



I want to make a union for gamers who don't have the money to buy the greatest and latest games, but still want fun and long lasting games, games that are free and fun will also do well. If you agree with this idea, contact me and will form a union. Just one thing however, please don't steal this idea.