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Never got my prize from gamespot =( and why I couldn't post anymore

I was run up for sf vs tekken contest which I would get copy of sf vs tekken game. been wait for it in mail for almost 4-5 months.. so I sent pm to coummituy mangers about this. they said that they already shipped out while ago and I asked for track number and they said that they don't do it for prize under $100 so seem like I'm not getting anything :( same with another prize from social reward as well. seem like I had awful luck with gamespot since board don't even work well anymore for me which why I don't post anywhere for while beside Gotei 13 since it only place that are working for me.

not totally happy with this. I miss post around here oh well what I can do?

I'm planning on buying new car soon 2011 dodge avenger... been thinking about it hmm :P

anyways can't wait for new one piece game coming out tmw ;)

hope everyone is doing good as always!

funny gif of the day!