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Nightmare-_- Blog

Sexy Nightmare's Gamespot buddies! Version#1

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I been on gamespot for five years. I just thought make a blog about some people I met here which I'm really glad. so I'm going write maybe 5 blogs about it since it going be pretty long for sure. :lol: so I'm going start off with my very first gamespot friend that I met and we did lots of thing on gamespot. let give him some clapping for him!


(I'm going compare us to one piece) anyways man.. what do I got to say about this guy? I met him in some old anime union. he only post in Bleach topic. I check this union everyday and wonder why it always got new post. so I saw his genius post about bleach and it seem good anime so I end up give bleach a try and I got hooked.. so I end up looking for bleach union and there none exits.. I was like hmm what if I can make one? so I took deep breath and pm him all detail and idea and ects.. all I got reply from him.. all he said was "ok, I will help you." I was like hmm seem like quite type. I was like oh what heck with it and made a blog about it and gain some support. I made him co founder of Gotei 13. we started to talk lots and add msn, active everyday and did lots of thing for this unions. become popularly on gamespot as duo

I have few fav moment on gamespot along with him. I remembrance when he msg me on msn " Dude.. we finally made it!" I was like what ya mean? then he said top 25 union view! I was like what?! that soon? Gotei was create like 4 month ago how can this possible? and he was like go look for yourself we rank 16th! man I got really excited and couldn't believe this since I always want to make Gotei 13 known as amazing union. and we made it happen. and we keep going raised to top five and finally made name for ourself along with other

he is always big brother to me and watch out for me. even tried to help me when I'm in worst spot. he always stand by my side and begin there for me. thank you lots bro. you opened a new door for me to my life. I will retire when you retire. :) since we never did it solo.. we did it together from start so we are going end together not solo. I hope I will see ya in few years. I'm sure you know what I mean.

if your wonder who I'm compare us to. Luffy(me) zoro(sfkm2) :lol:

brother forever on gamespot!

that it for today :P

anyways I made gif sig first time in 5 years.. didn't turn out good ehh...

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say what?!

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well well just daily upgrade about my life and gamer life...

Gamer life- I just started play WWE all star.. I'll say.. this game is AWESOME!

but I'm almost done thought.. planning looking for boost buddy on live :P anyways this game remind me of old WWf wrestlemania video game but pretty ****c for fan like myself.

Gamescore.. almost 90,000 :lol: just pretty busy lately.. heh

Pokemon upgrade.. I finished it.. yep I caught every single pokemon but still wait on three more event pokemon. ;)

My life upgrade!-

it getting better seem like.. I got old job back from DQ but will start late on may. been hang out with my old buddies from my childhood.. and was thinking doing something crazy.. like going travel and watch in action super bowl, NBA playoff or maybe NHL playoff final and wrestlemania 29 or 30! why not? :P

union!- seem like I got my own LT (finally) Alondite2 heh :P I'm sure she 'll do great In Gotei 13 ;) Naruto union's active seem improve.. hope it will stay this way :lol:

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peace out :lol:

well well let talk about did you meet any celebrity!

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I just thought of something.. and was wonder if you guys meet them or have celebrity as friends? I will name few people that I know and they know me.

#1 Ashley Massaro

used to be WWE diva and post for playboy.

well I did met her, she is totally WILD! AWESOME! and soo friendly! I'm close to someone in her family. I would share story how I met but it kinda not proper on gamespot. so yeah. :P

#2 Trailer Park Boys

:lol: man.. they are awesome! I have some crazy chat with Bubble and Ricky, I share my deaf cop joke to them and they was like heyy! that pretty amazing idea! we could do that sometime in movie or tv shows! and asked me if I don't mind I was like it cool go ahed. :P and they did it! in Trailer Park Boys Movie: The Big Dirty. I went to bubble bar and met Ricky there again, he brought me fives drinks! and told me I'm cool guy and pat on my back pretty much I had weird/crazy night. if you dont know the facts that I live 5 min away from where they flims movie/tv shows. :P you possible get idea what my hometown are like :P (it not a joke.. everything you see on it is 100% real) so you can get idea how bad my area are :lol:

click here

for video chips of it :P go to 7:34 ;) for jokes that I shared to them.

#3 Sidney Crosby

he was nice guy and kicked my ass pretty bad! how? I faced him long time ago in hockey when was just little kids. :P wish him good luck active his goals in NHL. ;)

I share few of my story :P so now share it if you got one!

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Been dealing with Depression!

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Yeah, I'm getting worst from depression. anyways just at worst point of life when you have noting good thing going on. I resign as leader for Gotei 13. due to my lack of interest for bleach plus my depression is in the way as well.. I wish to best Daorack and Sfkm2 take care of union that I love. I'll stick with naruto union since I love this union so much and hopefully could improve it best as I can until it is my time. :) I been trying something news like going back as design. apply for mod spot. still waiting on school start. couldn't find mature girlfriend. But still I'm not doing better, it could lend to my death but I hope I can change it.

anyways, I'm trying to fix union awards's spam issue, seem like it didn't turn out well but still discuss about it though.

Gamer life, still didn't touch my 360 pass week :( been busy playing pokemon. BUT I'm almost done!! I'm missing few pokemons hopefull you can help me out with it :lol:

List of pokemon that I'm missing







that it :lol:

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well you can apply for gamespot volunteer moderators!? and upgrade

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Good luck to everyone! just thought I would point it out! :)

anyways here upgrade on myself.. I been dealing with money issue.. Just want to start school which I can start look for job :( hope everything 'll turn out.

I'm leader for two unions! :o two?! :lol: Naurto Union and ofc Gotei 13! my fav girl on gamespot c-mill step down from leadership :( hopefully she might able active more later on and steal it back from me :lol: I 'll try my best fix it up and improve it while I can! at least I can do since this union is the reason I end up joined gamespot :lol:

game upgrade!

still didn't touch my 360 :( been playing pokemon lately.. almost caught all em :lol: missing few legendary and pokemon from white :cry: :P

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life is good :P

Give me your pokemon black/white friend code! and Upgrade about live gold.

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yep :P kinda could use some help trading pokemon since few of them evo from trade plus missing some pokemon from white :lol: pm me for friend code!

seem like I ran in huge problem.. I wont able get any more money.. but I have to go down work for my dad until I hear something about governments fund which mean I would able make enough for my rents. so seem like gold have to wait for more than 3 weeks :cry:

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I'm Single now, Pokemon, 360 and stuff.

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Yeah we broke up and call eagaged off, but hey I'm happy :)

you guys have no idea how much I'm glad to be member of gamespot and begin a leader for Gotei 13.It really mean lots to me.

My gold member for live just ran out and can't really affort for new one. :( But that okay I will start school soon. trying going out more so I can search to find right lady.I'm starting to pick up some words to improve my speak now which it going great so I would able give it a try with hearing girl ;) or they can learn sign languages :o that would be awesome! :P

I brought mvc3. I love this game but roster could use some work. :) my gamescore is... somewhere near 85k? I been playing my DS lots lately.. almost caught every single pokemon :lol: crazy eh? missing few pokemon :( wonder anyone would able help me to get few event legendary pokemon. :|

anyways that it for today I guess. :P

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unpopularly game that I love* Version1*

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I'm going write a blog about games that I have so much love for. #1 all time fav game beside Zelda.. Bloody Roar!

man.. this game should know as #1 best fight video games in history. but sad.. didn't got much hype like street fight, tekken and mortal kombat!

Bloody Roar?

The series began as an Arcade game in 1997 under the name Beastorizer. The game's theme incorporated anthropomorphism, where the player has the ability to transform into a half-human, half-animal creature known as a Zoanthrope. The game would appear under the name "Bloody Roar" when ported to the PlayStation in 1998, which would become the permanent title thereafter. There are three Bloody Roar sequels, plus a game based on a sidestory set between 3 and 4 on the Nintendo GameCube which was later ported to the Xbox.

anyways. I grow up playing this game with my friends. man.. I couldn't getting bored of this game. this is perfect fighting game ever. there are no cheap combo such like air combo or combo that can keep going on forever. everything have limits. there is noting bad about this games. But story might be dull but hey hardcore fans like myself it no big deal.

I found out sad news about bloody roar.. it end for good :( once I heard that they are working on Bloody roar 5 for 360/ps3. I got really excited until I found out about this..

On February 9th, 2011, It was revealed that a new Bloody Roar sequel was in production. It was canceled due to Hudson Entertainment closing down.

I'm going miss it for sure. hopefully someone gonna buy the series it and make new one. heh:P

anyways I'm going write more blogs about games that I love which nobody know or hate it.

anyways thanks for reading :)

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I'm gonna teach my cat this trick for sure! :p

2011 Union Awards Voting Has Started!!!

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The voting round has begun! Here is the link of the voting thread where you may vote on the unions that you think should win awards for this year's union awards.

Help spread the word about the new round everyone! We need the community to know about the new round!

please show your support!


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did you vote? :P

Let talk about unfair for deaf gamer..

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I been playing video games since I was three years old. lots of thing changed.. 360, ps3.. using mic and chat with your friends in party. through my experience.. I was trying to boost up a few achievements. for example.. Marvel vs Capcom, Nobody wanted to boost with me because I couldn't hear which room I should join. and live party game.. like Call of Duty? I might be pretty damn good and skilled player but they don't accept me to join the party or play with them because I don't use a mic.because I'm deaf so you see.. I was trying for while to find another deaf gamer.. seems like I can't. everyone has a easy way and boost achievement with no problem like myself.. I have to do it with skill only. I mean mic and live chat ruin my online experience.. my time on ps2 was the best time ever.. since everyone using texting box... until everyone started to depend on mic on 360. I have so much love for video games.. I hate online achievement more than anything in the world. just because I can't use a mic. My hearing skills is not "good" as well, some games don't even have subtitle.. how the blue hell could I understand the story or what I'm doing? lets talk about first Assassin Creed, this game has no subtitle.. I couldn't understand the story.. at least I understand how to play this game.. so it just ruins all fun for this game. So this basic idea of what I been going through. There are many more thing I can list. I'm hoping lots of people would take their time read it and share this blog with friends.


also I just thought about something. Every DVD Movies have labels to see if there a subtitles or not. why can't video games does same thing?

Thanks! :D

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