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Hopes for Unions!

I'm sure everyone knows  the difference from the past and present.

Now I would like to ask everyone here to support union community. Members of GS were  asking for an upgrade several times but their hopes were turn down.

The main question is, Why didn't gamespot give unions hype or an upgrade? The answer which I believe is that they don't make any profit from it. So why bother giving any effort to upgrade forum and unions for us?

Unions were dying because of glitch such as BONK! The longer the glitch, the more members disappear from the union community.

If it is true.. then we going need work together help gamespot reach top again. We could have a nice upgrade for unions. I got few plan for myself but I want to hear from coummity mangner for answers! Please show your support by speading this blog around and I will PM to coummity manger as well!

Let begin the chat We want the answer!