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what if i put a master assassin in charge of another city (e.g alexandria) does it mean my den is more vulnerable or i can make another master assassin?

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done all these games
except trine and torchlight
i checked them out but it didnt look too appealing
batman sounds intresting though
any other suggestions?

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i have been racking my brains for the last week i cant find any game to play
all the awesome games i know i finished loads of times here are some:
fallout 3 and NV
Heroes of might and magic all of them
assassins creed all of them
prince of persia all of them
mass effect 1 and 2
just cause 1 and 2
and LOADS OF others
i like RPG games stategy games action adventure
ya know the good stuff
its just that i cant find anything....... somone HELP