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A Very Late Update, and My Return to Gamespot.

Like the name says, i'm back. For those of you which are blind, my last blog post was last December.

So, let's get started.

A. I've legally obtained Photoshop and am decent eith it, thanks to my GIMP expertise. Speaking of Photoshop, here's my deviantART page:

And some of you may have noticed my new banner. I tried to keep it simple.

I got into music video production in April, and have made 17 vids so far. A new Ninja Gaiden vid is in production, which i'm hoping will turn out like I want.

Well, i'm off to take a shower. Look for an update when I remember somehow. :P

Mo', really.

I made my best sig yet yesterday...and i'm getting praise at GimpTalk and DeviantART already. I'm finding my way around GIMP, as one person said at GT. All of my works got a 9/10.

So, here it is.

Call me...'The GIMPer'.

W00t! I'm getting better with The GIMP 2.2, thanks to Here's my first siggy:

I'll be working on more, including a "Pop-out" sig.

And in case you were wondering, "Ryu" refers to my other username, ryujijitei. EVERYONE called me Ryu at th forums I went to with that UN.

New Found Talent...and a WoW excitement.

Okay, first off, i'm starting to get MUCH better with The GIMP. My Profile banner is my first REAL creation, but was made a WHILE ago. Pretty soon i'll be an ace digital artist. Well, mostly just with sigs and stuff.

Second, about the "WoW excitement" character, Fadestar, is now level 37 and has 46 gold to boot. I'm also in a newly formed guild, and soon to be in one of the most elite, once they start the signing. Oh yeah, and my brother-in-law's Male Gnome Mage named "Skipovo" is lvl 60 now.

And in case you wanted to know, my character's a Male Night Elf Hunter named "Fadestar", as stated above.

Stay tuned for more updates on my puny gaming life.

Just kidding.


Sigh...still no answers.

I've been desperately trying to find a site that I can go to to discuss my 200+ ideas for a Half-Life 2 mod. I need a site and/or forum that is dedicated to game/mod development, and where you can discuss games/mods and look for help on them.

If anyone finds one, just PM me with the link.